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psp::PrinterGfx Class Reference

#include <printergfx.hxx>

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Public Types

enum  pspath_t {
  moveto = 0 ,
  lineto = 1

Public Member Functions

void PSSetColor ()
void PSSetLineWidth ()
void PSSetFont ()
void PSSetColor (const PrinterColor &rColor)
void PSSetFont (const OString &rName, rtl_TextEncoding nEncoding)
void PSGSave ()
void PSGRestore ()
void PSBinLineTo (const Point &rCurrent, Point &rOld, sal_Int32 &nColumn)
void PSBinMoveTo (const Point &rCurrent, Point &rOld, sal_Int32 &nColumn)
void PSBinStartPath ()
void PSBinEndPath ()
void PSBinCurrentPath (sal_uInt32 nPoints, const Point *pPath)
void PSBinPath (const Point &rCurrent, Point &rOld, pspath_t eType, sal_Int32 &nColumn)
void PSRotate (Degree10 nAngle)
void PSTranslate (const Point &rPoint)
void PSMoveTo (const Point &rPoint)
void PSScale (double fScaleX, double fScaleY)
void PSLineTo (const Point &rPoint)
void PSPointOp (const Point &rPoint, const char *pOperator)
void PSHexString (const unsigned char *pString, sal_Int16 nLen)
void PSShowGlyph (const unsigned char nGlyphId)
void OnEndJob ()
void writeResources (osl::File *pFile, std::vector< OString > &rSuppliedFonts)
PrintFontManagerGetFontMgr ()
void drawGlyph (const Point &rPoint, sal_GlyphId aGlyphId)
 PrinterGfx ()
 ~PrinterGfx ()
void Init (PrinterJob &rPrinterSpec)
void Init (const JobData &rData)
void Clear ()
sal_uInt16 GetBitCount () const
void ResetClipRegion ()
void BeginSetClipRegion ()
void UnionClipRegion (sal_Int32 nX, sal_Int32 nY, sal_Int32 nDX, sal_Int32 nDY)
void EndSetClipRegion ()
void SetLineColor (const PrinterColor &rLineColor=PrinterColor())
void SetFillColor (const PrinterColor &rFillColor=PrinterColor())
void DrawPixel (const Point &rPoint, const PrinterColor &rPixelColor)
void DrawPixel (const Point &rPoint)
void DrawLine (const Point &rFrom, const Point &rTo)
void DrawRect (const tools::Rectangle &rRectangle)
void DrawPolyLine (sal_uInt32 nPoints, const Point *pPath)
void DrawPolygon (sal_uInt32 nPoints, const Point *pPath)
void DrawPolyPolygon (sal_uInt32 nPoly, const sal_uInt32 *pPolygonSize, const Point **pPolygonList)
void DrawPolyLineBezier (sal_uInt32 nPoints, const Point *pPath, const PolyFlags *pFlgAry)
void DrawPolygonBezier (sal_uInt32 nPoints, const Point *pPath, const PolyFlags *pFlgAry)
void DrawPolyPolygonBezier (sal_uInt32 nPoly, const sal_uInt32 *pPoints, const Point *const *pPtAry, const PolyFlags *const *pFlgAry)
bool DrawEPS (const tools::Rectangle &rBoundingBox, void *pPtr, sal_uInt32 nSize)
void DrawBitmap (const tools::Rectangle &rDest, const tools::Rectangle &rSrc, const PrinterBmp &rBitmap)
void SetFont (sal_Int32 nFontID, sal_Int32 nPointHeight, sal_Int32 nPointWidth, Degree10 nAngle, bool bVertical, bool bArtItalic, bool bArtBold)
sal_Int32 GetFontID () const
bool GetFontVertical () const
sal_Int32 GetFontHeight () const
sal_Int32 GetFontWidth () const
bool GetArtificialItalic () const
bool GetArtificialBold () const
void SetTextColor (PrinterColor const &rTextColor)
void DrawGlyph (const Point &rPoint, const GlyphItem &rGlyph)

Private Member Functions

void DrawPS1GrayImage (const PrinterBmp &rBitmap, const tools::Rectangle &rArea)
void writePS2ImageHeader (const tools::Rectangle &rArea, psp::ImageType nType)
void writePS2Colorspace (const PrinterBmp &rBitmap, psp::ImageType nType)
void DrawPS2GrayImage (const PrinterBmp &rBitmap, const tools::Rectangle &rArea)
void DrawPS2PaletteImage (const PrinterBmp &rBitmap, const tools::Rectangle &rArea)
void DrawPS2TrueColorImage (const PrinterBmp &rBitmap, const tools::Rectangle &rArea)
void DrawPS2MonoImage (const PrinterBmp &rBitmap, const tools::Rectangle &rArea)
bool JoinVerticalClipRectangles (std::list< tools::Rectangle >::iterator &it, Point &aOldPoint, sal_Int32 &nColumn)
GraphicsStatuscurrentState ()

Private Attributes

double mfScaleX
double mfScaleY
sal_uInt32 mnDpi
sal_uInt16 mnDepth
sal_uInt16 mnPSLevel
bool mbColor
bool mbUploadPS42Fonts
osl::File * mpPageBody
std::vector< GlyphSet > maPS3Font
sal_Int32 mnFontID
Degree10 mnTextAngle
bool mbTextVertical
std::list< tools::RectanglemaClipRegion
PrinterColor maFillColor
PrinterColor maTextColor
PrinterColor maLineColor
GraphicsStatus maVirtualStatus
std::list< GraphicsStatusmaGraphicsStack

Detailed Description

Definition at line 157 of file printergfx.hxx.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ pspath_t


Definition at line 234 of file printergfx.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PrinterGfx()

psp::PrinterGfx::PrinterGfx ( )

◆ ~PrinterGfx()

psp::PrinterGfx::~PrinterGfx ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ BeginSetClipRegion()

void psp::PrinterGfx::BeginSetClipRegion ( )

◆ Clear()

void psp::PrinterGfx::Clear ( )

◆ currentState()

GraphicsStatus & psp::PrinterGfx::currentState ( )

Definition at line 213 of file printergfx.hxx.

References maGraphicsStack.

◆ DrawBitmap()

void psp::PrinterGfx::DrawBitmap ( const tools::Rectangle rDest,
const tools::Rectangle rSrc,
const PrinterBmp rBitmap 

◆ DrawEPS()

bool psp::PrinterGfx::DrawEPS ( const tools::Rectangle rBoundingBox,
void *  pPtr,
sal_uInt32  nSize 

◆ DrawGlyph()

void psp::PrinterGfx::DrawGlyph ( const Point rPoint,
const GlyphItem rGlyph 

◆ drawGlyph()

void psp::PrinterGfx::drawGlyph ( const Point rPoint,
sal_GlyphId  aGlyphId 

◆ DrawLine()

void psp::PrinterGfx::DrawLine ( const Point rFrom,
const Point rTo 

◆ DrawPixel() [1/2]

void psp::PrinterGfx::DrawPixel ( const Point rPoint)

Definition at line 285 of file printergfx.hxx.

References DrawPixel(), and maLineColor.

◆ DrawPixel() [2/2]

void psp::PrinterGfx::DrawPixel ( const Point rPoint,
const PrinterColor rPixelColor 

Referenced by DrawPixel().

◆ DrawPolygon()

void psp::PrinterGfx::DrawPolygon ( sal_uInt32  nPoints,
const Point pPath 

◆ DrawPolygonBezier()

void psp::PrinterGfx::DrawPolygonBezier ( sal_uInt32  nPoints,
const Point pPath,
const PolyFlags pFlgAry 

◆ DrawPolyLine()

void psp::PrinterGfx::DrawPolyLine ( sal_uInt32  nPoints,
const Point pPath 

◆ DrawPolyLineBezier()

void psp::PrinterGfx::DrawPolyLineBezier ( sal_uInt32  nPoints,
const Point pPath,
const PolyFlags pFlgAry 

◆ DrawPolyPolygon()

void psp::PrinterGfx::DrawPolyPolygon ( sal_uInt32  nPoly,
const sal_uInt32 *  pPolygonSize,
const Point **  pPolygonList 

◆ DrawPolyPolygonBezier()

void psp::PrinterGfx::DrawPolyPolygonBezier ( sal_uInt32  nPoly,
const sal_uInt32 *  pPoints,
const Point *const *  pPtAry,
const PolyFlags *const *  pFlgAry 

◆ DrawPS1GrayImage()

void psp::PrinterGfx::DrawPS1GrayImage ( const PrinterBmp rBitmap,
const tools::Rectangle rArea 

◆ DrawPS2GrayImage()

void psp::PrinterGfx::DrawPS2GrayImage ( const PrinterBmp rBitmap,
const tools::Rectangle rArea 

◆ DrawPS2MonoImage()

void psp::PrinterGfx::DrawPS2MonoImage ( const PrinterBmp rBitmap,
const tools::Rectangle rArea 

◆ DrawPS2PaletteImage()

void psp::PrinterGfx::DrawPS2PaletteImage ( const PrinterBmp rBitmap,
const tools::Rectangle rArea 

◆ DrawPS2TrueColorImage()

void psp::PrinterGfx::DrawPS2TrueColorImage ( const PrinterBmp rBitmap,
const tools::Rectangle rArea 

◆ DrawRect()

void psp::PrinterGfx::DrawRect ( const tools::Rectangle rRectangle)

◆ EndSetClipRegion()

void psp::PrinterGfx::EndSetClipRegion ( )

◆ GetArtificialBold()

bool psp::PrinterGfx::GetArtificialBold ( ) const

Definition at line 332 of file printergfx.hxx.

References maVirtualStatus, and psp::GraphicsStatus::mbArtBold.

◆ GetArtificialItalic()

bool psp::PrinterGfx::GetArtificialItalic ( ) const

Definition at line 330 of file printergfx.hxx.

References maVirtualStatus, and psp::GraphicsStatus::mbArtItalic.

◆ GetBitCount()

sal_uInt16 psp::PrinterGfx::GetBitCount ( ) const

Definition at line 268 of file printergfx.hxx.

References mnDepth.

◆ GetFontHeight()

sal_Int32 psp::PrinterGfx::GetFontHeight ( ) const

Definition at line 326 of file printergfx.hxx.

References maVirtualStatus, and psp::GraphicsStatus::mnTextHeight.

◆ GetFontID()

sal_Int32 psp::PrinterGfx::GetFontID ( ) const

Definition at line 322 of file printergfx.hxx.

References mnFontID.

◆ GetFontMgr()

PrintFontManager & psp::PrinterGfx::GetFontMgr ( )

Definition at line 256 of file printergfx.hxx.

References mrFontMgr.

◆ GetFontVertical()

bool psp::PrinterGfx::GetFontVertical ( ) const

Definition at line 324 of file printergfx.hxx.

References mbTextVertical.

◆ GetFontWidth()

sal_Int32 psp::PrinterGfx::GetFontWidth ( ) const

Definition at line 328 of file printergfx.hxx.

References maVirtualStatus, and psp::GraphicsStatus::mnTextWidth.

◆ Init() [1/2]

void psp::PrinterGfx::Init ( const JobData rData)

◆ Init() [2/2]

void psp::PrinterGfx::Init ( PrinterJob rPrinterSpec)

◆ JoinVerticalClipRectangles()

bool psp::PrinterGfx::JoinVerticalClipRectangles ( std::list< tools::Rectangle >::iterator &  it,
Point aOldPoint,
sal_Int32 &  nColumn 

◆ OnEndJob()

void psp::PrinterGfx::OnEndJob ( )

◆ PSBinCurrentPath()

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSBinCurrentPath ( sal_uInt32  nPoints,
const Point pPath 

◆ PSBinEndPath()

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSBinEndPath ( )

◆ PSBinLineTo()

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSBinLineTo ( const Point rCurrent,
Point rOld,
sal_Int32 &  nColumn 

◆ PSBinMoveTo()

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSBinMoveTo ( const Point rCurrent,
Point rOld,
sal_Int32 &  nColumn 

◆ PSBinPath()

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSBinPath ( const Point rCurrent,
Point rOld,
pspath_t  eType,
sal_Int32 &  nColumn 

◆ PSBinStartPath()

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSBinStartPath ( )

◆ PSGRestore()

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSGRestore ( )

◆ PSGSave()

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSGSave ( )

◆ PSHexString()

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSHexString ( const unsigned char *  pString,
sal_Int16  nLen 

◆ PSLineTo()

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSLineTo ( const Point rPoint)

◆ PSMoveTo()

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSMoveTo ( const Point rPoint)

◆ PSPointOp()

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSPointOp ( const Point rPoint,
const char *  pOperator 

◆ PSRotate()

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSRotate ( Degree10  nAngle)

◆ PSScale()

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSScale ( double  fScaleX,
double  fScaleY 

◆ PSSetColor() [1/2]

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSSetColor ( )

◆ PSSetColor() [2/2]

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSSetColor ( const PrinterColor rColor)

Definition at line 222 of file printergfx.hxx.

References psp::GraphicsStatus::maColor, and maVirtualStatus.

◆ PSSetFont() [1/2]

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSSetFont ( )

◆ PSSetFont() [2/2]

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSSetFont ( const OString &  rName,
rtl_TextEncoding  nEncoding 

◆ PSSetLineWidth()

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSSetLineWidth ( )

◆ PSShowGlyph()

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSShowGlyph ( const unsigned char  nGlyphId)

◆ PSTranslate()

void psp::PrinterGfx::PSTranslate ( const Point rPoint)

◆ ResetClipRegion()

void psp::PrinterGfx::ResetClipRegion ( )

◆ SetFillColor()

void psp::PrinterGfx::SetFillColor ( const PrinterColor rFillColor = PrinterColor())

Definition at line 280 of file printergfx.hxx.

References maFillColor.

◆ SetFont()

void psp::PrinterGfx::SetFont ( sal_Int32  nFontID,
sal_Int32  nPointHeight,
sal_Int32  nPointWidth,
Degree10  nAngle,
bool  bVertical,
bool  bArtItalic,
bool  bArtBold 

◆ SetLineColor()

void psp::PrinterGfx::SetLineColor ( const PrinterColor rLineColor = PrinterColor())

Definition at line 278 of file printergfx.hxx.

References maLineColor.

◆ SetTextColor()

void psp::PrinterGfx::SetTextColor ( PrinterColor const &  rTextColor)

Definition at line 334 of file printergfx.hxx.

References maTextColor.

◆ UnionClipRegion()

void psp::PrinterGfx::UnionClipRegion ( sal_Int32  nX,
sal_Int32  nY,
sal_Int32  nDX,
sal_Int32  nDY 

◆ writePS2Colorspace()

void psp::PrinterGfx::writePS2Colorspace ( const PrinterBmp rBitmap,
psp::ImageType  nType 

◆ writePS2ImageHeader()

void psp::PrinterGfx::writePS2ImageHeader ( const tools::Rectangle rArea,
psp::ImageType  nType 

◆ writeResources()

void psp::PrinterGfx::writeResources ( osl::File *  pFile,
std::vector< OString > &  rSuppliedFonts 

Member Data Documentation

◆ maClipRegion

std::list< tools::Rectangle > psp::PrinterGfx::maClipRegion

Definition at line 201 of file printergfx.hxx.

◆ maFillColor

PrinterColor psp::PrinterGfx::maFillColor

Definition at line 206 of file printergfx.hxx.

Referenced by SetFillColor().

◆ maGraphicsStack

std::list< GraphicsStatus > psp::PrinterGfx::maGraphicsStack

Definition at line 212 of file printergfx.hxx.

Referenced by currentState().

◆ maLineColor

PrinterColor psp::PrinterGfx::maLineColor

Definition at line 208 of file printergfx.hxx.

Referenced by DrawPixel(), and SetLineColor().

◆ maPS3Font

std::vector< GlyphSet > psp::PrinterGfx::maPS3Font

Definition at line 182 of file printergfx.hxx.

◆ maTextColor

PrinterColor psp::PrinterGfx::maTextColor

Definition at line 207 of file printergfx.hxx.

Referenced by SetTextColor().

◆ maVirtualStatus

GraphicsStatus psp::PrinterGfx::maVirtualStatus

◆ mbColor

bool psp::PrinterGfx::mbColor

Definition at line 170 of file printergfx.hxx.

◆ mbTextVertical

bool psp::PrinterGfx::mbTextVertical

Definition at line 186 of file printergfx.hxx.

Referenced by GetFontVertical().

◆ mbUploadPS42Fonts

bool psp::PrinterGfx::mbUploadPS42Fonts

Definition at line 171 of file printergfx.hxx.

◆ mfScaleX

double psp::PrinterGfx::mfScaleX

Definition at line 163 of file printergfx.hxx.

◆ mfScaleY

double psp::PrinterGfx::mfScaleY

Definition at line 164 of file printergfx.hxx.

◆ mnDepth

sal_uInt16 psp::PrinterGfx::mnDepth

Definition at line 167 of file printergfx.hxx.

Referenced by GetBitCount().

◆ mnDpi

sal_uInt32 psp::PrinterGfx::mnDpi

Definition at line 166 of file printergfx.hxx.

◆ mnFontID

sal_Int32 psp::PrinterGfx::mnFontID

Definition at line 184 of file printergfx.hxx.

Referenced by GetFontID().

◆ mnPSLevel

sal_uInt16 psp::PrinterGfx::mnPSLevel

Definition at line 169 of file printergfx.hxx.

◆ mnTextAngle

Degree10 psp::PrinterGfx::mnTextAngle

Definition at line 185 of file printergfx.hxx.

◆ mpPageBody

osl::File* psp::PrinterGfx::mpPageBody

Definition at line 173 of file printergfx.hxx.

◆ mrFontMgr

PrintFontManager& psp::PrinterGfx::mrFontMgr

Definition at line 187 of file printergfx.hxx.

Referenced by GetFontMgr().

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