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WW8PLCFManResult Struct Reference

#include <ww8scan.hxx>

Public Attributes

WW8_CP nCpPos
long nMemLen
long nCp2OrIdx
WW8_CP nCurrentCp
const sal_uInt8pMemPos
sal_uInt16 nSprmId
sal_uInt8 nFlags

Detailed Description

Definition at line 847 of file ww8scan.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

long WW8PLCFManResult::nCp2OrIdx
WW8_CP WW8PLCFManResult::nCpPos

Definition at line 849 of file ww8scan.hxx.

Referenced by WW8PLCFMan::GetNoSprmStart().

WW8_CP WW8PLCFManResult::nCurrentCp
sal_uInt8 WW8PLCFManResult::nFlags

Definition at line 857 of file ww8scan.hxx.

Referenced by WW8PLCFMan::GetSprmStart(), and SwWW8ImplReader::ReadTextAttr().

long WW8PLCFManResult::nMemLen
sal_uInt16 WW8PLCFManResult::nSprmId
const sal_uInt8* WW8PLCFManResult::pMemPos

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