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WW8DopTypography Class Reference

#include <ww8struc.hxx>

Public Types

enum  RuleLengths {
  nMaxFollowing = 101,
  nMaxLeading = 51

Public Member Functions

void ReadFromMem (sal_uInt8 *&pData)
void WriteToMem (sal_uInt8 *&pData) const
LanguageType GetConvertedLang () const

Static Public Member Functions

static const sal_UnicodeGetJapanNotBeginLevel1 ()
static const sal_UnicodeGetJapanNotEndLevel1 ()

Public Attributes

sal_uInt16 m_fKerningPunct: 1
sal_uInt16 m_iJustification: 2
sal_uInt16 m_iLevelOfKinsoku: 2
sal_uInt16 m_f2on1: 1
sal_uInt16 m_reserved1: 4
sal_uInt16 m_reserved2: 6
sal_Int16 m_cchFollowingPunct
sal_Int16 m_cchLeadingPunct
sal_Unicode m_rgxchFPunct [nMaxFollowing]
sal_Unicode m_rgxchLPunct [nMaxLeading]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 365 of file ww8struc.hxx.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 396 of file ww8struc.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

LanguageType WW8DopTypography::GetConvertedLang ( ) const
const sal_Unicode * WW8DopTypography::GetJapanNotBeginLevel1 ( )
const sal_Unicode * WW8DopTypography::GetJapanNotEndLevel1 ( )
void WW8DopTypography::ReadFromMem ( sal_uInt8 *&  pData)
void WW8DopTypography::WriteToMem ( sal_uInt8 *&  pData) const

Member Data Documentation

sal_Int16 WW8DopTypography::m_cchFollowingPunct

Definition at line 400 of file ww8struc.hxx.

Referenced by WW8Export::ExportDopTypography(), ReadFromMem(), and WriteToMem().

sal_Int16 WW8DopTypography::m_cchLeadingPunct

Definition at line 401 of file ww8struc.hxx.

Referenced by WW8Export::ExportDopTypography(), ReadFromMem(), and WriteToMem().

sal_uInt16 WW8DopTypography::m_f2on1

Definition at line 383 of file ww8struc.hxx.

Referenced by ReadFromMem(), and WriteToMem().

sal_uInt16 WW8DopTypography::m_fKerningPunct
sal_uInt16 WW8DopTypography::m_iJustification
sal_uInt16 WW8DopTypography::m_iLevelOfKinsoku
sal_uInt16 WW8DopTypography::m_reserved1
sal_uInt16 WW8DopTypography::m_reserved2
sal_Unicode WW8DopTypography::m_rgxchFPunct[nMaxFollowing]
sal_Unicode WW8DopTypography::m_rgxchLPunct[nMaxLeading]

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