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dlgutil.hxx File Reference
#include <tools/fldunit.hxx>
#include <svx/svxdllapi.h>
#include <vcl/outdev.hxx>
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SVXCORE_DLLPUBLIC FieldUnit GetModuleFieldUnit (const SfxItemSet &)
SVXCORE_DLLPUBLIC FieldUnit GetModuleFieldUnit ()
SVXCORE_DLLPUBLIC bool GetApplyCharUnit (const SfxItemSet &)


constexpr DrawModeFlags OUTPUT_DRAWMODE_COLOR = DrawModeFlags::Default
constexpr DrawModeFlags OUTPUT_DRAWMODE_CONTRAST = DrawModeFlags::SettingsLine | DrawModeFlags::SettingsFill | DrawModeFlags::SettingsText | DrawModeFlags::SettingsGradient

Function Documentation

SVXCORE_DLLPUBLIC bool GetApplyCharUnit ( const SfxItemSet )
SVXCORE_DLLPUBLIC FieldUnit GetModuleFieldUnit ( const SfxItemSet )
SVXCORE_DLLPUBLIC FieldUnit GetModuleFieldUnit ( )

Definition at line 76 of file dlgutil.cxx.

References SfxModule::GetCurrentFieldUnit().

Variable Documentation

constexpr DrawModeFlags OUTPUT_DRAWMODE_COLOR = DrawModeFlags::Default

Definition at line 33 of file dlgutil.hxx.

Definition at line 34 of file dlgutil.hxx.