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helperminimaldepth3d.hxx File Reference
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double getMinimalDepthInViewCoordinates (const E3dCompoundObject &rObject)
 support extracting the minimal depth of a 3d object in its scene More...

Function Documentation

double getMinimalDepthInViewCoordinates ( const E3dCompoundObject rObject)

support extracting the minimal depth of a 3d object in its scene

rObjectThe 3D Object from which the minimal depth needs to be calculated. The scene is defined by the object already
The minimal depth of this object in unified ViewCoordinates. This is the Z-Coordinate of one object point in the range of [0.0 .. 1.0]. ViewCoordinates means the transformations (esp. rotation) of the scene are taken into account

Definition at line 149 of file helperminimaldepth3d.cxx.

References E3dObject::getParentE3dSceneFromE3dObject(), E3dObject::getRootE3dSceneFromE3dObject(), E3dObject::GetTransform(), SdrObject::GetViewContact(), sdr::contact::ViewContactOfE3d::getViewIndependentPrimitive3DContainer(), and sdr::contact::ViewContactOfE3dScene::getViewInformation3D().

Referenced by Imp3DDepthRemapper::Imp3DDepthRemapper().