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writerwordglue.hxx File Reference
#include "needed_cast.hxx"
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class  sw::util::HdFtDistanceGlue
 Make export a word section top/bottom values easy. More...


namespace  sw
 Dialog to specify the properties of date form field.
namespace  sw::types
namespace  sw::util


template<typename Ret , typename Param >
Ret sw::types::writer_cast (Param in)
 A static_cast style cast for conversion of word types to writer's. More...
template<typename Ret , typename Param >
Ret sw::types::msword_cast (Param in)
 A static_cast style cast for conversion of writer types to word's. More...
bool sw::util::IsPlausableSingleWordSection (const SwFrameFormat &rTitleFormat, const SwFrameFormat &rFollowFormat)
 See if two page formats can be expressed as a single word section. More...