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ViewOptFlags1 Struct Reference

#include <viewopt.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 ViewOptFlags1 ()
bool operator== (const ViewOptFlags1 &rOther) const

Public Attributes

bool bUseHeaderFooterMenu: 1
bool bTab: 1
bool bBlank: 1
bool bHardBlank: 1
bool bParagraph: 1
bool bLinebreak: 1
bool bPagebreak: 1
bool bColumnbreak: 1
bool bSoftHyph: 1
bool bBookmarks: 1
bool bRef: 1
bool bFieldName: 1
bool bPostits: 1
bool bFieldHidden: 1
bool bCharHidden: 1
bool bGraphic: 1
bool bTable: 1
bool bDraw: 1
bool bControl: 1
bool bCrosshair: 1
bool bSnap: 1
bool bSynchronize: 1
bool bGridVisible: 1
bool bOnlineSpell: 1
bool bTreatSubOutlineLevelsAsContent: 1
bool bShowInlineTooltips: 1
bool bViewMetachars: 1
bool bPageback: 1
bool bShowOutlineContentVisibilityButton: 1
bool bShowChangesInMargin: 1
bool bShowChangesInMargin2: 1

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file viewopt.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ViewOptFlags1()

ViewOptFlags1::ViewOptFlags1 ( )

Definition at line 72 of file viewopt.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator==()

bool ViewOptFlags1::operator== ( const ViewOptFlags1 rOther) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ bBlank

bool ViewOptFlags1::bBlank

Definition at line 42 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::IsBlank(), operator==(), and SwViewOption::SetBlank().

◆ bBookmarks

bool ViewOptFlags1::bBookmarks

◆ bCharHidden

bool ViewOptFlags1::bCharHidden

◆ bColumnbreak

bool ViewOptFlags1::bColumnbreak

Definition at line 47 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by operator==(), and SwViewOption::SetColumnBreak().

◆ bControl

bool ViewOptFlags1::bControl

Definition at line 58 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::IsControl(), operator==(), and SwViewOption::SetControl().

◆ bCrosshair

bool ViewOptFlags1::bCrosshair

Definition at line 59 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::IsCrossHair(), operator==(), and SwViewOption::SetCrossHair().

◆ bDraw

bool ViewOptFlags1::bDraw

Definition at line 57 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::IsDraw(), operator==(), and SwViewOption::SetDraw().

◆ bFieldHidden

bool ViewOptFlags1::bFieldHidden

◆ bFieldName

bool ViewOptFlags1::bFieldName

Definition at line 51 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::IsFieldName(), operator==(), and SwViewOption::SetFieldName().

◆ bGraphic

bool ViewOptFlags1::bGraphic

Definition at line 55 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::IsGraphic(), operator==(), and SwViewOption::SetGraphic().

◆ bGridVisible

bool ViewOptFlags1::bGridVisible

◆ bHardBlank

bool ViewOptFlags1::bHardBlank

Definition at line 43 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::IsHardBlank(), operator==(), and SwViewOption::SetHardBlank().

◆ bLinebreak

bool ViewOptFlags1::bLinebreak

Definition at line 45 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::IsLineBreak(), operator==(), and SwViewOption::SetLineBreak().

◆ bOnlineSpell

bool ViewOptFlags1::bOnlineSpell

◆ bPageback

bool ViewOptFlags1::bPageback

Definition at line 67 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::IsPageBack(), operator==(), and SwViewOption::SetPageBack().

◆ bPagebreak

bool ViewOptFlags1::bPagebreak

Definition at line 46 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by operator==(), and SwViewOption::SetPageBreak().

◆ bParagraph

bool ViewOptFlags1::bParagraph

Definition at line 44 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::IsParagraph(), operator==(), and SwViewOption::SetParagraph().

◆ bPostits

bool ViewOptFlags1::bPostits

Definition at line 52 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::IsPostIts(), operator==(), and SwViewOption::SetPostIts().

◆ bRef

bool ViewOptFlags1::bRef

Definition at line 50 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by operator==().

◆ bShowChangesInMargin

bool ViewOptFlags1::bShowChangesInMargin

◆ bShowChangesInMargin2

bool ViewOptFlags1::bShowChangesInMargin2

◆ bShowInlineTooltips

bool ViewOptFlags1::bShowInlineTooltips

◆ bShowOutlineContentVisibilityButton

bool ViewOptFlags1::bShowOutlineContentVisibilityButton

◆ bSnap

bool ViewOptFlags1::bSnap

Definition at line 60 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::IsSnap(), operator==(), and SwViewOption::SetSnap().

◆ bSoftHyph

bool ViewOptFlags1::bSoftHyph

Definition at line 48 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::IsSoftHyph(), operator==(), and SwViewOption::SetSoftHyph().

◆ bSynchronize

bool ViewOptFlags1::bSynchronize

◆ bTab

bool ViewOptFlags1::bTab

Definition at line 41 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::IsTab(), operator==(), and SwViewOption::SetTab().

◆ bTable

bool ViewOptFlags1::bTable

Definition at line 56 of file viewopt.hxx.

Referenced by SwViewOption::IsTable(), operator==(), and SwViewOption::SetTable().

◆ bTreatSubOutlineLevelsAsContent

bool ViewOptFlags1::bTreatSubOutlineLevelsAsContent

◆ bUseHeaderFooterMenu

bool ViewOptFlags1::bUseHeaderFooterMenu

◆ bViewMetachars

bool ViewOptFlags1::bViewMetachars

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