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SectRepr Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SectRepr (size_t nPos, SwSection &rSect)
SwSectionDataGetSectionData ()
SwFormatColGetCol ()
std::shared_ptr< SvxBrushItem > & GetBackground ()
SwFormatFootnoteAtTextEndGetFootnoteNtAtEnd ()
SwFormatEndAtTextEndGetEndNtAtEnd ()
SwFormatNoBalancedColumnsGetBalance ()
std::shared_ptr< SvxFrameDirectionItem > & GetFrameDir ()
std::shared_ptr< SvxLRSpaceItem > & GetLRSpace ()
size_t GetArrPos () const
OUString GetFile () const
OUString GetSubRegion () const
void SetFile (OUString const &rFile)
void SetFilter (OUString const &rFilter)
void SetSubRegion (OUString const &rSubRegion)
bool IsContent ()
void SetContent (bool const bValue)
void SetSelected ()
bool IsSelected () const
uno::Sequence< sal_Int8 > & GetTempPasswd ()
void SetTempPasswd (const uno::Sequence< sal_Int8 > &rPasswd)

Private Attributes

SwSectionData m_SectionData
SwFormatCol m_Col
std::shared_ptr< SvxBrushItemm_Brush
SwFormatFootnoteAtTextEnd m_FootnoteNtAtEnd
SwFormatEndAtTextEnd m_EndNtAtEnd
SwFormatNoBalancedColumns m_Balance
std::shared_ptr< SvxFrameDirectionItemm_FrameDirItem
std::shared_ptr< SvxLRSpaceItemm_LRSpaceItem
const size_t m_nArrPos
bool m_bContent: 1
bool m_bSelected: 1
uno::Sequence< sal_Int8m_TempPasswd

Detailed Description

Definition at line 147 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SectRepr::SectRepr ( size_t  nPos,
SwSection rSect 

Member Function Documentation

size_t SectRepr::GetArrPos ( ) const

Definition at line 177 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

References m_nArrPos.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK_NOARG().

std::shared_ptr<SvxBrushItem>& SectRepr::GetBackground ( )

Definition at line 170 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

References m_Brush.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK_NOARG().

SwFormatNoBalancedColumns& SectRepr::GetBalance ( )

Definition at line 173 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

References m_Balance.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK_NOARG().

SwFormatCol& SectRepr::GetCol ( )

Definition at line 169 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

References m_Col.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK_NOARG().

SwFormatEndAtTextEnd& SectRepr::GetEndNtAtEnd ( )

Definition at line 172 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

References m_EndNtAtEnd.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK_NOARG().

OUString SectRepr::GetFile ( ) const
SwFormatFootnoteAtTextEnd& SectRepr::GetFootnoteNtAtEnd ( )

Definition at line 171 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

References m_FootnoteNtAtEnd.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK_NOARG().

std::shared_ptr<SvxFrameDirectionItem>& SectRepr::GetFrameDir ( )

Definition at line 174 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

References m_FrameDirItem.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK_NOARG().

std::shared_ptr<SvxLRSpaceItem>& SectRepr::GetLRSpace ( )

Definition at line 175 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

References m_LRSpaceItem.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK_NOARG().

SwSectionData& SectRepr::GetSectionData ( )
OUString SectRepr::GetSubRegion ( ) const

Definition at line 309 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

References sfx2::cTokenSeparator, SwSectionData::GetLinkFileName(), and m_SectionData.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK().

uno::Sequence<sal_Int8>& SectRepr::GetTempPasswd ( )

Definition at line 190 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

References m_TempPasswd.

Referenced by SwEditRegionDlg::ChangePasswd(), and SwEditRegionDlg::CheckPasswd().

bool SectRepr::IsContent ( )

Definition at line 184 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

References m_bContent.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK().

bool SectRepr::IsSelected ( ) const

Definition at line 188 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

References m_bSelected.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK_NOARG().

void SectRepr::SetContent ( bool const  bValue)

Definition at line 185 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

References m_bContent.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK().

void SectRepr::SetFile ( OUString const &  rFile)
void SectRepr::SetFilter ( OUString const &  rFilter)
void SectRepr::SetSelected ( )

Definition at line 187 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

References m_bSelected.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK_NOARG().

void SectRepr::SetSubRegion ( OUString const &  rSubRegion)
void SectRepr::SetTempPasswd ( const uno::Sequence< sal_Int8 > &  rPasswd)

Definition at line 191 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

Referenced by SwEditRegionDlg::CheckPasswd().

Member Data Documentation

SwFormatNoBalancedColumns SectRepr::m_Balance

Definition at line 155 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

Referenced by GetBalance(), and SectRepr().

bool SectRepr::m_bContent

Definition at line 160 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

Referenced by IsContent(), and SetContent().

std::shared_ptr<SvxBrushItem> SectRepr::m_Brush

Definition at line 152 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

Referenced by GetBackground(), and SectRepr().

bool SectRepr::m_bSelected

Definition at line 162 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

Referenced by IsSelected(), and SetSelected().

SwFormatCol SectRepr::m_Col

Definition at line 151 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

Referenced by GetCol(), and SectRepr().

SwFormatEndAtTextEnd SectRepr::m_EndNtAtEnd

Definition at line 154 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

Referenced by GetEndNtAtEnd(), and SectRepr().

SwFormatFootnoteAtTextEnd SectRepr::m_FootnoteNtAtEnd

Definition at line 153 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

Referenced by GetFootnoteNtAtEnd(), and SectRepr().

std::shared_ptr<SvxFrameDirectionItem> SectRepr::m_FrameDirItem

Definition at line 156 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

Referenced by GetFrameDir(), and SectRepr().

std::shared_ptr<SvxLRSpaceItem> SectRepr::m_LRSpaceItem

Definition at line 157 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

Referenced by GetLRSpace(), and SectRepr().

const size_t SectRepr::m_nArrPos

Definition at line 158 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

Referenced by GetArrPos().

SwSectionData SectRepr::m_SectionData

Definition at line 150 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

Referenced by GetFile(), GetSectionData(), GetSubRegion(), SetFile(), SetFilter(), and SetSubRegion().

uno::Sequence<sal_Int8> SectRepr::m_TempPasswd

Definition at line 163 of file uiregionsw.cxx.

Referenced by GetTempPasswd().

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