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SwExtraRedlineTable Class Reference

Table that holds 'extra' redlines, such as 'table row insert/delete', 'paragraph moves' etc... More...

#include <docary.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 ~SwExtraRedlineTable ()
void Insert (SwExtraRedline *p)
void DeleteAndDestroy (sal_uInt16 nPos)
void DeleteAndDestroyAll ()
void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const
sal_uInt16 GetSize () const
SwExtraRedlineGetRedline (sal_uInt16 uIndex) const
SW_DLLPUBLIC bool DeleteAllTableRedlines (SwDoc &rDoc, const SwTable &rTable, bool bSaveInUndo, RedlineType nRedlineTypeToDelete)
bool DeleteTableRowRedline (SwDoc *pDoc, const SwTableLine &rTableLine, bool bSaveInUndo, RedlineType nRedlineTypeToDelete)
bool DeleteTableCellRedline (SwDoc *pDoc, const SwTableBox &rTableBox, bool bSaveInUndo, RedlineType nRedlineTypeToDelete)

Private Attributes

std::vector< SwExtraRedline * > m_aExtraRedlines

Detailed Description

Table that holds 'extra' redlines, such as 'table row insert/delete', 'paragraph moves' etc...

Definition at line 282 of file docary.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~SwExtraRedlineTable()

SwExtraRedlineTable::~SwExtraRedlineTable ( )

Definition at line 91 of file docredln.cxx.

References DeleteAndDestroyAll().

Member Function Documentation

◆ DeleteAllTableRedlines()

bool SwExtraRedlineTable::DeleteAllTableRedlines ( SwDoc rDoc,
const SwTable rTable,
bool  bSaveInUndo,
RedlineType  nRedlineTypeToDelete 

◆ DeleteAndDestroy()

void SwExtraRedlineTable::DeleteAndDestroy ( sal_uInt16  nPos)

Definition at line 2110 of file docredln.cxx.

References m_aExtraRedlines, and nPos.

Referenced by DeleteAllTableRedlines(), DeleteTableCellRedline(), and DeleteTableRowRedline().

◆ DeleteAndDestroyAll()

void SwExtraRedlineTable::DeleteAndDestroyAll ( )

Definition at line 2129 of file docredln.cxx.

References m_aExtraRedlines.

Referenced by SwDoc::ClearDoc(), SwDoc::~SwDoc(), and ~SwExtraRedlineTable().

◆ DeleteTableCellRedline()

bool SwExtraRedlineTable::DeleteTableCellRedline ( SwDoc pDoc,
const SwTableBox rTableBox,
bool  bSaveInUndo,
RedlineType  nRedlineTypeToDelete 

◆ DeleteTableRowRedline()

bool SwExtraRedlineTable::DeleteTableRowRedline ( SwDoc pDoc,
const SwTableLine rTableLine,
bool  bSaveInUndo,
RedlineType  nRedlineTypeToDelete 

◆ dumpAsXml()

void SwExtraRedlineTable::dumpAsXml ( xmlTextWriterPtr  pWriter) const

Definition at line 96 of file docredln.cxx.

References GetRedline(), and GetSize().

Referenced by SwDoc::dumpAsXml().

◆ GetRedline()

SwExtraRedline * SwExtraRedlineTable::GetRedline ( sal_uInt16  uIndex) const

◆ GetSize()

sal_uInt16 SwExtraRedlineTable::GetSize ( ) const

◆ Insert()

void SwExtraRedlineTable::Insert ( SwExtraRedline p)

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_aExtraRedlines

std::vector<SwExtraRedline*> SwExtraRedlineTable::m_aExtraRedlines

Definition at line 285 of file docary.hxx.

Referenced by DeleteAndDestroy(), DeleteAndDestroyAll(), GetRedline(), GetSize(), and Insert().

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