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SaveTable Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SaveTable (const SwTable &rTable, sal_uInt16 nLnCnt=USHRT_MAX, bool bSaveFormula=true)
sal_uInt16 AddFormat (SwFrameFormat *pFormat, bool bIsLine)
void NewFrameFormatForLine (const SwTableLine &, sal_uInt16 nFormatPos, SwFrameFormat *pOldFormat)
void NewFrameFormatForBox (const SwTableBox &, sal_uInt16 nFormatPos, SwFrameFormat *pOldFormat)
void RestoreAttr (SwTable &rTable, bool bModifyBox=false)
void SaveContentAttrs (SwDoc *pDoc)
void CreateNew (SwTable &rTable, bool bCreateFrames=true, bool bRestoreChart=true)
bool IsNewModel () const

Private Member Functions

 SaveTable (const SaveTable &)=delete
SaveTableoperator= (const SaveTable &)=delete
SwFrameFormatCreateNewFormat (SwFrameFormat &rFormat, sal_uInt16 nFormatPos)

Private Attributes

friend SaveBox
friend SaveLine
SfxItemSet m_aTableSet
std::unique_ptr< SaveLinem_pLine
const SwTablem_pSwTable
SfxItemSets m_aSets
SwFrameFormatsV m_aFrameFormats
sal_uInt16 m_nLineCount
bool m_bModifyBox: 1
bool m_bSaveFormula: 1
bool m_bNewModel: 1

Detailed Description

Definition at line 111 of file untbl.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SaveTable::SaveTable ( const SaveTable )
SaveTable::SaveTable ( const SwTable rTable,
sal_uInt16  nLnCnt = USHRT_MAX,
bool  bSaveFormula = true 

Member Function Documentation

sal_uInt16 SaveTable::AddFormat ( SwFrameFormat pFormat,
bool  bIsLine 
void SaveTable::CreateNew ( SwTable rTable,
bool  bCreateFrames = true,
bool  bRestoreChart = true 
SwFrameFormat & SaveTable::CreateNewFormat ( SwFrameFormat rFormat,
sal_uInt16  nFormatPos 

Definition at line 1078 of file untbl.cxx.

References m_aFrameFormats, m_aSets, and SwFormat::SetFormatAttr().

Referenced by NewFrameFormatForBox(), and NewFrameFormatForLine().

bool SaveTable::IsNewModel ( ) const

Definition at line 141 of file untbl.cxx.

References m_bNewModel.

void SaveTable::NewFrameFormatForBox ( const SwTableBox rTableBx,
sal_uInt16  nFormatPos,
SwFrameFormat pOldFormat 
void SaveTable::NewFrameFormatForLine ( const SwTableLine rTableLn,
sal_uInt16  nFormatPos,
SwFrameFormat pOldFormat 
SaveTable& SaveTable::operator= ( const SaveTable )
void SaveTable::RestoreAttr ( SwTable rTable,
bool  bModifyBox = false 
void SaveTable::SaveContentAttrs ( SwDoc pDoc)

Definition at line 980 of file untbl.cxx.

References m_pLine.

Referenced by SwUndoTableAutoFormat::UndoRedo().

Member Data Documentation

SwFrameFormatsV SaveTable::m_aFrameFormats
SfxItemSets SaveTable::m_aSets

Definition at line 118 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by AddFormat(), CreateNew(), CreateNewFormat(), and RestoreAttr().

SfxItemSet SaveTable::m_aTableSet

Definition at line 115 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by CreateNew(), RestoreAttr(), and SaveTable().

bool SaveTable::m_bModifyBox

Definition at line 121 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by NewFrameFormatForBox(), RestoreAttr(), and SaveTable().

bool SaveTable::m_bNewModel

Definition at line 123 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by IsNewModel(), and SaveTable().

bool SaveTable::m_bSaveFormula

Definition at line 122 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by AddFormat().

sal_uInt16 SaveTable::m_nLineCount

Definition at line 120 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by CreateNew(), and RestoreAttr().

std::unique_ptr<SaveLine> SaveTable::m_pLine

Definition at line 116 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by CreateNew(), RestoreAttr(), SaveContentAttrs(), and SaveTable().

const SwTable* SaveTable::m_pSwTable

Definition at line 117 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by AddFormat(), and SaveTable().

friend SaveTable::SaveBox

Definition at line 113 of file untbl.cxx.

friend SaveTable::SaveLine

Definition at line 114 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by RestoreAttr(), and SaveTable().

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