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SwUndoTextToTable Class Referencefinal

#include <UndoTable.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwUndoTextToTable (const SwPaM &, const SwInsertTableOptions &, sal_Unicode, sal_uInt16, const SwTableAutoFormat *pAFormat)
virtual ~SwUndoTextToTable () override
virtual void UndoImpl (::sw::UndoRedoContext &) override
virtual void RedoImpl (::sw::UndoRedoContext &) override
virtual void RepeatImpl (::sw::RepeatContext &) override
SwHistoryGetHistory ()
void AddFillBox (const SwTableBox &rBox)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwUndo
 SwUndo (SwUndoId const nId, const SwDoc *pDoc)
virtual ~SwUndo () override
SwUndoId GetId () const
virtual OUString GetComment () const override
 Returns textual comment for this undo object. More...
ViewShellId GetViewShellId () const override
 See SfxUndoAction::GetViewShellId(). More...
RedlineFlags GetRedlineFlags () const
void SetRedlineFlags (RedlineFlags eMode)
bool IsDelBox () const
void IgnoreRepeat ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxUndoAction
 SfxUndoAction ()
virtual ~SfxUndoAction () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
virtual bool Merge (SfxUndoAction *pNextAction)
virtual OUString GetRepeatComment (SfxRepeatTarget &) const
const DateTimeGetDateTime () const
virtual void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwUndRng
 SwUndRng ()
 SwUndRng (const SwPaM &)
void SetValues (const SwPaM &rPam)
void SetPaM (SwPaM &, bool bCorrToContent=false) const
SwPaMAddUndoRedoPaM (::sw::UndoRedoContext &, bool const bCorrToContent=false) const

Private Attributes

OUString m_sTableName
SwInsertTableOptions m_aInsertTableOpts
std::vector< SwNodeOffsetmvDelBoxes
std::unique_ptr< SwTableAutoFormatm_pAutoFormat
sal_Unicode m_cSeparator
sal_uInt16 m_nAdjust
bool m_bSplitEnd: 1

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SwUndo
static bool FillSaveData (const SwPaM &rRange, SwRedlineSaveDatas &rSData, bool bDelRange=true, bool bCopyNext=true)
static bool FillSaveDataForFormat (const SwPaM &, SwRedlineSaveDatas &)
static void SetSaveData (SwDoc &rDoc, SwRedlineSaveDatas &rSData)
static bool HasHiddenRedlines (const SwRedlineSaveDatas &rSData)
- Public Attributes inherited from SwUndRng
SwNodeOffset m_nSttNode
SwNodeOffset m_nEndNode
sal_Int32 m_nSttContent
sal_Int32 m_nEndContent
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwUndo
virtual SwRewriter GetRewriter () const
 Returns the rewriter for this object. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SwUndo
static void RemoveIdxFromSection (SwDoc &, SwNodeOffset nSttIdx, const SwNodeOffset *pEndIdx=nullptr)
static void RemoveIdxFromRange (SwPaM &rPam, bool bMoveNext)
static void RemoveIdxRel (SwNodeOffset, const SwPosition &)
static bool CanRedlineGroup (SwRedlineSaveDatas &rCurr, const SwRedlineSaveDatas &rCheck, bool bCurrIsEnd)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SwUndo
bool m_bCacheComment
std::optional< OUString > maComment

Detailed Description

Definition at line 75 of file UndoTable.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwUndoTextToTable::SwUndoTextToTable ( const SwPaM rRg,
const SwInsertTableOptions rInsTableOpts,
sal_Unicode  cCh,
sal_uInt16  nAdj,
const SwTableAutoFormat pAFormat 
SwUndoTextToTable::~SwUndoTextToTable ( )

Definition at line 724 of file untbl.cxx.

References m_pAutoFormat.

Member Function Documentation

void SwUndoTextToTable::AddFillBox ( const SwTableBox rBox)

Definition at line 829 of file untbl.cxx.

References SwTableBox::GetSttIdx(), and mvDelBoxes.

Referenced by lcl_BalanceTable().

SwHistory & SwUndoTextToTable::GetHistory ( )

Definition at line 834 of file untbl.cxx.

References m_pHistory.

Referenced by SwDoc::TextToTable().

void SwUndoTextToTable::RedoImpl ( ::sw::UndoRedoContext rContext)
void SwUndoTextToTable::RepeatImpl ( ::sw::RepeatContext rContext)
void SwUndoTextToTable::UndoImpl ( ::sw::UndoRedoContext rContext)

Member Data Documentation

SwInsertTableOptions SwUndoTextToTable::m_aInsertTableOpts

Definition at line 78 of file UndoTable.hxx.

Referenced by RedoImpl(), and RepeatImpl().

bool SwUndoTextToTable::m_bSplitEnd

Definition at line 84 of file UndoTable.hxx.

Referenced by SwUndoTextToTable(), and UndoImpl().

sal_Unicode SwUndoTextToTable::m_cSeparator

Definition at line 82 of file UndoTable.hxx.

Referenced by RedoImpl(), RepeatImpl(), and UndoImpl().

sal_uInt16 SwUndoTextToTable::m_nAdjust

Definition at line 83 of file UndoTable.hxx.

Referenced by RedoImpl(), and RepeatImpl().

std::unique_ptr<SwTableAutoFormat> SwUndoTextToTable::m_pAutoFormat

Definition at line 80 of file UndoTable.hxx.

Referenced by RedoImpl(), RepeatImpl(), SwUndoTextToTable(), and ~SwUndoTextToTable().

SwHistory* SwUndoTextToTable::m_pHistory

Definition at line 81 of file UndoTable.hxx.

Referenced by GetHistory(), and UndoImpl().

OUString SwUndoTextToTable::m_sTableName

Definition at line 77 of file UndoTable.hxx.

Referenced by RedoImpl(), and UndoImpl().

std::vector<SwNodeOffset> SwUndoTextToTable::mvDelBoxes

Definition at line 79 of file UndoTable.hxx.

Referenced by AddFillBox(), and UndoImpl().

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