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AquaSharedAttributes Struct Reference

#include <salgdi.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AquaSharedAttributes ()
void unsetClipPath ()
void unsetState ()
bool checkContext ()
void setState ()
bool isPenVisible () const
bool isBrushVisible () const
void refreshRect (float lX, float lY, float lWidth, float lHeight)
void applyXorContext ()
bool isFlipped () const

Public Attributes

CGMutablePathRef mxClipPath
 path representing current clip region More...
RGBAColor maLineColor
 Drawing colors pen color RGBA. More...
RGBAColor maFillColor
 brush color RGBA More...
bool mbForeignContext
bool mbPrinter
 is this a printer graphics More...
bool mbVirDev
 is this a virtual device graphics More...
CGLayerHolder maLayer
CGContextHolder maContextHolder
CGContextHolder maBGContextHolder
CGContextHolder maCSContextHolder
int mnWidth
int mnHeight
int mnXorMode
int mnBitmapDepth
Color maTextColor
bool mbNonAntialiasedText
 allows text to be rendered without antialiasing More...
std::unique_ptr< XorEmulationmpXorEmulation

Detailed Description

Definition at line 142 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AquaSharedAttributes()

AquaSharedAttributes::AquaSharedAttributes ( )

Definition at line 183 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

References COL_BLACK(), and COL_WHITE().

Member Function Documentation

◆ applyXorContext()

void AquaSharedAttributes::applyXorContext ( )

Definition at line 258 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

References mnHeight, mnWidth, mpXorEmulation, and refreshRect().

◆ checkContext()

bool AquaSharedAttributes::checkContext ( )

◆ isBrushVisible()

bool AquaSharedAttributes::isBrushVisible ( ) const

Definition at line 224 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

References RGBAColor::IsVisible(), and maFillColor.

◆ isFlipped()

bool AquaSharedAttributes::isFlipped ( ) const

Definition at line 270 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

◆ isPenVisible()

bool AquaSharedAttributes::isPenVisible ( ) const

Definition at line 220 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

References RGBAColor::IsVisible(), and maLineColor.

◆ refreshRect()

void AquaSharedAttributes::refreshRect ( float  lX,
float  lY,
float  lWidth,
float  lHeight 

Definition at line 229 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

References AquaSalFrame::maInvalidRect, and tools::Rectangle::Union().

Referenced by applyXorContext().

◆ setState()

void AquaSharedAttributes::setState ( )

◆ unsetClipPath()

void AquaSharedAttributes::unsetClipPath ( )

Definition at line 203 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

References mxClipPath.

Referenced by unsetState().

◆ unsetState()

void AquaSharedAttributes::unsetState ( )

Definition at line 212 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

References unsetClipPath().

Member Data Documentation

◆ maBGContextHolder

CGContextHolder AquaSharedAttributes::maBGContextHolder

Definition at line 170 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

◆ maContextHolder

CGContextHolder AquaSharedAttributes::maContextHolder

Definition at line 169 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

◆ maCSContextHolder

CGContextHolder AquaSharedAttributes::maCSContextHolder

Definition at line 171 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

◆ maFillColor

RGBAColor AquaSharedAttributes::maFillColor

brush color RGBA

Definition at line 152 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

Referenced by isBrushVisible().

◆ maLayer

CGLayerHolder AquaSharedAttributes::maLayer

Definition at line 168 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

◆ maLineColor

RGBAColor AquaSharedAttributes::maLineColor

Drawing colors pen color RGBA.

Definition at line 149 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

Referenced by isPenVisible().

◆ maTextColor

Color AquaSharedAttributes::maTextColor

Definition at line 177 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

◆ mbForeignContext

bool AquaSharedAttributes::mbForeignContext

Definition at line 161 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

◆ mbNonAntialiasedText

bool AquaSharedAttributes::mbNonAntialiasedText

allows text to be rendered without antialiasing

Definition at line 179 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

◆ mbPrinter

bool AquaSharedAttributes::mbPrinter

is this a printer graphics

Definition at line 164 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

◆ mbVirDev

bool AquaSharedAttributes::mbVirDev

is this a virtual device graphics

Definition at line 166 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

◆ mnBitmapDepth

int AquaSharedAttributes::mnBitmapDepth

Definition at line 175 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

◆ mnHeight

int AquaSharedAttributes::mnHeight

Definition at line 173 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

Referenced by applyXorContext().

◆ mnWidth

int AquaSharedAttributes::mnWidth

Definition at line 172 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

Referenced by applyXorContext().

◆ mnXorMode

int AquaSharedAttributes::mnXorMode

Definition at line 174 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

◆ mpXorEmulation

std::unique_ptr<XorEmulation> AquaSharedAttributes::mpXorEmulation

Definition at line 181 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

Referenced by applyXorContext().

◆ mxClipPath

CGMutablePathRef AquaSharedAttributes::mxClipPath

path representing current clip region

Definition at line 145 of file quartz/salgdi.h.

Referenced by unsetClipPath().

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