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svx::ClassificationEditEngine Class Referencefinal

#include <ClassificationEditView.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ClassificationEditEngine (SfxItemPool *pItemPool)
virtual OUString CalcFieldValue (const SvxFieldItem &rField, sal_Int32 nPara, sal_Int32 nPos, std::optional< Color > &rTxtColor, std::optional< Color > &rFldColor, std::optional< FontLineStyle > &rFldLineStyle) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from EditEngine
EditSelection InsertText (css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > const &rxDataObj, const OUString &rBaseURL, const EditPaM &rPaM, bool bUseSpecial)
 EditEngine (SfxItemPool *pItemPool)
virtual ~EditEngine ()
const SfxItemSetGetEmptyItemSet () const
void SetDefTab (sal_uInt16 nDefTab)
void SetRefDevice (OutputDevice *pRefDef)
OutputDeviceGetRefDevice () const
void SetRefMapMode (const MapMode &rMapMode)
MapMode const & GetRefMapMode () const
bool SetUpdateLayout (bool bUpdate, bool bRestoring=false)
bool IsUpdateLayout () const
void SetBackgroundColor (const Color &rColor)
Color const & GetBackgroundColor () const
Color GetAutoColor () const
void EnableAutoColor (bool b)
void ForceAutoColor (bool b)
bool IsForceAutoColor () const
void InsertView (EditView *pEditView, size_t nIndex=EE_APPEND)
EditViewRemoveView (EditView *pEditView)
void RemoveView (size_t nIndex)
EditViewGetView (size_t nIndex=0) const
size_t GetViewCount () const
bool HasView (EditView *pView) const
EditViewGetActiveView () const
void SetActiveView (EditView *pView)
void SetPaperSize (const Size &rSize)
const SizeGetPaperSize () const
void SetVertical (bool bVertical)
bool IsEffectivelyVertical () const
bool IsTopToBottom () const
bool GetVertical () const
void SetRotation (TextRotation nRotation)
TextRotation GetRotation () const
void SetTextColumns (sal_Int16 nColumns, sal_Int32 nSpacing)
void SetFixedCellHeight (bool bUseFixedCellHeight)
void SetDefaultHorizontalTextDirection (EEHorizontalTextDirection eHTextDir)
EEHorizontalTextDirection GetDefaultHorizontalTextDirection () const
SvtScriptType GetScriptType (const ESelection &rSelection) const
editeng::LanguageSpan GetLanguage (const EditPaM &rPaM) const
editeng::LanguageSpan GetLanguage (sal_Int32 nPara, sal_Int32 nPos) const
void TransliterateText (const ESelection &rSelection, TransliterationFlags nTransliterationMode)
EditSelection TransliterateText (const EditSelection &rSelection, TransliterationFlags nTransliterationMode)
void SetAsianCompressionMode (CharCompressType nCompression)
void SetKernAsianPunctuation (bool bEnabled)
void SetAddExtLeading (bool b)
void SetPolygon (const basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon &rPolyPolygon)
void SetPolygon (const basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon &rPolyPolygon, const basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon *pLinePolyPolygon)
void ClearPolygon ()
const SizeGetMinAutoPaperSize () const
void SetMinAutoPaperSize (const Size &rSz)
const SizeGetMaxAutoPaperSize () const
void SetMaxAutoPaperSize (const Size &rSz)
void SetMinColumnWrapHeight (tools::Long nVal)
OUString GetText (LineEnd eEnd=LINEEND_LF) const
OUString GetText (const ESelection &rSelection) const
sal_Int32 GetTextLen () const
sal_uInt32 GetTextHeight () const
sal_uInt32 GetTextHeightNTP () const
sal_uInt32 CalcTextWidth ()
OUString GetText (sal_Int32 nParagraph) const
sal_Int32 GetTextLen (sal_Int32 nParagraph) const
sal_uInt32 GetTextHeight (sal_Int32 nParagraph) const
sal_Int32 GetParagraphCount () const
sal_Int32 GetLineCount (sal_Int32 nParagraph) const
sal_Int32 GetLineLen (sal_Int32 nParagraph, sal_Int32 nLine) const
void GetLineBoundaries (sal_Int32 &rStart, sal_Int32 &rEnd, sal_Int32 nParagraph, sal_Int32 nLine) const
sal_Int32 GetLineNumberAtIndex (sal_Int32 nPara, sal_Int32 nIndex) const
sal_uInt32 GetLineHeight (sal_Int32 nParagraph)
tools::Rectangle GetParaBounds (sal_Int32 nPara)
ParagraphInfos GetParagraphInfos (sal_Int32 nPara)
sal_Int32 FindParagraph (tools::Long nDocPosY)
EPosition FindDocPosition (const Point &rDocPos) const
tools::Rectangle GetCharacterBounds (const EPosition &rPos) const
OUString GetWord (sal_Int32 nPara, sal_Int32 nIndex)
ESelection GetWord (const ESelection &rSelection, sal_uInt16 nWordType) const
void Clear ()
void SetText (const OUString &rStr)
std::unique_ptr< EditTextObjectCreateTextObject ()
std::unique_ptr< EditTextObjectGetEmptyTextObject () const
std::unique_ptr< EditTextObjectCreateTextObject (sal_Int32 nPara, sal_Int32 nParas=1)
std::unique_ptr< EditTextObjectCreateTextObject (const ESelection &rESelection)
void SetText (const EditTextObject &rTextObject)
void RemoveParagraph (sal_Int32 nPara)
void InsertParagraph (sal_Int32 nPara, const EditTextObject &rTxtObj, const bool bAppend=false)
void InsertParagraph (sal_Int32 nPara, const OUString &rText)
void SetText (sal_Int32 nPara, const OUString &rText)
virtual void SetParaAttribs (sal_Int32 nPara, const SfxItemSet &rSet)
const SfxItemSetGetParaAttribs (sal_Int32 nPara) const
void SetCharAttribs (sal_Int32 nPara, const SfxItemSet &rSet)
void GetCharAttribs (sal_Int32 nPara, std::vector< EECharAttrib > &rLst) const
SfxItemSet GetAttribs (sal_Int32 nPara, sal_Int32 nStart, sal_Int32 nEnd, GetAttribsFlags nFlags=GetAttribsFlags::ALL) const
SfxItemSet GetAttribs (const ESelection &rSel, EditEngineAttribs nOnlyHardAttrib=EditEngineAttribs::All)
bool HasParaAttrib (sal_Int32 nPara, sal_uInt16 nWhich) const
const SfxPoolItemGetParaAttrib (sal_Int32 nPara, sal_uInt16 nWhich) const
const T & GetParaAttrib (sal_Int32 nPara, TypedWhichId< T > nWhich) const
vcl::Font GetStandardFont (sal_Int32 nPara)
SvxFont GetStandardSvxFont (sal_Int32 nPara)
void RemoveAttribs (const ESelection &rSelection, bool bRemoveParaAttribs, sal_uInt16 nWhich)
void ShowParagraph (sal_Int32 nParagraph, bool bShow)
SfxUndoManagerGetUndoManager ()
SfxUndoManagerSetUndoManager (SfxUndoManager *pNew)
void UndoActionStart (sal_uInt16 nId)
void UndoActionStart (sal_uInt16 nId, const ESelection &rSel)
void UndoActionEnd ()
bool IsInUndo () const
void EnableUndo (bool bEnable)
bool IsUndoEnabled () const
bool HasTriedMergeOnLastAddUndo () const
void ClearModifyFlag ()
void SetModified ()
bool IsModified () const
void SetModifyHdl (const Link< LinkParamNone *, void > &rLink)
bool IsInSelectionMode () const
void StripPortions ()
void GetPortions (sal_Int32 nPara, std::vector< sal_Int32 > &rList)
tools::Long GetFirstLineStartX (sal_Int32 nParagraph)
Point GetDocPosTopLeft (sal_Int32 nParagraph)
Point GetDocPos (const Point &rPaperPos) const
bool IsTextPos (const Point &rPaperPos, sal_uInt16 nBorder)
void Draw (OutputDevice &rOutDev, const tools::Rectangle &rOutRect)
void Draw (OutputDevice &rOutDev, const tools::Rectangle &rOutRect, const Point &rStartDocPos)
void Draw (OutputDevice &rOutDev, const tools::Rectangle &rOutRect, const Point &rStartDocPos, bool bClip)
void Draw (OutputDevice &rOutDev, const Point &rStartPos, Degree10 nOrientation=0_deg10)
ErrCode Read (SvStream &rInput, const OUString &rBaseURL, EETextFormat, SvKeyValueIterator *pHTTPHeaderAttrs=nullptr)
void Write (SvStream &rOutput, EETextFormat)
void SetStatusEventHdl (const Link< EditStatus &, void > &rLink)
Link< EditStatus &, void > const & GetStatusEventHdl () const
void SetNotifyHdl (const Link< EENotify &, void > &rLink)
Link< EENotify &, void > const & GetNotifyHdl () const
void SetRtfImportHdl (const Link< RtfImportInfo &, void > &rLink)
const Link< RtfImportInfo &, void > & GetRtfImportHdl () const
void SetHtmlImportHdl (const Link< HtmlImportInfo &, void > &rLink)
const Link< HtmlImportInfo &, void > & GetHtmlImportHdl () const
bool IsFlatMode () const
void SetFlatMode (bool bFlat)
void SetSingleLine (bool bValue)
void SetControlWord (EEControlBits nWord)
EEControlBits GetControlWord () const
void QuickSetAttribs (const SfxItemSet &rSet, const ESelection &rSel)
void QuickMarkInvalid (const ESelection &rSel)
void QuickFormatDoc (bool bFull=false)
void QuickInsertField (const SvxFieldItem &rFld, const ESelection &rSel)
void QuickInsertLineBreak (const ESelection &rSel)
void QuickInsertText (const OUString &rText, const ESelection &rSel)
void QuickDelete (const ESelection &rSel)
void QuickMarkToBeRepainted (sal_Int32 nPara)
void setGlobalScale (double fFontScaleX, double fFontScaleY, double fSpacingScaleX, double fSpacingScaleY)
void getGlobalSpacingScale (double &rX, double &rY) const
basegfx::B2DTuple getGlobalSpacingScale () const
void getGlobalFontScale (double &rX, double &rY) const
basegfx::B2DTuple getGlobalFontScale () const
void setRoundFontSizeToPt (bool bRound) const
void SetEditTextObjectPool (SfxItemPool *pPool)
SfxItemPoolGetEditTextObjectPool () const
void SetStyleSheetPool (SfxStyleSheetPool *pSPool)
SfxStyleSheetPoolGetStyleSheetPool ()
void SetStyleSheet (const EditSelection &aSel, SfxStyleSheet *pStyle)
void SetStyleSheet (sal_Int32 nPara, SfxStyleSheet *pStyle)
const SfxStyleSheetGetStyleSheet (sal_Int32 nPara) const
SfxStyleSheetGetStyleSheet (sal_Int32 nPara)
void SetWordDelimiters (const OUString &rDelimiters)
const OUString & GetWordDelimiters () const
void EraseVirtualDevice ()
void SetSpeller (css::uno::Reference< css::linguistic2::XSpellChecker1 > const &xSpeller)
css::uno::Reference< css::linguistic2::XSpellChecker1 > const & GetSpeller ()
void SetHyphenator (css::uno::Reference< css::linguistic2::XHyphenator > const &xHyph)
void GetAllMisspellRanges (std::vector< editeng::MisspellRanges > &rRanges) const
void SetAllMisspellRanges (const std::vector< editeng::MisspellRanges > &rRanges)
void SetDefaultLanguage (LanguageType eLang)
LanguageType GetDefaultLanguage () const
bool HasOnlineSpellErrors () const
void CompleteOnlineSpelling ()
bool ShouldCreateBigTextObject () const
EESpellState HasSpellErrors ()
void ClearSpellErrors ()
bool HasText (const SvxSearchItem &rSearchItem)
bool SpellSentence (EditView const &rEditView, svx::SpellPortions &rToFill)
void PutSpellingToSentenceStart (EditView const &rEditView)
void ApplyChangedSentence (EditView const &rEditView, const svx::SpellPortions &rNewPortions, bool bRecheck)
bool HasConvertibleTextPortion (LanguageType nLang)
virtual bool ConvertNextDocument ()
bool UpdateFields ()
bool UpdateFieldsOnly ()
void RemoveFields (const std::function< bool(const SvxFieldData *)> &isFieldData=[](const SvxFieldData *){return true;})
sal_uInt16 GetFieldCount (sal_Int32 nPara) const
EFieldInfo GetFieldInfo (sal_Int32 nPara, sal_uInt16 nField) const
bool IsRightToLeft (sal_Int32 nPara) const
css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > CreateTransferable (const ESelection &rSelection) const
void SetBeginMovingParagraphsHdl (const Link< MoveParagraphsInfo &, void > &rLink)
void SetEndMovingParagraphsHdl (const Link< MoveParagraphsInfo &, void > &rLink)
void SetBeginPasteOrDropHdl (const Link< PasteOrDropInfos &, void > &rLink)
void SetEndPasteOrDropHdl (const Link< PasteOrDropInfos &, void > &rLink)
virtual void PaintingFirstLine (sal_Int32 nPara, const Point &rStartPos, const Point &rOrigin, Degree10 nOrientation, OutputDevice &rOutDev)
virtual void ParagraphInserted (sal_Int32 nNewParagraph)
virtual void ParagraphDeleted (sal_Int32 nDeletedParagraph)
virtual void ParagraphConnected (sal_Int32 nLeftParagraph, sal_Int32 nRightParagraph)
virtual void ParaAttribsChanged (sal_Int32 nParagraph)
virtual void StyleSheetChanged (SfxStyleSheet *pStyle)
void ParagraphHeightChanged (sal_Int32 nPara)
virtual void DrawingText (const Point &rStartPos, const OUString &rText, sal_Int32 nTextStart, sal_Int32 nTextLen, o3tl::span< const sal_Int32 > pDXArray, o3tl::span< const sal_Bool > pKashidaArray, const SvxFont &rFont, sal_Int32 nPara, sal_uInt8 nRightToLeft, const EEngineData::WrongSpellVector *pWrongSpellVector, const SvxFieldData *pFieldData, bool bEndOfLine, bool bEndOfParagraph, const css::lang::Locale *pLocale, const Color &rOverlineColor, const Color &rTextLineColor)
virtual void DrawingTab (const Point &rStartPos, tools::Long nWidth, const OUString &rChar, const SvxFont &rFont, sal_Int32 nPara, sal_uInt8 nRightToLeft, bool bEndOfLine, bool bEndOfParagraph, const Color &rOverlineColor, const Color &rTextLineColor)
virtual OUString GetUndoComment (sal_uInt16 nUndoId) const
virtual bool SpellNextDocument ()
virtual bool FieldClicked (const SvxFieldItem &rField)
virtual OUString CalcFieldValue (const SvxFieldItem &rField, sal_Int32 nPara, sal_Int32 nPos, std::optional< Color > &rTxtColor, std::optional< Color > &rFldColor, std::optional< FontLineStyle > &rFldLineStyle)
virtual const SvxNumberFormatGetNumberFormat (sal_Int32 nPara) const
virtual tools::Rectangle GetBulletArea (sal_Int32 nPara)
void SetBeginDropHdl (const Link< EditView *, void > &rLink)
Link< EditView *, void > const & GetBeginDropHdl () const
void SetEndDropHdl (const Link< EditView *, void > &rLink)
Link< EditView *, void > const & GetEndDropHdl () const
void SetFirstWordCapitalization (bool bCapitalize)
void SetReplaceLeadingSingleQuotationMark (bool bReplace)
EditDocGetEditDoc ()
const EditDocGetEditDoc () const
void dumpAsXmlEditDoc (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const
ParaPortionListGetParaPortions ()
const ParaPortionListGetParaPortions () const
bool IsFormatted () const
bool IsHtmlImportHandlerSet () const
bool IsRtfImportHandlerSet () const
bool IsImportRTFStyleSheetsSet () const
void CallRtfImportHandler (RtfImportInfo &rInfo)
void CallHtmlImportHandler (HtmlImportInfo &rInfo)
void ParaAttribsToCharAttribs (ContentNode *pNode)
EditPaM CreateEditPaM (const EPaM &rEPaM)
EditPaM ConnectParagraphs (ContentNode *pLeft, ContentNode *pRight, bool bBackward)
EditPaM InsertField (const EditSelection &rEditSelection, const SvxFieldItem &rFld)
EditPaM InsertText (const EditSelection &aCurEditSelection, const OUString &rStr)
EditSelection InsertText (const EditTextObject &rTextObject, const EditSelection &rSel)
EditPaM InsertParaBreak (const EditSelection &rEditSelection)
EditPaM InsertLineBreak (const EditSelection &rEditSelection)
EditPaM CursorLeft (const EditPaM &rPaM, sal_uInt16 nCharacterIteratorMode=css::i18n::CharacterIteratorMode::SKIPCELL)
EditPaM CursorRight (const EditPaM &rPaM, sal_uInt16 nCharacterIteratorMode=css::i18n::CharacterIteratorMode::SKIPCELL)
void SeekCursor (ContentNode *pNode, sal_Int32 nPos, SvxFont &rFont)
EditPaM DeleteSelection (const EditSelection &rSel)
ESelection CreateESelection (const EditSelection &rSel) const
EditSelection CreateSelection (const ESelection &rSel)
const SfxItemSetGetBaseParaAttribs (sal_Int32 nPara) const
void SetParaAttribsOnly (sal_Int32 nPara, const SfxItemSet &rSet)
void SetAttribs (const EditSelection &rSel, const SfxItemSet &rSet, SetAttribsMode nSpecial=SetAttribsMode::NONE)
OUString GetSelected (const EditSelection &rSel) const
EditPaM DeleteSelected (const EditSelection &rSel)
SvtScriptType GetScriptType (const EditSelection &rSel) const
void RemoveParaPortion (sal_Int32 nNode)
void SetCallParaInsertedOrDeleted (bool b)
bool IsCallParaInsertedOrDeleted () const
void AppendDeletedNodeInfo (DeletedNodeInfo *pInfo)
void UpdateSelections ()
void InsertContent (ContentNode *pNode, sal_Int32 nPos)
EditPaM SplitContent (sal_Int32 nNode, sal_Int32 nSepPos)
EditPaM ConnectContents (sal_Int32 nLeftNode, bool bBackward)
void InsertFeature (const EditSelection &rEditSelection, const SfxPoolItem &rItem)
EditSelection MoveParagraphs (const Range &rParagraphs, sal_Int32 nNewPos)
void RemoveCharAttribs (sal_Int32 nPara, sal_uInt16 nWhich=0, bool bRemoveFeatures=false)
void RemoveCharAttribs (const EditSelection &rSel, bool bRemoveParaAttribs, sal_uInt16 nWhich)
void RemoveCharAttribs (const EditSelection &rSel, EERemoveParaAttribsMode eMode, sal_uInt16 nWhich)
ViewsTypeGetEditViews ()
const ViewsTypeGetEditViews () const
void SetUndoMode (bool b)
void FormatAndLayout (EditView *pCurView, bool bCalledFromUndo=false)
void Undo (EditView *pView)
void Redo (EditView *pView)
sal_Int32 GetOverflowingParaNum () const
sal_Int32 GetOverflowingLineNum () const
void ClearOverflowingParaNum ()
bool IsPageOverflow ()
void DisableAttributeExpanding ()
void EnableSkipOutsideFormat (bool set)
void SetLOKSpecialPaperSize (const Size &rSize)
const SizeGetLOKSpecialPaperSize () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from EditEngine
typedef std::vector< EditView * > ViewsType
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from EditEngine
static void SetForbiddenCharsTable (const std::shared_ptr< SvxForbiddenCharactersTable > &xForbiddenChars)
static rtl::Reference< SfxItemPoolCreatePool ()
static SfxItemPoolGetGlobalItemPool ()
static bool DoesKeyChangeText (const KeyEvent &rKeyEvent)
static bool DoesKeyMoveCursor (const KeyEvent &rKeyEvent)
static bool IsSimpleCharInput (const KeyEvent &rKeyEvent)
static void SetFontInfoInItemSet (SfxItemSet &rItemSet, const vcl::Font &rFont)
static void SetFontInfoInItemSet (SfxItemSet &rItemSet, const SvxFont &rFont)
static vcl::Font CreateFontFromItemSet (const SfxItemSet &rItemSet, SvtScriptType nScriptType)
static SvxFont CreateSvxFontFromItemSet (const SfxItemSet &rItemSet)
static bool IsPrintable (sal_Unicode c)
static bool HasValidData (const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &rTransferable)
static void DumpData (const EditEngine *pEE, bool bInfoBox)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file ClassificationEditView.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ClassificationEditEngine()

svx::ClassificationEditEngine::ClassificationEditEngine ( SfxItemPool pItemPool)

Definition at line 22 of file ClassificationEditView.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CalcFieldValue()

OUString svx::ClassificationEditEngine::CalcFieldValue ( const SvxFieldItem rField,
sal_Int32  nPara,
sal_Int32  nPos,
std::optional< Color > &  rTxtColor,
std::optional< Color > &  rFldColor,
std::optional< FontLineStyle > &  rFldLineStyle 

Reimplemented from EditEngine.

Definition at line 26 of file ClassificationEditView.cxx.

References SvxFieldItem::GetField(), and svx::ClassificationField::msDescription.

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