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svx::diagram::Point Struct Reference

A point. More...

#include <datamodel.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 Point ()

Public Attributes

TextBodyPtr msTextBody
PointStylePtr msPointStylePtr
OUString msCnxId
OUString msModelId
OUString msColorTransformCategoryId
OUString msColorTransformTypeId
OUString msLayoutCategoryId
OUString msLayoutTypeId
OUString msPlaceholderText
OUString msPresentationAssociationId
OUString msPresentationLayoutName
OUString msPresentationLayoutStyleLabel
OUString msQuickStyleCategoryId
OUString msQuickStyleTypeId
TypeConstant mnXMLType
sal_Int32 mnMaxChildren
sal_Int32 mnPreferredChildren
sal_Int32 mnDirection
std::optional< sal_Int32 > moHierarchyBranch
sal_Int32 mnResizeHandles
sal_Int32 mnCustomAngle
sal_Int32 mnPercentageNeighbourWidth
sal_Int32 mnPercentageNeighbourHeight
sal_Int32 mnPercentageOwnWidth
sal_Int32 mnPercentageOwnHeight
sal_Int32 mnIncludeAngleScale
sal_Int32 mnRadiusScale
sal_Int32 mnWidthScale
sal_Int32 mnHeightScale
sal_Int32 mnWidthOverride
sal_Int32 mnHeightOverride
sal_Int32 mnLayoutStyleCount
sal_Int32 mnLayoutStyleIndex
bool mbOrgChartEnabled
bool mbBulletEnabled
bool mbCoherent3DOffset
bool mbCustomHorizontalFlip
bool mbCustomVerticalFlip
bool mbCustomText
bool mbIsPlaceholder

Detailed Description

A point.

Definition at line 101 of file datamodel.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Point()

Point::Point ( )

Definition at line 38 of file datamodel.cxx.

References make_shared().

Member Data Documentation

◆ mbBulletEnabled

bool svx::diagram::Point::mbBulletEnabled

Definition at line 148 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mbCoherent3DOffset

bool svx::diagram::Point::mbCoherent3DOffset

Definition at line 149 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mbCustomHorizontalFlip

bool svx::diagram::Point::mbCustomHorizontalFlip

Definition at line 150 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mbCustomText

bool svx::diagram::Point::mbCustomText

Definition at line 152 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mbCustomVerticalFlip

bool svx::diagram::Point::mbCustomVerticalFlip

Definition at line 151 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mbIsPlaceholder

bool svx::diagram::Point::mbIsPlaceholder

Definition at line 153 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mbOrgChartEnabled

bool svx::diagram::Point::mbOrgChartEnabled

Definition at line 147 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mnCustomAngle

sal_Int32 svx::diagram::Point::mnCustomAngle

Definition at line 133 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mnDirection

sal_Int32 svx::diagram::Point::mnDirection

Definition at line 130 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mnHeightOverride

sal_Int32 svx::diagram::Point::mnHeightOverride

Definition at line 143 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mnHeightScale

sal_Int32 svx::diagram::Point::mnHeightScale

Definition at line 141 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mnIncludeAngleScale

sal_Int32 svx::diagram::Point::mnIncludeAngleScale

Definition at line 138 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mnLayoutStyleCount

sal_Int32 svx::diagram::Point::mnLayoutStyleCount

Definition at line 144 of file datamodel.hxx.

Referenced by svx::diagram::DiagramData::addNode().

◆ mnLayoutStyleIndex

sal_Int32 svx::diagram::Point::mnLayoutStyleIndex

Definition at line 145 of file datamodel.hxx.

Referenced by svx::diagram::DiagramData::addNode().

◆ mnMaxChildren

sal_Int32 svx::diagram::Point::mnMaxChildren

Definition at line 128 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mnPercentageNeighbourHeight

sal_Int32 svx::diagram::Point::mnPercentageNeighbourHeight

Definition at line 135 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mnPercentageNeighbourWidth

sal_Int32 svx::diagram::Point::mnPercentageNeighbourWidth

Definition at line 134 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mnPercentageOwnHeight

sal_Int32 svx::diagram::Point::mnPercentageOwnHeight

Definition at line 137 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mnPercentageOwnWidth

sal_Int32 svx::diagram::Point::mnPercentageOwnWidth

Definition at line 136 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mnPreferredChildren

sal_Int32 svx::diagram::Point::mnPreferredChildren

Definition at line 129 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mnRadiusScale

sal_Int32 svx::diagram::Point::mnRadiusScale

Definition at line 139 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mnResizeHandles

sal_Int32 svx::diagram::Point::mnResizeHandles

Definition at line 132 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mnWidthOverride

sal_Int32 svx::diagram::Point::mnWidthOverride

Definition at line 142 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mnWidthScale

sal_Int32 svx::diagram::Point::mnWidthScale

Definition at line 140 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ mnXMLType

TypeConstant svx::diagram::Point::mnXMLType

Definition at line 127 of file datamodel.hxx.

Referenced by svx::diagram::DiagramData::addNode().

◆ moHierarchyBranch

std::optional<sal_Int32> svx::diagram::Point::moHierarchyBranch

Definition at line 131 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ msCnxId

OUString svx::diagram::Point::msCnxId

Definition at line 114 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ msColorTransformCategoryId

OUString svx::diagram::Point::msColorTransformCategoryId

Definition at line 116 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ msColorTransformTypeId

OUString svx::diagram::Point::msColorTransformTypeId

Definition at line 117 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ msLayoutCategoryId

OUString svx::diagram::Point::msLayoutCategoryId

Definition at line 118 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ msLayoutTypeId

OUString svx::diagram::Point::msLayoutTypeId

Definition at line 119 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ msModelId

OUString svx::diagram::Point::msModelId

◆ msPlaceholderText

OUString svx::diagram::Point::msPlaceholderText

Definition at line 120 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ msPointStylePtr

PointStylePtr svx::diagram::Point::msPointStylePtr

Definition at line 112 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ msPresentationAssociationId

OUString svx::diagram::Point::msPresentationAssociationId

Definition at line 121 of file datamodel.hxx.

Referenced by svx::diagram::DiagramData::addNode().

◆ msPresentationLayoutName

OUString svx::diagram::Point::msPresentationLayoutName

Definition at line 122 of file datamodel.hxx.

Referenced by svx::diagram::DiagramData::addNode().

◆ msPresentationLayoutStyleLabel

OUString svx::diagram::Point::msPresentationLayoutStyleLabel

Definition at line 123 of file datamodel.hxx.

Referenced by svx::diagram::DiagramData::addNode().

◆ msQuickStyleCategoryId

OUString svx::diagram::Point::msQuickStyleCategoryId

Definition at line 124 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ msQuickStyleTypeId

OUString svx::diagram::Point::msQuickStyleTypeId

Definition at line 125 of file datamodel.hxx.

◆ msTextBody

TextBodyPtr svx::diagram::Point::msTextBody

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