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SvXMLGraphicHelper Class Referencefinal

#include <xmlgrhlp.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SvXMLGraphicHelper (SvXMLGraphicHelperMode eCreateMode)
virtual OUString SAL_CALL resolveGraphicObjectURL (const OUString &aURL) override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::graphic::XGraphic > SAL_CALL loadGraphic (OUString const &aURL) override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::graphic::XGraphic > SAL_CALL loadGraphicFromOutputStream (css::uno::Reference< css::io::XOutputStream > const &rxOutputStream) override
virtual OUString SAL_CALL saveGraphic (css::uno::Reference< css::graphic::XGraphic > const &rxGraphic) override
virtual OUString SAL_CALL saveGraphicByName (css::uno::Reference< css::graphic::XGraphic > const &rxGraphic, OUString &rOutSavedMimeType, OUString const &rRequestName) override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::io::XInputStream > SAL_CALL createInputStream (css::uno::Reference< css::graphic::XGraphic > const &rxGraphic) override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::io::XInputStream > SAL_CALL getInputStream (const OUString &rURL) override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::io::XOutputStream > SAL_CALL createOutputStream () override
virtual OUString SAL_CALL resolveOutputStream (const css::uno::Reference< css::io::XOutputStream > &rxBinaryStream) override

Static Public Member Functions

static rtl::Reference< SvXMLGraphicHelperCreate (const css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XStorage > &rXMLStorage, SvXMLGraphicHelperMode eCreateMode)
static rtl::Reference< SvXMLGraphicHelperCreate (SvXMLGraphicHelperMode eCreateMode, const OUString &rMimeType=OUString())

Private Member Functions

SVX_DLLPRIVATE css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XStorage > ImplGetGraphicStorage (const OUString &rPictureStorageName)
SVX_DLLPRIVATE SvxGraphicHelperStream_Impl ImplGetGraphicStream (const OUString &rPictureStorageName, const OUString &rPictureStreamName)
SVX_DLLPRIVATE Graphic ImplReadGraphic (const OUString &rPictureStorageName, const OUString &rPictureStreamName)
 SvXMLGraphicHelper ()
virtual ~SvXMLGraphicHelper () override
void Init (const css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XStorage > &xXMLStorage, SvXMLGraphicHelperMode eCreateMode, const OUString &rGraphicMimeType=OUString())
virtual void SAL_CALL disposing () override
SVX_DLLPRIVATE OUString implSaveGraphic (css::uno::Reference< css::graphic::XGraphic > const &rxGraphic, OUString &rOutMimeType, std::u16string_view rRequestName)

Static Private Member Functions

static SVX_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplGetStreamNames (const OUString &rURLStr, OUString &rPictureStorageName, OUString &rPictureStreamName)
static SVX_DLLPRIVATE OUString ImplGetGraphicMimeType (const OUString &rFileName)

Private Attributes

::osl::Mutex maMutex
css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XStorage > mxRootStorage
OUString maCurStorageName
std::vector< css::uno::Reference< css::io::XOutputStream > > maGrfStms
std::unordered_map< OUString, css::uno::Reference< css::graphic::XGraphic > > maGraphicObjects
std::unordered_map< Graphic, std::pair< OUString, OUString > > maExportGraphics
SvXMLGraphicHelperMode meCreateMode
OUString maOutputMimeType

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file xmlgrhlp.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SvXMLGraphicHelper::SvXMLGraphicHelper ( )

Definition at line 376 of file xmlgrhlp.cxx.

References document, maMutex, and Read.

Referenced by Create().

SvXMLGraphicHelper::~SvXMLGraphicHelper ( )

Definition at line 384 of file xmlgrhlp.cxx.

SvXMLGraphicHelper::SvXMLGraphicHelper ( SvXMLGraphicHelperMode  eCreateMode)

Definition at line 368 of file xmlgrhlp.cxx.

References document, Init(), and maMutex.

Member Function Documentation

static rtl::Reference<SvXMLGraphicHelper> SvXMLGraphicHelper::Create ( const css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XStorage > &  rXMLStorage,
SvXMLGraphicHelperMode  eCreateMode 
rtl::Reference< SvXMLGraphicHelper > SvXMLGraphicHelper::Create ( SvXMLGraphicHelperMode  eCreateMode,
const OUString &  rMimeType = OUString() 

Definition at line 543 of file xmlgrhlp.cxx.

References SvXMLGraphicHelper().

uno::Reference< io::XInputStream > SAL_CALL SvXMLGraphicHelper::createInputStream ( css::uno::Reference< css::graphic::XGraphic > const &  rxGraphic)
Reference< XOutputStream > SAL_CALL SvXMLGraphicHelper::createOutputStream ( )

Definition at line 892 of file xmlgrhlp.cxx.

References maGrfStms, meCreateMode, and Read.

void SAL_CALL SvXMLGraphicHelper::disposing ( )

Definition at line 388 of file xmlgrhlp.cxx.

Reference< XInputStream > SAL_CALL SvXMLGraphicHelper::getInputStream ( const OUString &  rURL)

Definition at line 886 of file xmlgrhlp.cxx.

OUString SvXMLGraphicHelper::ImplGetGraphicMimeType ( const OUString &  rFileName)
uno::Reference< embed::XStorage > SvXMLGraphicHelper::ImplGetGraphicStorage ( const OUString &  rPictureStorageName)

Definition at line 414 of file xmlgrhlp.cxx.

References maCurStorageName, meCreateMode, mxRootStorage, and Write.

Referenced by ImplGetGraphicStream().

SvxGraphicHelperStream_Impl SvXMLGraphicHelper::ImplGetGraphicStream ( const OUString &  rPictureStorageName,
const OUString &  rPictureStreamName 
bool SvXMLGraphicHelper::ImplGetStreamNames ( const OUString &  rURLStr,
OUString &  rPictureStorageName,
OUString &  rPictureStreamName 
Graphic SvXMLGraphicHelper::ImplReadGraphic ( const OUString &  rPictureStorageName,
const OUString &  rPictureStreamName 
OUString SvXMLGraphicHelper::implSaveGraphic ( css::uno::Reference< css::graphic::XGraphic > const &  rxGraphic,
OUString &  rOutMimeType,
std::u16string_view  rRequestName 
void SvXMLGraphicHelper::Init ( const css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XStorage > &  xXMLStorage,
SvXMLGraphicHelperMode  eCreateMode,
const OUString &  rGraphicMimeType = OUString() 

Definition at line 525 of file xmlgrhlp.cxx.

References maOutputMimeType, meCreateMode, and mxRootStorage.

Referenced by SvXMLGraphicHelper().

uno::Reference< graphic::XGraphic > SAL_CALL SvXMLGraphicHelper::loadGraphic ( OUString const &  aURL)
uno::Reference< graphic::XGraphic > SAL_CALL SvXMLGraphicHelper::loadGraphicFromOutputStream ( css::uno::Reference< css::io::XOutputStream > const &  rxOutputStream)

Definition at line 612 of file xmlgrhlp.cxx.

References maMutex, meCreateMode, and Read.

OUString SAL_CALL SvXMLGraphicHelper::resolveGraphicObjectURL ( const OUString &  aURL)

Definition at line 574 of file xmlgrhlp.cxx.

OUString SAL_CALL SvXMLGraphicHelper::resolveOutputStream ( const css::uno::Reference< css::io::XOutputStream > &  rxBinaryStream)
OUString SAL_CALL SvXMLGraphicHelper::saveGraphic ( css::uno::Reference< css::graphic::XGraphic > const &  rxGraphic)

Definition at line 636 of file xmlgrhlp.cxx.

References implSaveGraphic().

OUString SAL_CALL SvXMLGraphicHelper::saveGraphicByName ( css::uno::Reference< css::graphic::XGraphic > const &  rxGraphic,
OUString &  rOutSavedMimeType,
OUString const &  rRequestName 

Definition at line 630 of file xmlgrhlp.cxx.

References implSaveGraphic().

Member Data Documentation

OUString SvXMLGraphicHelper::maCurStorageName

Definition at line 56 of file xmlgrhlp.hxx.

Referenced by ImplGetGraphicStorage().

std::unordered_map<Graphic, std::pair<OUString, OUString> > SvXMLGraphicHelper::maExportGraphics

Definition at line 61 of file xmlgrhlp.hxx.

Referenced by implSaveGraphic().

std::unordered_map<OUString, css::uno::Reference<css::graphic::XGraphic> > SvXMLGraphicHelper::maGraphicObjects

Definition at line 60 of file xmlgrhlp.hxx.

Referenced by loadGraphic().

std::vector< css::uno::Reference< css::io::XOutputStream > > SvXMLGraphicHelper::maGrfStms

Definition at line 58 of file xmlgrhlp.hxx.

Referenced by createOutputStream(), and resolveOutputStream().

::osl::Mutex SvXMLGraphicHelper::maMutex

Definition at line 54 of file xmlgrhlp.hxx.

Referenced by loadGraphic(), and loadGraphicFromOutputStream().

OUString SvXMLGraphicHelper::maOutputMimeType

Definition at line 64 of file xmlgrhlp.hxx.

Referenced by createInputStream(), and Init().

SvXMLGraphicHelperMode SvXMLGraphicHelper::meCreateMode
css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XStorage > SvXMLGraphicHelper::mxRootStorage

Definition at line 55 of file xmlgrhlp.hxx.

Referenced by ImplGetGraphicStorage(), ImplGetGraphicStream(), and Init().

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