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vcl::test::OutputDeviceTestPolygon Class Reference

#include <outputdevice.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 OutputDeviceTestPolygon ()=default
Bitmap setupRectangle (bool bEnableAA)
Bitmap setupFilledRectangle ()
Bitmap setupDiamond ()
Bitmap setupLines ()
Bitmap setupAALines ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from vcl::test::OutputDeviceTestCommon
 OutputDeviceTestCommon ()
void initialSetup (long nWidth, long nHeight, Color aColor, bool bEnableAA=false)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from vcl::test::OutputDeviceTestCommon
static TestResult checkRectangle (Bitmap &rBitmap)
static TestResult checkRectangleAA (Bitmap &rBitmap)
static TestResult checkFilledRectangle (Bitmap &rBitmap)
static TestResult checkLines (Bitmap &rBitmap)
static TestResult checkAALines (Bitmap &rBitmap)
static TestResult checkDiamond (Bitmap &rBitmap)
static TestResult checkRectangles (Bitmap &rBitmap, std::vector< Color > &aExpectedColors)
static void createDiamondPoints (tools::Rectangle rRect, int nOffset, Point &rPoint1, Point &rPoint2, Point &rPoint3, Point &rPoint4)
static void createHorizontalVerticalDiagonalLinePoints (tools::Rectangle rRect, Point &rHorizontalLinePoint1, Point &rHorizontalLinePoint2, Point &rVerticalLinePoint1, Point &rVerticalLinePoint2, Point &rDiagonalLinePoint1, Point &rDiagonalLinePoint2)
static tools::Rectangle alignToCenter (tools::Rectangle aRect1, tools::Rectangle aRect2)
- Protected Attributes inherited from vcl::test::OutputDeviceTestCommon
ScopedVclPtr< VirtualDevicempVirtualDevice
tools::Rectangle maVDRectangle
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from vcl::test::OutputDeviceTestCommon
static const Color constBackgroundColor
static const Color constLineColor
static const Color constFillColor

Detailed Description

Definition at line 145 of file outputdevice.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vcl::test::OutputDeviceTestPolygon::OutputDeviceTestPolygon ( )

Member Function Documentation

Bitmap vcl::test::OutputDeviceTestPolygon::setupAALines ( )
Bitmap vcl::test::OutputDeviceTestPolygon::setupDiamond ( )
Bitmap vcl::test::OutputDeviceTestPolygon::setupFilledRectangle ( )
Bitmap vcl::test::OutputDeviceTestPolygon::setupLines ( )
Bitmap vcl::test::OutputDeviceTestPolygon::setupRectangle ( bool  bEnableAA)

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