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svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl:

Public Member Functions

 DialControl_Impl (OutputDevice &rReference)
void Init (const Size &rWinSize, const vcl::Font &rWinFont)
void SetSize (const Size &rWinSize)

Public Attributes

ScopedVclPtr< DialControlBmpmxBmpEnabled
ScopedVclPtr< DialControlBmpmxBmpDisabled
ScopedVclPtr< DialControlBmpmxBmpBuffered
Link< DialControl &, voidmaModifyHdl
OUString maText
sal_Int32 mnLinkedFieldValueMultiplyer
Size maWinSize
vcl::Font maWinFont
sal_Int32 mnAngle
sal_Int32 mnInitialAngle
sal_Int32 mnOldAngle
long mnCenterX
long mnCenterY
bool mbNoRot

Detailed Description

Definition at line 130 of file dialcontrol.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::DialControl_Impl ( OutputDevice rReference)

Definition at line 217 of file dialcontrol.cxx.

References Create(), and mnAngle.

Member Function Documentation

void svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::Init ( const Size rWinSize,
const vcl::Font rWinFont 

Definition at line 232 of file dialcontrol.cxx.

References vcl::Font::SetTransparent().

void svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::SetSize ( const Size rWinSize)

Definition at line 240 of file dialcontrol.cxx.

References Size::Height(), svx::Size, and Size::Width().

Member Data Documentation

Link<DialControl&,void> svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::maModifyHdl

Definition at line 135 of file dialcontrol.hxx.

OUString svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::maText

Definition at line 136 of file dialcontrol.hxx.

vcl::Font svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::maWinFont

Definition at line 140 of file dialcontrol.hxx.

Size svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::maWinSize

Definition at line 139 of file dialcontrol.hxx.

bool svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::mbNoRot

Definition at line 146 of file dialcontrol.hxx.

sal_Int32 svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::mnAngle

Definition at line 141 of file dialcontrol.hxx.

long svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::mnCenterX

Definition at line 144 of file dialcontrol.hxx.

long svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::mnCenterY

Definition at line 145 of file dialcontrol.hxx.

sal_Int32 svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::mnInitialAngle

Definition at line 142 of file dialcontrol.hxx.

sal_Int32 svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::mnLinkedFieldValueMultiplyer

Definition at line 138 of file dialcontrol.hxx.

sal_Int32 svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::mnOldAngle

Definition at line 143 of file dialcontrol.hxx.

weld::MetricSpinButton* svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::mpLinkField

Definition at line 137 of file dialcontrol.hxx.

ScopedVclPtr<DialControlBmp> svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::mxBmpBuffered

Definition at line 134 of file dialcontrol.hxx.

ScopedVclPtr<DialControlBmp> svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::mxBmpDisabled

Definition at line 133 of file dialcontrol.hxx.

ScopedVclPtr<DialControlBmp> svx::DialControl::DialControl_Impl::mxBmpEnabled

Definition at line 132 of file dialcontrol.hxx.

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