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MSWordSaveData Struct Reference

Structure that is used to save some of the WW8Export/DocxExport data. More...

#include <wrtww8.hxx>

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Public Attributes

RndStdIds eOldAnchorType
std::unique_ptr< ww::bytespOOld
 WW8Export only. More...
std::shared_ptr< SwUnoCursorpOldPam
SwNodeOffset nOldStart
SwNodeOffset nOldEnd
const ww8::FramepOldFlyFormat
const SwPageDescpOldPageDesc
bool bOldWriteAll: 1
 WW8Export only. More...
bool bOldOutTable: 1
bool bOldFlyFrameAttrs: 1
bool bOldStartTOX: 1
bool bOldInWriteTOX: 1

Detailed Description

Structure that is used to save some of the WW8Export/DocxExport data.

It is used to be able to recurse inside of the WW8Export/DocxExport (eg. for the needs of the tables) - you need to tall WriteText() from there with new values of PaM etc.

It must contain all the stuff that might be saved either in WW8Export or in DocxExport, because it makes no sense to do it abstract, and specialize it for each of the cases. If you implement other *Export, just add the needed members here, and store them in the appropriate SaveData() method.

Definition at line 429 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bOldFlyFrameAttrs

bool MSWordSaveData::bOldFlyFrameAttrs

Definition at line 442 of file wrtww8.hxx.

◆ bOldInWriteTOX

bool MSWordSaveData::bOldInWriteTOX

Definition at line 444 of file wrtww8.hxx.

◆ bOldOutTable

bool MSWordSaveData::bOldOutTable

Definition at line 441 of file wrtww8.hxx.

◆ bOldStartTOX

bool MSWordSaveData::bOldStartTOX

Definition at line 443 of file wrtww8.hxx.

◆ bOldWriteAll

bool MSWordSaveData::bOldWriteAll

WW8Export only.

Definition at line 440 of file wrtww8.hxx.

◆ eOldAnchorType

RndStdIds MSWordSaveData::eOldAnchorType

Definition at line 432 of file wrtww8.hxx.

◆ nOldEnd

SwNodeOffset MSWordSaveData::nOldEnd

Definition at line 436 of file wrtww8.hxx.

◆ nOldStart

SwNodeOffset MSWordSaveData::nOldStart

Definition at line 436 of file wrtww8.hxx.

◆ pOldEnd

SwPaM* MSWordSaveData::pOldEnd

Definition at line 435 of file wrtww8.hxx.

◆ pOldFlyFormat

const ww8::Frame* MSWordSaveData::pOldFlyFormat

Definition at line 437 of file wrtww8.hxx.

◆ pOldFlyOffset

Point* MSWordSaveData::pOldFlyOffset

Definition at line 431 of file wrtww8.hxx.

◆ pOldPageDesc

const SwPageDesc* MSWordSaveData::pOldPageDesc

Definition at line 438 of file wrtww8.hxx.

◆ pOldPam

std::shared_ptr<SwUnoCursor> MSWordSaveData::pOldPam

Definition at line 434 of file wrtww8.hxx.

◆ pOOld

std::unique_ptr<ww::bytes> MSWordSaveData::pOOld

WW8Export only.

Definition at line 433 of file wrtww8.hxx.

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