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SvxRuler_Impl Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 SvxRuler_Impl ()
void SetPercSize (sal_uInt16 nSize)

Public Attributes

std::unique_ptr< sal_uInt16[]> pPercBuf
std::unique_ptr< sal_uInt16[]> pBlockBuf
sal_uInt16 nPercSize
tools::Long nTotalDist
tools::Long lOldWinPos
tools::Long lMaxLeftLogic
tools::Long lMaxRightLogic
tools::Long lLastLMargin
tools::Long lLastRMargin
std::unique_ptr< SvxProtectItemaProtectItem
std::unique_ptr< SfxBoolItempTextRTLItem
sal_uInt16 nControllerItems
sal_uInt16 nIdx
sal_uInt16 nColLeftPix
sal_uInt16 nColRightPix
bool bIsTableRows: 1
bool bIsTabsRelativeToIndent: 1

Detailed Description

Definition at line 60 of file svxruler.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SvxRuler_Impl()

SvxRuler_Impl::SvxRuler_Impl ( )

Definition at line 84 of file svxruler.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetPercSize()

void SvxRuler_Impl::SetPercSize ( sal_uInt16  nSize)

Definition at line 120 of file svxruler.cxx.

References nPercSize, pBlockBuf, and pPercBuf.

Member Data Documentation

◆ aProtectItem

std::unique_ptr<SvxProtectItem> SvxRuler_Impl::aProtectItem

Definition at line 70 of file svxruler.cxx.

◆ bIsTableRows

bool SvxRuler_Impl::bIsTableRows

Definition at line 79 of file svxruler.cxx.

◆ bIsTabsRelativeToIndent

bool SvxRuler_Impl::bIsTabsRelativeToIndent

Definition at line 81 of file svxruler.cxx.

◆ lLastLMargin

tools::Long SvxRuler_Impl::lLastLMargin

Definition at line 68 of file svxruler.cxx.

◆ lLastRMargin

tools::Long SvxRuler_Impl::lLastRMargin

Definition at line 69 of file svxruler.cxx.

◆ lMaxLeftLogic

tools::Long SvxRuler_Impl::lMaxLeftLogic

Definition at line 66 of file svxruler.cxx.

◆ lMaxRightLogic

tools::Long SvxRuler_Impl::lMaxRightLogic

Definition at line 67 of file svxruler.cxx.

◆ lOldWinPos

tools::Long SvxRuler_Impl::lOldWinPos

Definition at line 65 of file svxruler.cxx.

◆ nColLeftPix

sal_uInt16 SvxRuler_Impl::nColLeftPix

Definition at line 74 of file svxruler.cxx.

◆ nColRightPix

sal_uInt16 SvxRuler_Impl::nColRightPix

Definition at line 75 of file svxruler.cxx.

◆ nControllerItems

sal_uInt16 SvxRuler_Impl::nControllerItems

Definition at line 72 of file svxruler.cxx.

◆ nIdx

sal_uInt16 SvxRuler_Impl::nIdx

Definition at line 73 of file svxruler.cxx.

◆ nPercSize

sal_uInt16 SvxRuler_Impl::nPercSize

Definition at line 63 of file svxruler.cxx.

Referenced by SetPercSize().

◆ nTotalDist

tools::Long SvxRuler_Impl::nTotalDist

Definition at line 64 of file svxruler.cxx.

◆ pBlockBuf

std::unique_ptr<sal_uInt16[]> SvxRuler_Impl::pBlockBuf

Definition at line 62 of file svxruler.cxx.

Referenced by SetPercSize().

◆ pPercBuf

std::unique_ptr<sal_uInt16[]> SvxRuler_Impl::pPercBuf

Definition at line 61 of file svxruler.cxx.

Referenced by SetPercSize().

◆ pTextRTLItem

std::unique_ptr<SfxBoolItem> SvxRuler_Impl::pTextRTLItem

Definition at line 71 of file svxruler.cxx.

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