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AquaSalInfoPrinter Class Reference

#include <salprn.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AquaSalInfoPrinter (const SalPrinterQueueInfo &pInfo)
virtual ~AquaSalInfoPrinter () override
void SetupPrinterGraphics (CGContextRef i_xContext) const
virtual SalGraphicsAcquireGraphics () override
virtual void ReleaseGraphics (SalGraphics *i_pGraphics) override
virtual bool Setup (weld::Window *i_pFrame, ImplJobSetup *i_pSetupData) override
virtual bool SetPrinterData (ImplJobSetup *pSetupData) override
virtual bool SetData (JobSetFlags i_nFlags, ImplJobSetup *i_pSetupData) override
virtual void GetPageInfo (const ImplJobSetup *i_pSetupData, tools::Long &o_rOutWidth, tools::Long &o_rOutHeight, Point &rPageOffset, Size &rPaperSize) override
virtual sal_uInt32 GetCapabilities (const ImplJobSetup *i_pSetupData, PrinterCapType i_nType) override
virtual sal_uInt16 GetPaperBinCount (const ImplJobSetup *i_pSetupData) override
virtual OUString GetPaperBinName (const ImplJobSetup *i_pSetupData, sal_uInt16 i_nPaperBin) override
virtual void InitPaperFormats (const ImplJobSetup *i_pSetupData) override
virtual int GetLandscapeAngle (const ImplJobSetup *i_pSetupData) override
bool StartJob (const OUString *i_pFileName, const OUString &rJobName, ImplJobSetup *i_pSetupData, vcl::PrinterController &i_rController)
bool EndJob ()
bool AbortJob ()
SalGraphicsStartPage (ImplJobSetup *i_pSetupData, bool i_bNewJobData)
bool EndPage ()
NSPrintInfo * getPrintInfo () const
void setStartPageOffset (int nOffsetX, int nOffsetY)
sal_Int32 getCurPageRangeStart () const
sal_Int32 getCurPageRangeCount () const
const PaperInfomatchPaper (tools::Long i_nWidth, tools::Long i_nHeight, Orientation &o_rOrientation) const
void setPaperSize (tools::Long i_nWidth, tools::Long i_nHeight, Orientation i_eSetOrientation)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SalInfoPrinter
 SalInfoPrinter ()
virtual ~SalInfoPrinter ()

Private Member Functions

 AquaSalInfoPrinter (const AquaSalInfoPrinter &)=delete
AquaSalInfoPrinteroperator= (const AquaSalInfoPrinter &)=delete

Private Attributes

 Printer graphics. More...
bool mbGraphics
 is Graphics used More...
bool mbJob
 job active ? More...
NSPrinter * mpPrinter
 cocoa printer object More...
NSPrintInfo * mpPrintInfo
 cocoa print info object More...
CGContextRef mrContext
 FIXME: get real printer context for infoprinter if possible fake context for info printer graphics context for Quartz 2D. More...
std::unique_ptr< sal_uInt8[]> mpContextMemory
 memory for graphics bitmap context for querying metrics More...
Orientation mePageOrientation
int mnStartPageOffsetX
int mnStartPageOffsetY
sal_Int32 mnCurPageRangeStart
sal_Int32 mnCurPageRangeCount

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from SalInfoPrinter
std::vector< PaperInfom_aPaperFormats
bool m_bPapersInit

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file osx/salprn.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AquaSalInfoPrinter::AquaSalInfoPrinter ( const SalPrinterQueueInfo pInfo)
virtual AquaSalInfoPrinter::~AquaSalInfoPrinter ( )
AquaSalInfoPrinter::AquaSalInfoPrinter ( const AquaSalInfoPrinter )

Member Function Documentation

bool AquaSalInfoPrinter::AbortJob ( )
virtual SalGraphics* AquaSalInfoPrinter::AcquireGraphics ( )

Implements SalInfoPrinter.

bool AquaSalInfoPrinter::EndJob ( )
bool AquaSalInfoPrinter::EndPage ( )
virtual sal_uInt32 AquaSalInfoPrinter::GetCapabilities ( const ImplJobSetup i_pSetupData,
PrinterCapType  i_nType 

Implements SalInfoPrinter.

sal_Int32 AquaSalInfoPrinter::getCurPageRangeCount ( ) const

Definition at line 105 of file osx/salprn.h.

References mnCurPageRangeCount.

sal_Int32 AquaSalInfoPrinter::getCurPageRangeStart ( ) const

Definition at line 104 of file osx/salprn.h.

References mnCurPageRangeStart.

virtual int AquaSalInfoPrinter::GetLandscapeAngle ( const ImplJobSetup i_pSetupData)

Implements SalInfoPrinter.

virtual void AquaSalInfoPrinter::GetPageInfo ( const ImplJobSetup i_pSetupData,
tools::Long o_rOutWidth,
tools::Long o_rOutHeight,
Point rPageOffset,
Size rPaperSize 

Implements SalInfoPrinter.

virtual sal_uInt16 AquaSalInfoPrinter::GetPaperBinCount ( const ImplJobSetup i_pSetupData)

Implements SalInfoPrinter.

virtual OUString AquaSalInfoPrinter::GetPaperBinName ( const ImplJobSetup i_pSetupData,
sal_uInt16  i_nPaperBin 

Implements SalInfoPrinter.

NSPrintInfo* AquaSalInfoPrinter::getPrintInfo ( ) const

Definition at line 102 of file osx/salprn.h.

References mpPrintInfo.

virtual void AquaSalInfoPrinter::InitPaperFormats ( const ImplJobSetup i_pSetupData)

Implements SalInfoPrinter.

const PaperInfo* AquaSalInfoPrinter::matchPaper ( tools::Long  i_nWidth,
tools::Long  i_nHeight,
Orientation o_rOrientation 
) const
AquaSalInfoPrinter& AquaSalInfoPrinter::operator= ( const AquaSalInfoPrinter )
virtual void AquaSalInfoPrinter::ReleaseGraphics ( SalGraphics i_pGraphics)

Implements SalInfoPrinter.

virtual bool AquaSalInfoPrinter::SetData ( JobSetFlags  i_nFlags,
ImplJobSetup i_pSetupData 

Implements SalInfoPrinter.

void AquaSalInfoPrinter::setPaperSize ( tools::Long  i_nWidth,
tools::Long  i_nHeight,
Orientation  i_eSetOrientation 
virtual bool AquaSalInfoPrinter::SetPrinterData ( ImplJobSetup pSetupData)

Implements SalInfoPrinter.

void AquaSalInfoPrinter::setStartPageOffset ( int  nOffsetX,
int  nOffsetY 

Definition at line 103 of file osx/salprn.h.

virtual bool AquaSalInfoPrinter::Setup ( weld::Window i_pFrame,
ImplJobSetup i_pSetupData 

Implements SalInfoPrinter.

void AquaSalInfoPrinter::SetupPrinterGraphics ( CGContextRef  i_xContext) const
bool AquaSalInfoPrinter::StartJob ( const OUString *  i_pFileName,
const OUString &  rJobName,
ImplJobSetup i_pSetupData,
vcl::PrinterController i_rController 
SalGraphics* AquaSalInfoPrinter::StartPage ( ImplJobSetup i_pSetupData,
bool  i_bNewJobData 

Member Data Documentation

bool AquaSalInfoPrinter::mbGraphics

is Graphics used

Definition at line 40 of file osx/salprn.h.

bool AquaSalInfoPrinter::mbJob

job active ?

Definition at line 42 of file osx/salprn.h.

Orientation AquaSalInfoPrinter::mePageOrientation

Definition at line 60 of file osx/salprn.h.

sal_Int32 AquaSalInfoPrinter::mnCurPageRangeCount

Definition at line 65 of file osx/salprn.h.

Referenced by getCurPageRangeCount().

sal_Int32 AquaSalInfoPrinter::mnCurPageRangeStart

Definition at line 64 of file osx/salprn.h.

Referenced by getCurPageRangeStart().

int AquaSalInfoPrinter::mnStartPageOffsetX

Definition at line 62 of file osx/salprn.h.

int AquaSalInfoPrinter::mnStartPageOffsetY

Definition at line 63 of file osx/salprn.h.

std::unique_ptr<sal_uInt8[]> AquaSalInfoPrinter::mpContextMemory

memory for graphics bitmap context for querying metrics

Definition at line 54 of file osx/salprn.h.

AquaSalGraphics* AquaSalInfoPrinter::mpGraphics

Printer graphics.

Definition at line 38 of file osx/salprn.h.

NSPrinter* AquaSalInfoPrinter::mpPrinter

cocoa printer object

Definition at line 45 of file osx/salprn.h.

NSPrintInfo* AquaSalInfoPrinter::mpPrintInfo

cocoa print info object

Definition at line 47 of file osx/salprn.h.

Referenced by getPrintInfo().

CGContextRef AquaSalInfoPrinter::mrContext

FIXME: get real printer context for infoprinter if possible fake context for info printer graphics context for Quartz 2D.

Definition at line 52 of file osx/salprn.h.

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