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svx::sidebar::NumberingTypeMgr Class Reference

#include <nbdtmg.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 NumberingTypeMgr ()
virtual ~NumberingTypeMgr () override
virtual void Init () override
virtual sal_uInt16 GetNBOIndexForNumRule (SvxNumRule &aNum, sal_uInt16 mLevel, sal_uInt16 nFromIndex=0) override
virtual void RelplaceNumRule (SvxNumRule &aNum, sal_uInt16 nIndex, sal_uInt16 mLevel) override
virtual void ApplyNumRule (SvxNumRule &aNum, sal_uInt16 nIndex, sal_uInt16 mLevel, bool isDefault=false, bool isResetSize=false) override
virtual OUString GetDescription (sal_uInt16 nIndex, bool isDefault) override
virtual bool IsCustomized (sal_uInt16 nIndex) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from svx::sidebar::NBOTypeMgrBase
 NBOTypeMgrBase ()
virtual ~NBOTypeMgrBase ()
void SetItems (const SfxItemSet *pArg)

Static Public Member Functions

static NumberingTypeMgrGetInstance ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from svx::sidebar::NBOTypeMgrBase
static sal_uInt16 IsSingleLevel (sal_uInt16 nCurLevel)

Public Attributes

NumberSettingsArr_Impl maNumberSettingsArr
NumberSettingsArr_Impl maDefaultNumberSettingsArr

Private Member Functions

 NumberingTypeMgr (const NumberingTypeMgr &)=delete

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from svx::sidebar::NBOTypeMgrBase
const OUString & GetBulletCharFmtName () const
const OUString & GetNumCharFmtName () const
MapUnit GetMapUnit () const
void ImplLoad (std::u16string_view filename)
void ImplStore (std::u16string_view filename)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 171 of file nbdtmg.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

svx::sidebar::NumberingTypeMgr::NumberingTypeMgr ( const NumberingTypeMgr )
svx::sidebar::NumberingTypeMgr::NumberingTypeMgr ( )
svx::sidebar::NumberingTypeMgr::~NumberingTypeMgr ( )

Definition at line 385 of file nbdtmg.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void svx::sidebar::NumberingTypeMgr::ApplyNumRule ( SvxNumRule aNum,
sal_uInt16  nIndex,
sal_uInt16  mLevel,
bool  isDefault = false,
bool  isResetSize = false 
OUString svx::sidebar::NumberingTypeMgr::GetDescription ( sal_uInt16  nIndex,
bool  isDefault 

Implements svx::sidebar::NBOTypeMgrBase.

Definition at line 538 of file nbdtmg.cxx.

References maDefaultNumberSettingsArr, maNumberSettingsArr, and nLength.

Referenced by RelplaceNumRule().

NumberingTypeMgr & svx::sidebar::NumberingTypeMgr::GetInstance ( )

Definition at line 407 of file nbdtmg.cxx.

Referenced by svx::sidebar::NBOutlineTypeMgrFact::CreateInstance().

sal_uInt16 svx::sidebar::NumberingTypeMgr::GetNBOIndexForNumRule ( SvxNumRule aNum,
sal_uInt16  mLevel,
sal_uInt16  nFromIndex = 0 
void svx::sidebar::NumberingTypeMgr::Init ( void  )
bool svx::sidebar::NumberingTypeMgr::IsCustomized ( sal_uInt16  nIndex)

Implements svx::sidebar::NBOTypeMgrBase.

Definition at line 552 of file nbdtmg.cxx.

References maNumberSettingsArr, and nLength.

void svx::sidebar::NumberingTypeMgr::RelplaceNumRule ( SvxNumRule aNum,
sal_uInt16  nIndex,
sal_uInt16  mLevel 

Member Data Documentation

NumberSettingsArr_Impl svx::sidebar::NumberingTypeMgr::maDefaultNumberSettingsArr

Definition at line 177 of file nbdtmg.hxx.

Referenced by ApplyNumRule(), GetDescription(), and NumberingTypeMgr().

NumberSettingsArr_Impl svx::sidebar::NumberingTypeMgr::maNumberSettingsArr

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