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ImpPathForDragAndCreate Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ImpPathForDragAndCreate (SdrPathObj &rSdrPathObject)
bool beginPathDrag (SdrDragStat const &rDrag) const
bool movePathDrag (SdrDragStat &rDrag) const
bool endPathDrag (SdrDragStat const &rDrag)
OUString getSpecialDragComment (const SdrDragStat &rDrag) const
basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon getSpecialDragPoly (const SdrDragStat &rDrag) const
void BegCreate (SdrDragStat &rStat)
bool MovCreate (SdrDragStat &rStat)
bool EndCreate (SdrDragStat &rStat, SdrCreateCmd eCmd)
bool BckCreate (SdrDragStat const &rStat)
void BrkCreate (SdrDragStat &rStat)
PointerStyle GetCreatePointer () const
bool IsCreating () const
basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon TakeObjectPolyPolygon (const SdrDragStat &rDrag) const
basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon getModifiedPolyPolygon () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsClosed (SdrObjKind eKind)
static bool IsFreeHand (SdrObjKind eKind)
static bool IsBezier (SdrObjKind eKind)
static basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon TakeDragPolyPolygon (const SdrDragStat &rDrag)

Private Attributes

XPolyPolygon aPathPolygon
SdrObjKind meObjectKind
std::unique_ptr< ImpSdrPathDragData > mpSdrPathDragData
bool mbCreating

Detailed Description

Definition at line 496 of file svdopath.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ImpPathForDragAndCreate::ImpPathForDragAndCreate ( SdrPathObj rSdrPathObject)

Definition at line 535 of file svdopath.cxx.

References false.

Member Function Documentation

bool ImpPathForDragAndCreate::BckCreate ( SdrDragStat const &  rStat)
void ImpPathForDragAndCreate::BegCreate ( SdrDragStat rStat)
bool ImpPathForDragAndCreate::beginPathDrag ( SdrDragStat const &  rDrag) const
void ImpPathForDragAndCreate::BrkCreate ( SdrDragStat rStat)

Definition at line 1513 of file svdopath.cxx.

References aPathPolygon, XPolyPolygon::Clear(), mbCreating, and SdrDragStat::SetUser().

Referenced by SdrPathObj::BrkCreate().

bool ImpPathForDragAndCreate::EndCreate ( SdrDragStat rStat,
SdrCreateCmd  eCmd 
bool ImpPathForDragAndCreate::endPathDrag ( SdrDragStat const &  rDrag)
PointerStyle ImpPathForDragAndCreate::GetCreatePointer ( ) const
basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon ImpPathForDragAndCreate::getModifiedPolyPolygon ( ) const

Definition at line 532 of file svdopath.cxx.

References XPolyPolygon::getB2DPolyPolygon().

Referenced by SdrPathObj::applySpecialDrag().

OUString ImpPathForDragAndCreate::getSpecialDragComment ( const SdrDragStat rDrag) const
basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon ImpPathForDragAndCreate::getSpecialDragPoly ( const SdrDragStat rDrag) const
static bool ImpPathForDragAndCreate::IsBezier ( SdrObjKind  eKind)

Definition at line 526 of file svdopath.cxx.

References PathFill, and PathLine.

Referenced by EndCreate(), and MovCreate().

static bool ImpPathForDragAndCreate::IsClosed ( SdrObjKind  eKind)

Definition at line 524 of file svdopath.cxx.

References FreehandFill, PathFill, PathPoly, Polygon, and SplineFill.

Referenced by getSpecialDragComment().

bool ImpPathForDragAndCreate::IsCreating ( ) const

Definition at line 527 of file svdopath.cxx.

References mbCreating.

static bool ImpPathForDragAndCreate::IsFreeHand ( SdrObjKind  eKind)

Definition at line 525 of file svdopath.cxx.

References FreehandFill, and FreehandLine.

Referenced by BegCreate(), EndCreate(), getSpecialDragComment(), and MovCreate().

bool ImpPathForDragAndCreate::MovCreate ( SdrDragStat rStat)
bool ImpPathForDragAndCreate::movePathDrag ( SdrDragStat rDrag) const
basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon ImpPathForDragAndCreate::TakeDragPolyPolygon ( const SdrDragStat rDrag)
basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon ImpPathForDragAndCreate::TakeObjectPolyPolygon ( const SdrDragStat rDrag) const

Member Data Documentation

XPolyPolygon ImpPathForDragAndCreate::aPathPolygon
bool ImpPathForDragAndCreate::mbCreating

Definition at line 503 of file svdopath.cxx.

Referenced by BegCreate(), BrkCreate(), EndCreate(), and IsCreating().

SdrObjKind ImpPathForDragAndCreate::meObjectKind

Definition at line 500 of file svdopath.cxx.

Referenced by BegCreate(), endPathDrag(), GetCreatePointer(), and getSpecialDragComment().

std::unique_ptr<ImpSdrPathDragData> ImpPathForDragAndCreate::mpSdrPathDragData
SdrPathObj& ImpPathForDragAndCreate::mrSdrPathObject

Definition at line 498 of file svdopath.cxx.

Referenced by beginPathDrag(), endPathDrag(), getSpecialDragComment(), and movePathDrag().

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