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dialoghelp.hxx File Reference
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weld::WindowGetFrameWeld (const SfxFrame *pFrame)
weld::WindowGetFrameWeld (const SfxMedium *pMedium)
weld::WindowGetFrameWeld (SwDocShell *pDocSh)
weld::WindowGetFrameWeld (SwDoc *pDoc)

Function Documentation

weld::Window* GetFrameWeld ( const SfxFrame pFrame)
weld::Window* GetFrameWeld ( const SfxMedium pMedium)

Definition at line 24 of file dialoghelp.cxx.

References GetFrameWeld(), and SfxMedium::GetLoadTargetFrame().

weld::Window* GetFrameWeld ( SwDocShell pDocSh)

Definition at line 29 of file dialoghelp.cxx.

References GetFrameWeld(), SfxObjectShell::GetMedium(), and SwDocShell::GetView().

weld::Window* GetFrameWeld ( SwDoc pDoc)

Definition at line 42 of file dialoghelp.cxx.

References SwDoc::GetDocShell(), and GetFrameWeld().