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MenuWindow Class Reference

Common ancestor for MenuFloatingWindow and MenuBarWindow. More...

#include <menuwindow.hxx>

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Static Protected Member Functions

static bool ImplHandleHelpEvent (vcl::Window *pMenuWindow, Menu const *pMenu, sal_uInt16 nHighlightedItem, const HelpEvent &rHEvt, const tools::Rectangle &rHighlightRect)
 Show the appropriate help tooltip. More...

Detailed Description

Common ancestor for MenuFloatingWindow and MenuBarWindow.

The menu can be a floating window, or a menu bar. Even though this has 'Window' in the name, it is not derived from the VCL's Window class, as the MenuFloatingWindow's or MenuBarWindow's already are VCL Windows.

TODO: move here stuff that was a mentioned previously when there was no common class for MenuFloatingWindow and MenuBarWindow:

a basic class for both (due to pActivePopup, Timer,...) would be nice, but a container class should have been created then, as they would be derived from different windows In most functions we would have to create exceptions for menubar, popupmenu, hence we made two classes

Definition at line 48 of file menuwindow.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ImplHandleHelpEvent()

bool MenuWindow::ImplHandleHelpEvent ( vcl::Window pMenuWindow,
Menu const *  pMenu,
sal_uInt16  nHighlightedItem,
const HelpEvent rHEvt,
const tools::Rectangle rHighlightRect 

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