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SaveTable Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SaveTable (const SwTable &rTable, sal_uInt16 nLnCnt=USHRT_MAX, bool bSaveFormula=true)
sal_uInt16 AddFormat (SwFrameFormat *pFormat, bool bIsLine)
void NewFrameFormat (const SwTableLine *, const SwTableBox *, sal_uInt16 nFormatPos, SwFrameFormat *pOldFormat)
void RestoreAttr (SwTable &rTable, bool bModifyBox=false)
void SaveContentAttrs (SwDoc *pDoc)
void CreateNew (SwTable &rTable, bool bCreateFrames=true, bool bRestoreChart=true)
bool IsNewModel () const

Private Member Functions

 SaveTable (const SaveTable &)=delete
SaveTableoperator= (const SaveTable &)=delete

Private Attributes

SfxItemSet m_aTableSet
std::unique_ptr< SaveLinem_pLine
const SwTablem_pSwTable
SfxItemSets m_aSets
SwFrameFormatsV m_aFrameFormats
sal_uInt16 const m_nLineCount
bool m_bModifyBox: 1
bool const m_bSaveFormula: 1
bool m_bNewModel: 1


class SaveBox
class SaveLine

Detailed Description

Definition at line 100 of file untbl.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SaveTable::SaveTable ( const SaveTable )
SaveTable::SaveTable ( const SwTable rTable,
sal_uInt16  nLnCnt = USHRT_MAX,
bool  bSaveFormula = true 

Member Function Documentation

sal_uInt16 SaveTable::AddFormat ( SwFrameFormat pFormat,
bool  bIsLine 
void SaveTable::CreateNew ( SwTable rTable,
bool  bCreateFrames = true,
bool  bRestoreChart = true 
bool SaveTable::IsNewModel ( ) const

Definition at line 129 of file untbl.cxx.

References m_bNewModel.

void SaveTable::NewFrameFormat ( const SwTableLine pTableLn,
const SwTableBox pTableBx,
sal_uInt16  nFormatPos,
SwFrameFormat pOldFormat 
SaveTable& SaveTable::operator= ( const SaveTable )
void SaveTable::RestoreAttr ( SwTable rTable,
bool  bModifyBox = false 
void SaveTable::SaveContentAttrs ( SwDoc pDoc)

Definition at line 969 of file untbl.cxx.

References m_pLine.

Referenced by SwUndoTableAutoFormat::UndoRedo().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SaveBox

Definition at line 102 of file untbl.cxx.

friend class SaveLine

Definition at line 103 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by SaveTable().

Member Data Documentation

SwFrameFormatsV SaveTable::m_aFrameFormats
SfxItemSets SaveTable::m_aSets
SfxItemSet SaveTable::m_aTableSet

Definition at line 104 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by CreateNew(), RestoreAttr(), and SaveTable().

bool SaveTable::m_bModifyBox

Definition at line 110 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by NewFrameFormat(), RestoreAttr(), and SaveTable().

bool SaveTable::m_bNewModel

Definition at line 112 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by IsNewModel(), and SaveTable().

bool const SaveTable::m_bSaveFormula

Definition at line 111 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by AddFormat().

sal_uInt16 const SaveTable::m_nLineCount

Definition at line 109 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by CreateNew(), and RestoreAttr().

std::unique_ptr<SaveLine> SaveTable::m_pLine

Definition at line 105 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by CreateNew(), RestoreAttr(), SaveContentAttrs(), and SaveTable().

const SwTable* SaveTable::m_pSwTable

Definition at line 106 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by AddFormat(), and SaveTable().

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