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SwRedlineSaveData Class Referencefinal

#include <UndoCore.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwRedlineSaveData (SwComparePosition eCmpPos, const SwPosition &rSttPos, const SwPosition &rEndPos, SwRangeRedline &rRedl, bool bCopyNext)
 ~SwRedlineSaveData ()
void RedlineToDoc (SwPaM const &rPam)
const SwNodeIndexGetMvSttIdx () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwUndRng
 SwUndRng ()
 SwUndRng (const SwPaM &)
void SetValues (const SwPaM &rPam)
void SetPaM (SwPaM &, bool bCorrToContent=false) const
SwPaMAddUndoRedoPaM (::sw::UndoRedoContext &, bool const bCorrToContent=false) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwRedlineData
 SwRedlineData (RedlineType eT, std::size_t nAut)
 SwRedlineData (const SwRedlineData &rCpy, bool bCpyNext=true)
 SwRedlineData (RedlineType eT, std::size_t nAut, const DateTime &rDT, OUString aCmnt, SwRedlineData *pNxt)
 ~SwRedlineData ()
bool operator== (const SwRedlineData &rCmp) const
bool operator!= (const SwRedlineData &rCmp) const
RedlineType GetType () const
std::size_t GetAuthor () const
const OUString & GetComment () const
const DateTimeGetTimeStamp () const
bool IsAnonymized () const
const SwRedlineDataNext () const
void SetComment (const OUString &rS)
void SetTimeStamp (const DateTime &rDT)
void SetAutoFormat ()
bool IsAutoFormat () const
void SetMoved ()
bool IsMoved () const
bool CanCombine (const SwRedlineData &rCmp) const
void SetExtraData (const SwRedlineExtraData *pData)
 ExtraData is copied. More...
const SwRedlineExtraDataGetExtraData () const
sal_uInt16 GetSeqNo () const
void SetSeqNo (sal_uInt16 nNo)
OUString GetDescr () const

Public Attributes

sal_uInt16 m_nRedlineCount
bool m_bRedlineMoved
- Public Attributes inherited from SwUndRng
SwNodeOffset m_nSttNode
SwNodeOffset m_nEndNode
sal_Int32 m_nSttContent
sal_Int32 m_nEndContent

Additional Inherited Members

- Private Member Functions inherited from SwUndoSaveSection
 SwUndoSaveSection ()
 ~SwUndoSaveSection ()
void SaveSection (const SwNodeIndex &rSttIdx)
void SaveSection (const SwNodeRange &rRange, bool bExpandNodes=true)
void RestoreSection (SwDoc *pDoc, SwNodeIndex *pIdx, sal_uInt16 nSectType)
void RestoreSection (SwDoc *pDoc, const SwNode &rInsPos, bool bForceCreateFrames=false)
const SwHistoryGetHistory () const
SwHistoryGetHistory ()
virtual void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const
const SwNodeIndexGetMvSttIdx () const
SwNodeOffset GetMvNodeCnt () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 43 of file UndoCore.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SwRedlineSaveData()

SwRedlineSaveData::SwRedlineSaveData ( SwComparePosition  eCmpPos,
const SwPosition rSttPos,
const SwPosition rEndPos,
SwRangeRedline rRedl,
bool  bCopyNext 

◆ ~SwRedlineSaveData()

SwRedlineSaveData::~SwRedlineSaveData ( )

Definition at line 1420 of file undobj.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetMvSttIdx()

const SwNodeIndex * SwRedlineSaveData::GetMvSttIdx ( ) const

Definition at line 57 of file UndoCore.hxx.

References SwUndoSaveSection::GetMvSttIdx().

Referenced by SwUndo::CanRedlineGroup(), and RedlineToDoc().

◆ RedlineToDoc()

void SwRedlineSaveData::RedlineToDoc ( SwPaM const &  rPam)

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_bRedlineMoved

bool SwRedlineSaveData::m_bRedlineMoved

Definition at line 64 of file UndoCore.hxx.

Referenced by SwRedlineSaveData().

◆ m_nRedlineCount

sal_uInt16 SwRedlineSaveData::m_nRedlineCount

Definition at line 63 of file UndoCore.hxx.

Referenced by SwRedlineSaveData().

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