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swtable.hxx File Reference
#include <tools/solar.h>
#include <tools/ref.hxx>
#include "tblenum.hxx"
#include "swtypes.hxx"
#include "calbck.hxx"
#include "swrect.hxx"
#include "swtblfmt.hxx"
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include <algorithm>
#include <o3tl/sorted_vector.hxx>
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class  SwTableLines
class  SwTableSortBoxes
class  SwTable
 SwTable is one table in the document model, containing rows (which contain cells). More...
class  SwTableLine
 SwTableLine is one table row in the document model. More...
class  SwTableBox
 SwTableBox is one table cell in the document model. More...
class  SwTableCellInfo


using SwTableBoxes = std::vector< SwTableBox * >


void sw_GetTableBoxColStr (sal_uInt16 nCol, OUString &rNm)

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using SwTableBoxes = std::vector<SwTableBox*>

Definition at line 103 of file swtable.hxx.

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void sw_GetTableBoxColStr ( sal_uInt16  nCol,
OUString &  rNm