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WW8FieldEntry Class Reference

#include <ww8par.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 WW8FieldEntry (SwPosition const &rPos, sal_uInt16 nFieldId) noexcept
 WW8FieldEntry (const WW8FieldEntry &rOther) noexcept
WW8FieldEntryoperator= (const WW8FieldEntry &rOther) noexcept
void Swap (WW8FieldEntry &rOther) noexcept
const SwNodeIndexGetPtNode () const
sal_Int32 GetPtContent () const
const OUString & GetBookmarkName () const
const OUString & GetBookmarkCode () const
void SetBookmarkName (const OUString &bookmarkName)
void SetBookmarkType (const OUString &bookmarkType)
void SetBookmarkCode (const OUString &bookmarkCode)
::sw::mark::IFieldmark::parameter_map_t & getParameters ()

Public Attributes

sw::hack::Position maStartPos
sal_uInt16 mnFieldId
sal_uLong mnObjLocFc

Private Attributes

OUString msBookmarkName
OUString msMarkType
OUString msMarkCode
::sw::mark::IFieldmark::parameter_map_t maParams

Detailed Description

Definition at line 558 of file ww8par.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WW8FieldEntry() [1/2]

WW8FieldEntry::WW8FieldEntry ( SwPosition const &  rPos,
sal_uInt16  nFieldId 

Definition at line 763 of file ww8par5.cxx.

◆ WW8FieldEntry() [2/2]

WW8FieldEntry::WW8FieldEntry ( const WW8FieldEntry rOther)

Definition at line 768 of file ww8par5.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetBookmarkCode()

const OUString & WW8FieldEntry::GetBookmarkCode ( ) const

Definition at line 579 of file ww8par.hxx.

References msMarkCode.

◆ GetBookmarkName()

const OUString & WW8FieldEntry::GetBookmarkName ( ) const

Definition at line 578 of file ww8par.hxx.

References msBookmarkName.

◆ getParameters()

::sw::mark::IFieldmark::parameter_map_t & WW8FieldEntry::getParameters ( )

Definition at line 583 of file ww8par.hxx.

References maParams.

◆ GetPtContent()

sal_Int32 WW8FieldEntry::GetPtContent ( ) const

Definition at line 576 of file ww8par.hxx.

References sw::hack::Position::GetPtContent(), and maStartPos.

◆ GetPtNode()

const SwNodeIndex & WW8FieldEntry::GetPtNode ( ) const

Definition at line 575 of file ww8par.hxx.

References sw::hack::Position::GetPtNode(), and maStartPos.

◆ operator=()

WW8FieldEntry & WW8FieldEntry::operator= ( const WW8FieldEntry rOther)

Definition at line 779 of file ww8par5.cxx.

References Swap().

◆ SetBookmarkCode()

void WW8FieldEntry::SetBookmarkCode ( const OUString &  bookmarkCode)

Definition at line 797 of file ww8par5.cxx.

References msMarkCode.

◆ SetBookmarkName()

void WW8FieldEntry::SetBookmarkName ( const OUString &  bookmarkName)

Definition at line 787 of file ww8par5.cxx.

References msBookmarkName.

◆ SetBookmarkType()

void WW8FieldEntry::SetBookmarkType ( const OUString &  bookmarkType)

Definition at line 792 of file ww8par5.cxx.

References msMarkType.

◆ Swap()

void WW8FieldEntry::Swap ( WW8FieldEntry rOther)

Definition at line 773 of file ww8par5.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ maParams

::sw::mark::IFieldmark::parameter_map_t WW8FieldEntry::maParams

Definition at line 564 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by getParameters().

◆ maStartPos

sw::hack::Position WW8FieldEntry::maStartPos

Definition at line 567 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by GetPtContent(), GetPtNode(), and SwWW8ImplReader::Read_Book().

◆ mnFieldId

sal_uInt16 WW8FieldEntry::mnFieldId

Definition at line 568 of file ww8par.hxx.

◆ mnObjLocFc

sal_uLong WW8FieldEntry::mnObjLocFc

Definition at line 569 of file ww8par.hxx.

◆ msBookmarkName

OUString WW8FieldEntry::msBookmarkName

Definition at line 561 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by GetBookmarkName(), and SetBookmarkName().

◆ msMarkCode

OUString WW8FieldEntry::msMarkCode

Definition at line 563 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by GetBookmarkCode(), and SetBookmarkCode().

◆ msMarkType

OUString WW8FieldEntry::msMarkType

Definition at line 562 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by SetBookmarkType().

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