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DXFRepresentation Class Reference

#include <dxfreprd.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 DXFRepresentation ()
 ~DXFRepresentation ()
rtl_TextEncoding getTextEncoding () const
void setTextEncoding (rtl_TextEncoding aEnc)
OUString ToOUString (std::string_view s) const
double getGlobalLineTypeScale () const
void setGlobalLineTypeScale (double fGlobalLineTypeScale)
bool Read (SvStream &rIStream)

Public Attributes

DXFPalette aPalette
DXFBoundingBox aBoundingBox
DXFTables aTables
DXFBlocks aBlocks
DXFEntities aEntities
rtl_TextEncoding mEnc
double mfGlobalLineTypeScale
bool mbInCalc

Private Member Functions

void ReadHeader (DXFGroupReader &rDGR)
void CalcBoundingBox (const DXFEntities &rEntities, DXFBoundingBox &rBox)
bool isTextEncodingSet () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 72 of file dxfreprd.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DXFRepresentation::DXFRepresentation ( )

Definition at line 127 of file dxfreprd.cxx.

References setGlobalLineTypeScale().

DXFRepresentation::~DXFRepresentation ( )

Definition at line 134 of file dxfreprd.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void DXFRepresentation::CalcBoundingBox ( const DXFEntities rEntities,
DXFBoundingBox rBox 
double DXFRepresentation::getGlobalLineTypeScale ( ) const

Definition at line 105 of file dxfreprd.hxx.

References mfGlobalLineTypeScale.

Referenced by DXF2GDIMetaFile::LTypeToDXFLineInfo(), and ReadHeader().

rtl_TextEncoding DXFRepresentation::getTextEncoding ( ) const

Definition at line 138 of file dxfreprd.cxx.

References isTextEncodingSet(), and mEnc.

Referenced by ToOUString().

bool DXFRepresentation::isTextEncodingSet ( ) const

Definition at line 116 of file dxfreprd.hxx.

Referenced by getTextEncoding(), and ReadHeader().

bool DXFRepresentation::Read ( SvStream rIStream)
void DXFRepresentation::ReadHeader ( DXFGroupReader rDGR)
void DXFRepresentation::setGlobalLineTypeScale ( double  fGlobalLineTypeScale)

Definition at line 106 of file dxfreprd.hxx.

Referenced by DXFRepresentation(), and ReadHeader().

void DXFRepresentation::setTextEncoding ( rtl_TextEncoding  aEnc)

Definition at line 102 of file dxfreprd.hxx.

Referenced by ReadHeader().

OUString DXFRepresentation::ToOUString ( std::string_view  s) const

Definition at line 442 of file dxfreprd.cxx.

References ch, getTextEncoding(), mEnc, pos, result, and u.

Referenced by DXF2GDIMetaFile::DrawAttribEntity(), and DXF2GDIMetaFile::DrawTextEntity().

Member Data Documentation

DXFBlocks DXFRepresentation::aBlocks
DXFBoundingBox DXFRepresentation::aBoundingBox

Definition at line 79 of file dxfreprd.hxx.

Referenced by DXF2GDIMetaFile::Convert(), Read(), and ReadHeader().

DXFEntities DXFRepresentation::aEntities

Definition at line 89 of file dxfreprd.hxx.

Referenced by DXF2GDIMetaFile::Convert(), and Read().

DXFPalette DXFRepresentation::aPalette

Definition at line 76 of file dxfreprd.hxx.

Referenced by DXF2GDIMetaFile::ConvertColor().

DXFTables DXFRepresentation::aTables
bool DXFRepresentation::mbInCalc

Definition at line 96 of file dxfreprd.hxx.

Referenced by CalcBoundingBox().

rtl_TextEncoding DXFRepresentation::mEnc

Definition at line 92 of file dxfreprd.hxx.

Referenced by getTextEncoding(), ReadHeader(), and ToOUString().

double DXFRepresentation::mfGlobalLineTypeScale

Definition at line 94 of file dxfreprd.hxx.

Referenced by getGlobalLineTypeScale().

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