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mainwn.cxx File Reference
#include <mdiexp.hxx>
#include <sfx2/progress.hxx>
#include <docsh.hxx>
#include <swmodule.hxx>
#include <swtypes.hxx>
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static SwProgress * lcl_SwFindProgress (SwDocShell const *pDocShell)
void StartProgress (TranslateId pMessResId, tools::Long nStartValue, tools::Long nEndValue, SwDocShell *pDocShell)
void SetProgressState (tools::Long nPosition, SwDocShell const *pDocShell)
void EndProgress (SwDocShell const *pDocShell)
void RescheduleProgress (SwDocShell const *pDocShell)


static std::vector< std::unique_ptr< SwProgress > > * pProgressContainer = nullptr

Function Documentation

◆ EndProgress()

void EndProgress ( SwDocShell const *  pDocShell)

◆ lcl_SwFindProgress()

static SwProgress * lcl_SwFindProgress ( SwDocShell const *  pDocShell)

Definition at line 42 of file mainwn.cxx.

References pProgressContainer.

Referenced by RescheduleProgress(), SetProgressState(), and StartProgress().

◆ RescheduleProgress()

void RescheduleProgress ( SwDocShell const *  pDocShell)

◆ SetProgressState()

void SetProgressState ( tools::Long  nPosition,
SwDocShell const *  pDocShell 

◆ StartProgress()

void StartProgress ( TranslateId  pMessResId,
tools::Long  nStartValue,
tools::Long  nEndValue,
SwDocShell pDocShell 

Variable Documentation

◆ pProgressContainer

std::vector<std::unique_ptr<SwProgress> >* pProgressContainer = nullptr