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viewfunc.hxx File Reference
#include <vcl/outdev.hxx>
#include <IDocumentDeviceAccess.hxx>
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namespace  vcl


void SetPrinter (IDocumentDeviceAccess *, SfxPrinter const *, bool bWeb)
void SetAppPrintOptions (SwViewShell *pSh, bool bWeb)
void ViewResizePixel (const vcl::RenderContext &rRef, const Point &rOfst, const Size &rSize, const Size &rEditSz, SwScrollbar &rVScrollbar, SwScrollbar &rHScrollbar, SvxRuler *pVRuler=nullptr, SvxRuler *pHRuler=nullptr, bool bVRulerRight=false)

Function Documentation

◆ SetAppPrintOptions()

void SetAppPrintOptions ( SwViewShell pSh,
bool  bWeb 

◆ SetPrinter()

void SetPrinter ( IDocumentDeviceAccess pIDDA,
SfxPrinter const *  pNew,
bool  bWeb 

◆ ViewResizePixel()

void ViewResizePixel ( const vcl::RenderContext rRef,
const Point rOfst,
const Size rSize,
const Size rEditSz,
SwScrollbar rVScrollbar,
SwScrollbar rHScrollbar,
SvxRuler pVRuler = nullptr,
SvxRuler pHRuler = nullptr,
bool  bVRulerRight = false