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SwWW8StyInf Class Reference

#include <ww8par.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwWW8StyInf ()
void SetOrgWWIdent (const OUString &rName, const sal_uInt16 nId)
const OUString & GetOrgWWName () const
bool HasWW8OutlineLevel () const
bool IsOutlineNumbered () const
const SwNumRuleGetOutlineNumrule () const
rtl_TextEncoding GetCharSet () const
rtl_TextEncoding GetCJKCharSet () const
sal_uInt16 GetWWStyleId () const
bool IsWW8BuiltInHeadingStyle () const
bool IsWW8BuiltInDefaultStyle () const

Static Public Member Functions

static sal_uInt8 WW8OutlineLevelToOutlinelevel (const sal_uInt8 nWW8OutlineLevel)

Public Attributes

rtl_TextEncoding m_eLTRFontSrcCharSet
rtl_TextEncoding m_eRTLFontSrcCharSet
rtl_TextEncoding m_eCJKFontSrcCharSet
std::shared_ptr< WW8FlyParam_xWWFly
tools::Long m_nFilePos
sal_uInt16 m_nBase
sal_uInt16 m_nFollow
sal_uInt16 m_nLFOIndex
sal_uInt8 m_nListLevel
sal_uInt8 mnWW8OutlineLevel
sal_uInt16 m_n81Flags
sal_uInt16 m_n81BiDiFlags
std::shared_ptr< SvxLRSpaceItemmaWordLR
bool m_bValid
bool m_bImported
bool m_bColl
bool m_bImportSkipped
bool m_bHasStyNumRule
bool m_bHasBrokenWW6List
bool m_bListRelevantIndentSet
bool m_bParaAutoBefore
bool m_bParaAutoAfter
sal_Int16 m_nRelativeJustify

Private Attributes

OUString m_sWWStyleName
sal_uInt16 m_nWWStyleId

Detailed Description

Definition at line 225 of file ww8par.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SwWW8StyInf()

SwWW8StyInf::SwWW8StyInf ( )

Definition at line 268 of file ww8par.hxx.

References make_shared().

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetCharSet()

rtl_TextEncoding SwWW8StyInf::GetCharSet ( ) const

◆ GetCJKCharSet()

rtl_TextEncoding SwWW8StyInf::GetCJKCharSet ( ) const

◆ GetOrgWWName()

const OUString & SwWW8StyInf::GetOrgWWName ( ) const

Definition at line 310 of file ww8par.hxx.

References m_sWWStyleName.

Referenced by WW8RStyle::PrepareStyle().

◆ GetOutlineNumrule()

const SwNumRule * SwWW8StyInf::GetOutlineNumrule ( ) const

Definition at line 325 of file ww8par.hxx.

References m_pOutlineNumrule.

◆ GetWWStyleId()

sal_uInt16 SwWW8StyInf::GetWWStyleId ( ) const

Definition at line 332 of file ww8par.hxx.

References m_nWWStyleId.

Referenced by IsWW8BuiltInDefaultStyle(), and IsWW8BuiltInHeadingStyle().

◆ HasWW8OutlineLevel()

bool SwWW8StyInf::HasWW8OutlineLevel ( ) const

Definition at line 315 of file ww8par.hxx.

References m_pFormat, MAXLEVEL, and mnWW8OutlineLevel.

Referenced by IsOutlineNumbered(), and SwWW8ImplReader::RegisterNumFormatOnStyle().

◆ IsOutlineNumbered()

bool SwWW8StyInf::IsOutlineNumbered ( ) const

Definition at line 320 of file ww8par.hxx.

References HasWW8OutlineLevel(), and m_pOutlineNumrule.

◆ IsWW8BuiltInDefaultStyle()

bool SwWW8StyInf::IsWW8BuiltInDefaultStyle ( ) const

Definition at line 342 of file ww8par.hxx.

References GetWWStyleId().

◆ IsWW8BuiltInHeadingStyle()

bool SwWW8StyInf::IsWW8BuiltInHeadingStyle ( ) const

◆ SetOrgWWIdent()

void SwWW8StyInf::SetOrgWWIdent ( const OUString &  rName,
const sal_uInt16  nId 

◆ WW8OutlineLevelToOutlinelevel()

static sal_uInt8 SwWW8StyInf::WW8OutlineLevelToOutlinelevel ( const sal_uInt8  nWW8OutlineLevel)

Definition at line 348 of file ww8par.hxx.

References MAXLEVEL.

Referenced by SwWW8ImplReader::Read_POutLvl(), and SwWW8ImplReader::SetOutlineStyles().

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_bColl

bool SwWW8StyInf::m_bColl

◆ m_bHasBrokenWW6List

bool SwWW8StyInf::m_bHasBrokenWW6List

Definition at line 258 of file ww8par.hxx.

◆ m_bHasStyNumRule

bool SwWW8StyInf::m_bHasStyNumRule

◆ m_bImported

bool SwWW8StyInf::m_bImported

◆ m_bImportSkipped

bool SwWW8StyInf::m_bImportSkipped

Definition at line 256 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by WW8RStyle::PrepareStyle().

◆ m_bListRelevantIndentSet

bool SwWW8StyInf::m_bListRelevantIndentSet

Definition at line 259 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by SetStyleIndent(), and UseListIndent().

◆ m_bParaAutoAfter

bool SwWW8StyInf::m_bParaAutoAfter

Definition at line 265 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by WW8RStyle::PrepareStyle().

◆ m_bParaAutoBefore

bool SwWW8StyInf::m_bParaAutoBefore

Definition at line 264 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by WW8RStyle::PrepareStyle().

◆ m_bValid

bool SwWW8StyInf::m_bValid

◆ m_eCJKFontSrcCharSet

rtl_TextEncoding SwWW8StyInf::m_eCJKFontSrcCharSet

Definition at line 232 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by GetCJKCharSet(), and WW8RStyle::PrepareStyle().

◆ m_eLTRFontSrcCharSet

rtl_TextEncoding SwWW8StyInf::m_eLTRFontSrcCharSet

Definition at line 230 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by GetCharSet(), and WW8RStyle::PrepareStyle().

◆ m_eRTLFontSrcCharSet

rtl_TextEncoding SwWW8StyInf::m_eRTLFontSrcCharSet

Definition at line 231 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by GetCharSet(), GetCJKCharSet(), and WW8RStyle::PrepareStyle().

◆ m_n81BiDiFlags

sal_uInt16 SwWW8StyInf::m_n81BiDiFlags

Definition at line 251 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by WW8RStyle::PrepareStyle(), and SwWW8ImplReader::Read_BoldBiDiUsw().

◆ m_n81Flags

sal_uInt16 SwWW8StyInf::m_n81Flags

Definition at line 250 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by WW8RStyle::PrepareStyle(), and SwWW8ImplReader::Read_BoldUsw().

◆ m_nBase

sal_uInt16 SwWW8StyInf::m_nBase

◆ m_nFilePos

tools::Long SwWW8StyInf::m_nFilePos

Definition at line 236 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by WW8RStyle::Import1Style(), and WW8RStyle::ScanStyles().

◆ m_nFollow

sal_uInt16 SwWW8StyInf::m_nFollow

Definition at line 238 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by WW8RStyle::Import(), and WW8RStyle::PrepareStyle().

◆ m_nLFOIndex

sal_uInt16 SwWW8StyInf::m_nLFOIndex

◆ m_nListLevel

sal_uInt8 SwWW8StyInf::m_nListLevel

◆ m_nRelativeJustify

sal_Int16 SwWW8StyInf::m_nRelativeJustify

Definition at line 266 of file ww8par.hxx.

◆ m_nWWStyleId

sal_uInt16 SwWW8StyInf::m_nWWStyleId

Definition at line 228 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by GetWWStyleId(), and SetOrgWWIdent().

◆ m_pFormat

SwFormat* SwWW8StyInf::m_pFormat

◆ m_pOutlineNumrule

SwNumRule* SwWW8StyInf::m_pOutlineNumrule

◆ m_sWWStyleName

OUString SwWW8StyInf::m_sWWStyleName

Definition at line 227 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by GetOrgWWName(), and SetOrgWWIdent().

◆ m_xWWFly

std::shared_ptr<WW8FlyPara> SwWW8StyInf::m_xWWFly

Definition at line 234 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by WW8RStyle::PrepareStyle(), and SwWW8ImplReader::Read_ApoPPC().

◆ maWordLR

std::shared_ptr<SvxLRSpaceItem> SwWW8StyInf::maWordLR

Definition at line 252 of file ww8par.hxx.

Referenced by SwWW8ImplReader::RegisterNumFormatOnStyle().

◆ mnWW8OutlineLevel

sal_uInt8 SwWW8StyInf::mnWW8OutlineLevel

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