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tblrwcl.hxx File Reference
#include <cstddef>
#include <vector>
#include <swtypes.hxx>
#include <swtable.hxx>
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class  SwCollectTableLineBoxes
 Class for SplitTable Collects the uppermost or lowermost Lines of a Box from a Line in an array. More...
struct  SwSaveRowSpan
 This structure is needed by Undo to restore row span attributes when a table has been split into two tables. More...
struct  SwGCLineBorder
class  SwGCBorder_BoxBrd
class  SwShareBoxFormat
class  SwShareBoxFormats


namespace  editeng


void sw_LineSetHeadCondColl (const SwTableLine *pLine)
void CheckBoxWidth (const SwTableLine &rLine, SwTwips nSize)
void InsTableBox (SwDoc &rDoc, SwTableNode *pTableNd, SwTableLine *pLine, SwTableBoxFormat *pBoxFrameFormat, SwTableBox *pBox, sal_uInt16 nInsPos, sal_uInt16 nCnt=1)
void DeleteBox_ (SwTable &rTable, SwTableBox *pBox, SwUndo *pUndo, bool bCalcNewSize, const bool bCorrBorder, SwShareBoxFormats *pShareFormats=nullptr)
void sw_Box_CollectBox (const SwTableBox *pBox, SwCollectTableLineBoxes *pSplPara)
bool sw_Line_CollectBox (const SwTableLine *&rpLine, void *pPara)
void sw_BoxSetSplitBoxFormats (SwTableBox *pBox, SwCollectTableLineBoxes *pSplPara)
void sw_GC_Line_Border (const SwTableLine *pLine, SwGCLineBorder *pGCPara)

Function Documentation

◆ CheckBoxWidth()

void CheckBoxWidth ( const SwTableLine rLine,
SwTwips  nSize 

◆ DeleteBox_()

void DeleteBox_ ( SwTable rTable,
SwTableBox pBox,
SwUndo pUndo,
bool  bCalcNewSize,
const bool  bCorrBorder,
SwShareBoxFormats pShareFormats = nullptr 

◆ InsTableBox()

void InsTableBox ( SwDoc rDoc,
SwTableNode pTableNd,
SwTableLine pLine,
SwTableBoxFormat pBoxFrameFormat,
SwTableBox pBox,
sal_uInt16  nInsPos,
sal_uInt16  nCnt = 1 

◆ sw_Box_CollectBox()

void sw_Box_CollectBox ( const SwTableBox pBox,
SwCollectTableLineBoxes pSplPara 

◆ sw_BoxSetSplitBoxFormats()

void sw_BoxSetSplitBoxFormats ( SwTableBox pBox,
SwCollectTableLineBoxes pSplPara 

◆ sw_GC_Line_Border()

void sw_GC_Line_Border ( const SwTableLine pLine,
SwGCLineBorder pGCPara 

◆ sw_Line_CollectBox()

bool sw_Line_CollectBox ( const SwTableLine *&  rpLine,
void *  pPara 

◆ sw_LineSetHeadCondColl()

void sw_LineSetHeadCondColl ( const SwTableLine pLine)