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psp::PPDContext Class Reference

#include <ppdparser.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 PPDContext ()
 PPDContext (const PPDContext &rContext)
PPDContextoperator= (const PPDContext &rContext)=default
PPDContextoperator= (PPDContext &&rContext)
void setParser (const PPDParser *)
const PPDParsergetParser () const
const PPDValuegetValue (const PPDKey *) const
const PPDValuesetValue (const PPDKey *, const PPDValue *, bool bDontCareForConstraints=false)
std::size_t countValuesModified () const
const PPDKeygetModifiedKey (std::size_t n) const
bool checkConstraints (const PPDKey *, const PPDValue *)
char * getStreamableBuffer (sal_uLong &rBytes) const
void rebuildFromStreamBuffer (const std::vector< char > &rBuffer)
int getRenderResolution () const
void getPageSize (OUString &rPaper, int &rWidth, int &rHeight) const

Private Types

typedef std::unordered_map< const PPDKey *, const PPDValue *, PPDKeyhashhash_type

Private Member Functions

bool checkConstraints (const PPDKey *, const PPDValue *, bool bDoReset)
bool resetValue (const PPDKey *, bool bDefaultable=false)

Private Attributes

hash_type m_aCurrentValues
const PPDParserm_pParser

Detailed Description

Definition at line 231 of file ppdparser.hxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::unordered_map< const PPDKey*, const PPDValue*, PPDKeyhash > psp::PPDContext::hash_type

Definition at line 233 of file ppdparser.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

psp::PPDContext::PPDContext ( )
psp::PPDContext::PPDContext ( const PPDContext rContext)

Definition at line 243 of file ppdparser.hxx.

References operator=().

Member Function Documentation

bool psp::PPDContext::checkConstraints ( const PPDKey ,
const PPDValue ,
bool  bDoReset 
bool psp::PPDContext::checkConstraints ( const PPDKey ,
const PPDValue  
std::size_t psp::PPDContext::countValuesModified ( ) const

Definition at line 253 of file ppdparser.hxx.

const PPDKey* psp::PPDContext::getModifiedKey ( std::size_t  n) const
void psp::PPDContext::getPageSize ( OUString &  rPaper,
int rWidth,
int rHeight 
) const
const PPDParser* psp::PPDContext::getParser ( ) const

Definition at line 248 of file ppdparser.hxx.

References m_pParser.

int psp::PPDContext::getRenderResolution ( ) const
char* psp::PPDContext::getStreamableBuffer ( sal_uLong rBytes) const
const PPDValue* psp::PPDContext::getValue ( const PPDKey ) const
PPDContext& psp::PPDContext::operator= ( const PPDContext rContext)

Referenced by PPDContext().

PPDContext& psp::PPDContext::operator= ( PPDContext &&  rContext)
void psp::PPDContext::rebuildFromStreamBuffer ( const std::vector< char > &  rBuffer)
bool psp::PPDContext::resetValue ( const PPDKey ,
bool  bDefaultable = false 
void psp::PPDContext::setParser ( const PPDParser )
const PPDValue* psp::PPDContext::setValue ( const PPDKey ,
const PPDValue ,
bool  bDontCareForConstraints = false 

Member Data Documentation

hash_type psp::PPDContext::m_aCurrentValues

Definition at line 234 of file ppdparser.hxx.

const PPDParser* psp::PPDContext::m_pParser

Definition at line 235 of file ppdparser.hxx.

Referenced by getParser().

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