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EnhancedCustomShapeTypeNames.cxx File Reference
#include <svx/EnhancedCustomShapeTypeNames.hxx>
#include <osl/mutex.hxx>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <memory>
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typedef std::unordered_map< const char *, MSO_SPT, rtl::CStringHash, rtl::CStringEqual > TypeNameHashMap
typedef std::unordered_map< const char *, const char *, rtl::CStringHash, rtl::CStringEqual > TypeACCNameHashMap


::osl::Mutex & getHashMapMutex ()


static TypeNameHashMappHashMap = nullptr
const NameTypeTable pNameTypeTableArray []
static TypeACCNameHashMappACCHashMap = nullptr
const ACCNameTypeTable pACCNameTypeTableArray []

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typedef std::unordered_map< const char*, const char*, rtl::CStringHash, rtl::CStringEqual> TypeACCNameHashMap

Definition at line 314 of file EnhancedCustomShapeTypeNames.cxx.

typedef std::unordered_map< const char*, MSO_SPT, rtl::CStringHash, rtl::CStringEqual> TypeNameHashMap

Definition at line 25 of file EnhancedCustomShapeTypeNames.cxx.

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::osl::Mutex& getHashMapMutex ( )

Variable Documentation

TypeACCNameHashMap* pACCHashMap = nullptr
const ACCNameTypeTable pACCNameTypeTableArray[]
TypeNameHashMap* pHashMap = nullptr

Definition at line 27 of file EnhancedCustomShapeTypeNames.cxx.

Referenced by EnhancedCustomShapeTypeNames::Get().

const NameTypeTable pNameTypeTableArray[]

Definition at line 44 of file EnhancedCustomShapeTypeNames.cxx.

Referenced by EnhancedCustomShapeTypeNames::Get().