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SdrOle2ObjImpl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SdrOle2ObjImpl (bool bFrame)
 SdrOle2ObjImpl (bool bFrame, const svt::EmbeddedObjectRef &rObjRef)
 ~SdrOle2ObjImpl ()

Public Attributes

svt::EmbeddedObjectRef mxObjRef
std::optional< GraphicmoGraphic
OUString maProgName
OUString aPersistName
rtl::Reference< SdrLightEmbeddedClient_Impl > mxLightClient
bool mbFrame:1
bool mbSuppressSetVisAreaSize:1
bool mbTypeAsked:1
bool mbIsChart:1
bool mbLoadingOLEObjectFailed:1
bool mbConnected:1
OUString maLinkURL
rtl::Reference< SvxUnoShapeModifyListenermxModifyListener

Detailed Description

Definition at line 626 of file svdoole2.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SdrOle2ObjImpl() [1/2]

SdrOle2ObjImpl::SdrOle2ObjImpl ( bool  bFrame)

Definition at line 648 of file svdoole2.cxx.

References svt::EmbeddedObjectRef::Lock(), and mxObjRef.

◆ SdrOle2ObjImpl() [2/2]

SdrOle2ObjImpl::SdrOle2ObjImpl ( bool  bFrame,
const svt::EmbeddedObjectRef rObjRef 

Definition at line 660 of file svdoole2.cxx.

References svt::EmbeddedObjectRef::Lock(), and mxObjRef.

◆ ~SdrOle2ObjImpl()

SdrOle2ObjImpl::~SdrOle2ObjImpl ( )

Definition at line 673 of file svdoole2.cxx.

References moGraphic, and mxModifyListener.

Member Data Documentation

◆ aPersistName

OUString SdrOle2ObjImpl::aPersistName

Definition at line 633 of file svdoole2.cxx.

◆ maLinkURL

OUString SdrOle2ObjImpl::maLinkURL

Definition at line 644 of file svdoole2.cxx.

◆ maProgName

OUString SdrOle2ObjImpl::maProgName

Definition at line 632 of file svdoole2.cxx.

◆ mbConnected

bool SdrOle2ObjImpl::mbConnected

Definition at line 641 of file svdoole2.cxx.

◆ mbFrame

bool SdrOle2ObjImpl::mbFrame

Definition at line 636 of file svdoole2.cxx.

◆ mbIsChart

bool SdrOle2ObjImpl::mbIsChart

Definition at line 639 of file svdoole2.cxx.

◆ mbLoadingOLEObjectFailed

bool SdrOle2ObjImpl::mbLoadingOLEObjectFailed

Definition at line 640 of file svdoole2.cxx.

◆ mbSuppressSetVisAreaSize

bool SdrOle2ObjImpl::mbSuppressSetVisAreaSize

Definition at line 637 of file svdoole2.cxx.

◆ mbTypeAsked

bool SdrOle2ObjImpl::mbTypeAsked

Definition at line 638 of file svdoole2.cxx.

◆ moGraphic

std::optional<Graphic> SdrOle2ObjImpl::moGraphic

Definition at line 631 of file svdoole2.cxx.

Referenced by ~SdrOle2ObjImpl().

◆ mpObjectLink

sfx2::SvBaseLink* SdrOle2ObjImpl::mpObjectLink

Definition at line 643 of file svdoole2.cxx.

◆ mxLightClient

rtl::Reference<SdrLightEmbeddedClient_Impl> SdrOle2ObjImpl::mxLightClient

Definition at line 634 of file svdoole2.cxx.

◆ mxModifyListener

rtl::Reference<SvxUnoShapeModifyListener> SdrOle2ObjImpl::mxModifyListener

Definition at line 646 of file svdoole2.cxx.

Referenced by ~SdrOle2ObjImpl().

◆ mxObjRef

svt::EmbeddedObjectRef SdrOle2ObjImpl::mxObjRef

Definition at line 629 of file svdoole2.cxx.

Referenced by SdrOle2ObjImpl().

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