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ImpTextView Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

VclPtr< vcl::WindowmpWindow
TextSelection maSelection
Point maStartDocPos
std::unique_ptr< vcl::Cursor, o3tl::default_delete< vcl::Cursor > > mpCursor
std::unique_ptr< TextDDInfo, o3tl::default_delete< TextDDInfo > > mpDDInfo
std::unique_ptr< SelectionEnginempSelEngine
std::unique_ptr< TextSelFunctionSetmpSelFuncSet
css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::dnd::XDragSourceListener > mxDnDListener
sal_uInt16 mnTravelXPos
bool mbAutoScroll: 1
bool mbInsertMode: 1
bool mbReadOnly: 1
bool mbPaintSelection: 1
bool mbAutoIndent: 1
bool mbCursorEnabled: 1
bool mbClickedInSelection: 1
bool mbCursorAtEndOfLine

Detailed Description

Definition at line 120 of file textview.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ maSelection

TextSelection ImpTextView::maSelection

Definition at line 125 of file textview.cxx.

◆ maStartDocPos

Point ImpTextView::maStartDocPos

Definition at line 126 of file textview.cxx.

◆ mbAutoIndent

bool ImpTextView::mbAutoIndent

Definition at line 143 of file textview.cxx.

◆ mbAutoScroll

bool ImpTextView::mbAutoScroll

Definition at line 139 of file textview.cxx.

◆ mbClickedInSelection

bool ImpTextView::mbClickedInSelection

Definition at line 145 of file textview.cxx.

◆ mbCursorAtEndOfLine

bool ImpTextView::mbCursorAtEndOfLine

Definition at line 146 of file textview.cxx.

◆ mbCursorEnabled

bool ImpTextView::mbCursorEnabled

Definition at line 144 of file textview.cxx.

◆ mbInsertMode

bool ImpTextView::mbInsertMode

Definition at line 140 of file textview.cxx.

◆ mbPaintSelection

bool ImpTextView::mbPaintSelection

Definition at line 142 of file textview.cxx.

◆ mbReadOnly

bool ImpTextView::mbReadOnly

Definition at line 141 of file textview.cxx.

◆ mnTravelXPos

sal_uInt16 ImpTextView::mnTravelXPos

Definition at line 137 of file textview.cxx.

◆ mpCursor

std::unique_ptr<vcl::Cursor, o3tl::default_delete<vcl::Cursor> > ImpTextView::mpCursor

Definition at line 128 of file textview.cxx.

◆ mpDDInfo

std::unique_ptr<TextDDInfo, o3tl::default_delete<TextDDInfo> > ImpTextView::mpDDInfo

Definition at line 130 of file textview.cxx.

◆ mpSelEngine

std::unique_ptr<SelectionEngine> ImpTextView::mpSelEngine

Definition at line 132 of file textview.cxx.

◆ mpSelFuncSet

std::unique_ptr<TextSelFunctionSet> ImpTextView::mpSelFuncSet

Definition at line 133 of file textview.cxx.

◆ mpTextEngine

ExtTextEngine* ImpTextView::mpTextEngine

Definition at line 122 of file textview.cxx.

◆ mpWindow

VclPtr<vcl::Window> ImpTextView::mpWindow

Definition at line 124 of file textview.cxx.

◆ mxDnDListener

css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::dnd::XDragSourceListener > ImpTextView::mxDnDListener

Definition at line 135 of file textview.cxx.

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