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WW8SprmIter Class Reference

simple Iterator for SPRMs More...

#include <ww8scan.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 WW8SprmIter (const sal_uInt8 *pSprms_, sal_Int32 nLen_, const wwSprmParser &rSprmParser)
void SetSprms (const sal_uInt8 *pSprms_, sal_Int32 nLen_)
SprmResult FindSprm (sal_uInt16 nId, bool bFindFirst, const sal_uInt8 *pNextByteMatch=nullptr)
void advance ()
const sal_uInt8GetSprms () const
const sal_uInt8GetCurrentParams () const
sal_uInt16 GetCurrentId () const
sal_Int32 GetRemLen () const

Private Member Functions

void UpdateMyMembers ()
 WW8SprmIter (const WW8SprmIter &)=delete
WW8SprmIteroperator= (const WW8SprmIter &)=delete

Private Attributes

const wwSprmParsermrSprmParser
const sal_uInt8m_pSprms
const sal_uInt8m_pCurrentParams
sal_uInt16 m_nCurrentId
sal_Int32 m_nCurrentSize
sal_Int32 m_nRemLen

Detailed Description

simple Iterator for SPRMs

Definition at line 262 of file ww8scan.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WW8SprmIter::WW8SprmIter ( const sal_uInt8 pSprms_,
sal_Int32  nLen_,
const wwSprmParser rSprmParser 

Definition at line 875 of file ww8scan.cxx.

References UpdateMyMembers().

WW8SprmIter::WW8SprmIter ( const WW8SprmIter )

Member Function Documentation

void WW8SprmIter::advance ( )
SprmResult WW8SprmIter::FindSprm ( sal_uInt16  nId,
bool  bFindFirst,
const sal_uInt8 pNextByteMatch = nullptr 
sal_uInt16 WW8SprmIter::GetCurrentId ( ) const
const sal_uInt8* WW8SprmIter::GetCurrentParams ( ) const
sal_Int32 WW8SprmIter::GetRemLen ( ) const
const sal_uInt8* WW8SprmIter::GetSprms ( ) const
WW8SprmIter& WW8SprmIter::operator= ( const WW8SprmIter )
void WW8SprmIter::SetSprms ( const sal_uInt8 pSprms_,
sal_Int32  nLen_ 

Definition at line 882 of file ww8scan.cxx.

References m_nRemLen, m_pSprms, and UpdateMyMembers().

Referenced by SwWW8ImplReader::InsertTxbxText(), and WW8TabDesc::WW8TabDesc().

void WW8SprmIter::UpdateMyMembers ( )

Member Data Documentation

sal_uInt16 WW8SprmIter::m_nCurrentId

Definition at line 269 of file ww8scan.hxx.

Referenced by GetCurrentId(), and UpdateMyMembers().

sal_Int32 WW8SprmIter::m_nCurrentSize

Definition at line 270 of file ww8scan.hxx.

Referenced by advance(), and UpdateMyMembers().

sal_Int32 WW8SprmIter::m_nRemLen

Definition at line 272 of file ww8scan.hxx.

Referenced by advance(), GetRemLen(), SetSprms(), and UpdateMyMembers().

const sal_uInt8* WW8SprmIter::m_pCurrentParams

Definition at line 268 of file ww8scan.hxx.

Referenced by GetCurrentParams(), and UpdateMyMembers().

const sal_uInt8* WW8SprmIter::m_pSprms

Definition at line 267 of file ww8scan.hxx.

Referenced by advance(), SetSprms(), and UpdateMyMembers().

const wwSprmParser& WW8SprmIter::mrSprmParser

Definition at line 265 of file ww8scan.hxx.

Referenced by FindSprm(), and UpdateMyMembers().

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