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SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext Class Referencefinal

#include <svxrectctaccessiblecontext.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext (SvxRectCtl *pRepresentation)
virtual void SAL_CALL grabFocus () override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > SAL_CALL getAccessibleAtPoint (const css::awt::Point &rPoint) override
virtual sal_Int64 SAL_CALL getAccessibleChildCount () override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > SAL_CALL getAccessibleChild (sal_Int64 nIndex) override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > SAL_CALL getAccessibleParent () override
virtual sal_Int16 SAL_CALL getAccessibleRole () override
virtual OUString SAL_CALL getAccessibleDescription () override
virtual OUString SAL_CALL getAccessibleName () override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessibleRelationSet > SAL_CALL getAccessibleRelationSet () override
 Return empty reference to indicate that the relation set is not supported. More...
virtual sal_Int64 SAL_CALL getAccessibleStateSet () override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessibleContext > SAL_CALL getAccessibleContext () override
virtual sal_Int32 SAL_CALL getForeground () override
virtual sal_Int32 SAL_CALL getBackground () override
void selectChild (RectPoint ePoint)
 Selects a new child by point. More...
void FireChildFocus (RectPoint eButton)

Private Member Functions

virtual ~SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext () override
virtual bool implIsSelected (sal_Int64 nAccessibleChildIndex) override
virtual void implSelect (sal_Int64 nAccessibleChildIndex, bool bSelect) override
virtual css::awt::Rectangle implGetBounds () override
virtual void SAL_CALL disposing () override
void checkChildIndex (sal_Int64 nIndex)
void selectChild (tools::Long nIndexOfChild)
 Selects a new child by index. More...

Private Attributes

OUString msDescription
 Description of this object. More...
OUString msName
 Name of this object. More...
 pointer to internal representation More...
std::vector< rtl::Reference< SvxRectCtlChildAccessibleContext > > mvChildren
 array for all possible children More...
tools::Long mnSelectedChild
 actual selected child More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 46 of file svxrectctaccessiblecontext.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext()

SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext ( SvxRectCtl pRepresentation)

◆ ~SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext()

SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::~SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext ( )

Definition at line 110 of file svxrectctaccessiblecontext.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ checkChildIndex()

void SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::checkChildIndex ( sal_Int64  nIndex)

◆ disposing()

void SAL_CALL SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::disposing ( )

Definition at line 363 of file svxrectctaccessiblecontext.cxx.

References m_aMutex, mpRepr, and mvChildren.

◆ FireChildFocus()

void SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::FireChildFocus ( RectPoint  eButton)

◆ getAccessibleAtPoint()

Reference< XAccessible > SAL_CALL SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::getAccessibleAtPoint ( const css::awt::Point &  rPoint)

◆ getAccessibleChild()

Reference< XAccessible > SAL_CALL SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::getAccessibleChild ( sal_Int64  nIndex)

◆ getAccessibleChildCount()

sal_Int64 SAL_CALL SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::getAccessibleChildCount ( )

Definition at line 130 of file svxrectctaccessiblecontext.cxx.

References SvxRectCtl::NO_CHILDREN.

Referenced by checkChildIndex(), FireChildFocus(), and selectChild().

◆ getAccessibleContext()

virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessibleContext > SAL_CALL SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::getAccessibleContext ( )

Definition at line 69 of file svxrectctaccessiblecontext.hxx.

◆ getAccessibleDescription()

OUString SAL_CALL SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::getAccessibleDescription ( )

Definition at line 183 of file svxrectctaccessiblecontext.cxx.

References m_aMutex, and msDescription.

◆ getAccessibleName()

OUString SAL_CALL SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::getAccessibleName ( )

Definition at line 189 of file svxrectctaccessiblecontext.cxx.

References m_aMutex, and msName.

◆ getAccessibleParent()

Reference< XAccessible > SAL_CALL SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::getAccessibleParent ( )

◆ getAccessibleRelationSet()

Reference< XAccessibleRelationSet > SAL_CALL SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::getAccessibleRelationSet ( )

Return empty reference to indicate that the relation set is not supported.

Definition at line 198 of file svxrectctaccessiblecontext.cxx.

References SvxRectCtl::get_accessible_relation_set(), m_aMutex, and mpRepr.

◆ getAccessibleRole()

sal_Int16 SAL_CALL SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::getAccessibleRole ( )

Definition at line 178 of file svxrectctaccessiblecontext.cxx.

◆ getAccessibleStateSet()

sal_Int64 SAL_CALL SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::getAccessibleStateSet ( )

◆ getBackground()

sal_Int32 SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::getBackground ( )

◆ getForeground()

sal_Int32 SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::getForeground ( )

◆ grabFocus()

void SAL_CALL SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::grabFocus ( )

◆ implGetBounds()

awt::Rectangle SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::implGetBounds ( )

◆ implIsSelected()

bool SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::implIsSelected ( sal_Int64  nAccessibleChildIndex)

Definition at line 286 of file svxrectctaccessiblecontext.cxx.

References checkChildIndex(), m_aMutex, mnSelectedChild, and nIndex.

◆ implSelect()

void SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::implSelect ( sal_Int64  nAccessibleChildIndex,
bool  bSelect 

◆ selectChild() [1/2]

void SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::selectChild ( RectPoint  ePoint)

Selects a new child by point.

If the child was not selected before, the state of the child will be updated. If the point is not invalid, the index will internally set to NOCHILDSELECTED

eButtonButton which belongs to the child which should be selected.

Definition at line 357 of file svxrectctaccessiblecontext.cxx.

References PointToIndex(), and selectChild().

Referenced by selectChild().

◆ selectChild() [2/2]

void SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::selectChild ( tools::Long  nIndexOfChild)

Selects a new child by index.

If the child was not selected before, the state of the child will be updated. If the index is invalid, the index will internally set to NOCHILDSELECTED

nIndexOfChildIndex of the new child which should be selected.

Definition at line 328 of file svxrectctaccessiblecontext.cxx.

References getAccessibleChildCount(), m_aMutex, mnSelectedChild, mvChildren, NOCHILDSELECTED, and SvxRectCtlChildAccessibleContext::setStateChecked().

Member Data Documentation

◆ mnSelectedChild

tools::Long SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::mnSelectedChild

actual selected child

Definition at line 127 of file svxrectctaccessiblecontext.hxx.

Referenced by FireChildFocus(), getAccessibleChild(), implIsSelected(), and selectChild().

◆ mpRepr

SvxRectCtl* SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::mpRepr

◆ msDescription

OUString SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::msDescription

Description of this object.

This is not a constant because it can be set from the outside.

Definition at line 114 of file svxrectctaccessiblecontext.hxx.

Referenced by getAccessibleDescription(), and SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext().

◆ msName

OUString SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::msName

Name of this object.

Definition at line 118 of file svxrectctaccessiblecontext.hxx.

Referenced by getAccessibleName(), and SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext().

◆ mvChildren

std::vector<rtl::Reference<SvxRectCtlChildAccessibleContext> > SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext::mvChildren

array for all possible children

Definition at line 124 of file svxrectctaccessiblecontext.hxx.

Referenced by disposing(), FireChildFocus(), getAccessibleChild(), selectChild(), and SvxRectCtlAccessibleContext().

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