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swatrset.hxx File Reference
#include <svl/itemset.hxx>
#include <svl/itempool.hxx>
#include "swdllapi.h"
#include "calbck.hxx"
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class  SwAttrPool
class  SwAttrSet


namespace  vcl


SW_DLLPUBLIC tools::Long AttrSetToLineHeight (const IDocumentSettingAccess &rIDocumentSettingAccess, const SwAttrSet &rSet, const vcl::RenderContext &rOut, sal_Int16 nScript)
 Helper for filters to find true lineheight of a font. More...

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SW_DLLPUBLIC tools::Long AttrSetToLineHeight ( const IDocumentSettingAccess rIDocumentSettingAccess,
const SwAttrSet rSet,
const vcl::RenderContext rOut,
sal_Int16  nScript 

Helper for filters to find true lineheight of a font.

Definition at line 1454 of file swfont.cxx.

References CJK, CTL, SwFont::GetActualFont(), OutputDevice::GetFont(), OutputDevice::GetTextHeight(), Latin, rSet, SwFont::SetActual(), and OutputDevice::SetFont().

Referenced by AttributeOutputBase::ParaLineSpacing().