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SvxCSS1PropertyInfo Class Reference

#include <svxcss1.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 SvxCSS1PropertyInfo ()
 SvxCSS1PropertyInfo (const SvxCSS1PropertyInfo &rProp)
 ~SvxCSS1PropertyInfo ()
void Merge (const SvxCSS1PropertyInfo &rProp)
void Clear ()
SvxCSS1BorderInfoGetBorderInfo (SvxBoxItemLine nLine, bool bCreate=true)
void CopyBorderInfo (SvxBoxItemLine nSrcLine, SvxBoxItemLine nDstLine, sal_uInt16 nWhat)
void CopyBorderInfo (sal_uInt16 nCount, sal_uInt16 nWhat)
void SetBoxItem (SfxItemSet &rItemSet, sal_uInt16 nMinBorderDist, const SvxBoxItem *pDflt=nullptr)

Public Attributes

OUString m_aId
bool m_bTopMargin: 1
bool m_bBottomMargin: 1
bool m_bLeftMargin: 1
bool m_bRightMargin: 1
bool m_bTextIndent: 1
bool m_bNumbering: 1
bool m_bBullet: 1
SvxAdjust m_eFloat
SvxCSS1Position m_ePosition
sal_uInt16 m_nTopBorderDistance
sal_uInt16 m_nBottomBorderDistance
sal_uInt16 m_nLeftBorderDistance
sal_uInt16 m_nRightBorderDistance
SvxNumType m_nNumberingType
sal_Unicode m_cBulletChar
sal_uInt16 m_nColumnCount
tools::Long m_nLeft
tools::Long m_nTop
tools::Long m_nWidth
tools::Long m_nHeight
tools::Long m_nLeftMargin
tools::Long m_nRightMargin
SvxCSS1LengthType m_eLeftType
SvxCSS1LengthType m_eTopType
SvxCSS1LengthType m_eWidthType
SvxCSS1LengthType m_eHeightType
SvxCSS1SizeType m_eSizeType
SvxCSS1PageBreak m_ePageBreakBefore
SvxCSS1PageBreak m_ePageBreakAfter
bool m_bVisible = true

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr sal_uInt16 UNSET_BORDER_DISTANCE = SAL_MAX_UINT16

Private Member Functions

void DestroyBorderInfos ()

Private Attributes

std::array< std::unique_ptr< SvxCSS1BorderInfo >, 4 > m_aBorderInfos

Detailed Description

Definition at line 99 of file svxcss1.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SvxCSS1PropertyInfo() [1/2]

SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::SvxCSS1PropertyInfo ( )

Definition at line 369 of file svxcss1.cxx.

References Clear().

◆ SvxCSS1PropertyInfo() [2/2]

SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::SvxCSS1PropertyInfo ( const SvxCSS1PropertyInfo rProp)

Definition at line 374 of file svxcss1.cxx.

References i, m_aBorderInfos, and m_ePosition.

◆ ~SvxCSS1PropertyInfo()

SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::~SvxCSS1PropertyInfo ( )

Definition at line 411 of file svxcss1.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clear()

void SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::Clear ( )

◆ CopyBorderInfo() [1/2]

void SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::CopyBorderInfo ( sal_uInt16  nCount,
sal_uInt16  nWhat 

Definition at line 570 of file svxcss1.cxx.

References CopyBorderInfo(), and nCount.

◆ CopyBorderInfo() [2/2]

void SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::CopyBorderInfo ( SvxBoxItemLine  nSrcLine,
SvxBoxItemLine  nDstLine,
sal_uInt16  nWhat 

◆ DestroyBorderInfos()

void SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::DestroyBorderInfos ( )

Definition at line 415 of file svxcss1.cxx.

References m_aBorderInfos.

Referenced by Clear(), and SetBoxItem().

◆ GetBorderInfo()

SvxCSS1BorderInfo * SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::GetBorderInfo ( SvxBoxItemLine  nLine,
bool  bCreate = true 

◆ Merge()

void SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::Merge ( const SvxCSS1PropertyInfo rProp)

◆ SetBoxItem()

void SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::SetBoxItem ( SfxItemSet rItemSet,
sal_uInt16  nMinBorderDist,
const SvxBoxItem pDflt = nullptr 

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_aBorderInfos

std::array<std::unique_ptr<SvxCSS1BorderInfo>,4> SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_aBorderInfos

◆ m_aId

OUString SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_aId

◆ m_bBottomMargin

bool SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_bBottomMargin

◆ m_bBullet

bool SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_bBullet

◆ m_bLeftMargin

bool SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_bLeftMargin

◆ m_bNumbering

bool SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_bNumbering

◆ m_bRightMargin

bool SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_bRightMargin

◆ m_bTextIndent

bool SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_bTextIndent

◆ m_bTopMargin

bool SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_bTopMargin

◆ m_bVisible

bool SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_bVisible = true

◆ m_cBulletChar

sal_Unicode SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_cBulletChar

◆ m_eFloat

SvxAdjust SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_eFloat

◆ m_eHeightType

SvxCSS1LengthType SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_eHeightType

◆ m_eLeftType

SvxCSS1LengthType SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_eLeftType

◆ m_ePageBreakAfter

SvxCSS1PageBreak SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_ePageBreakAfter

◆ m_ePageBreakBefore

SvxCSS1PageBreak SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_ePageBreakBefore

◆ m_ePosition

SvxCSS1Position SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_ePosition

◆ m_eSizeType

SvxCSS1SizeType SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_eSizeType

Definition at line 140 of file svxcss1.hxx.

Referenced by Clear(), Merge(), ParseCSS1_size(), and SwCSS1Parser::SetPageDescAttrs().

◆ m_eTopType

SvxCSS1LengthType SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_eTopType

◆ m_eWidthType

SvxCSS1LengthType SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_eWidthType

◆ m_nBottomBorderDistance

sal_uInt16 SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_nBottomBorderDistance

Definition at line 124 of file svxcss1.hxx.

Referenced by Clear(), Merge(), ParseCSS1_padding(), ParseCSS1_padding_xxx(), and SetBoxItem().

◆ m_nColumnCount

sal_uInt16 SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_nColumnCount

Definition at line 131 of file svxcss1.hxx.

Referenced by Clear(), Merge(), SwHTMLParser::NewDivision(), and ParseCSS1_column_count().

◆ m_nHeight

tools::Long SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_nHeight

◆ m_nLeft

tools::Long SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_nLeft

◆ m_nLeftBorderDistance

sal_uInt16 SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_nLeftBorderDistance

Definition at line 125 of file svxcss1.hxx.

Referenced by Clear(), Merge(), ParseCSS1_padding(), ParseCSS1_padding_xxx(), and SetBoxItem().

◆ m_nLeftMargin

tools::Long SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_nLeftMargin

◆ m_nNumberingType

SvxNumType SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_nNumberingType

◆ m_nRightBorderDistance

sal_uInt16 SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_nRightBorderDistance

Definition at line 126 of file svxcss1.hxx.

Referenced by Clear(), Merge(), ParseCSS1_padding(), ParseCSS1_padding_xxx(), and SetBoxItem().

◆ m_nRightMargin

tools::Long SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_nRightMargin

◆ m_nTop

tools::Long SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_nTop

◆ m_nTopBorderDistance

sal_uInt16 SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_nTopBorderDistance

Definition at line 123 of file svxcss1.hxx.

Referenced by Clear(), Merge(), ParseCSS1_padding(), ParseCSS1_padding_xxx(), and SetBoxItem().

◆ m_nWidth

tools::Long SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::m_nWidth


constexpr sal_uInt16 SvxCSS1PropertyInfo::UNSET_BORDER_DISTANCE = SAL_MAX_UINT16

Definition at line 106 of file svxcss1.hxx.

Referenced by Clear(), Merge(), ParseCSS1_padding_xxx(), and SetBoxItem().

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