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SfxBindings_Impl Class Reference
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Public Attributes

css::uno::Reference< css::frame::XDispatchRecorder > xRecorder
css::uno::Reference< css::frame::XDispatchProvider > xProv
std::unique_ptr< SfxWorkWindowmxWorkWin
std::vector< std::unique_ptr< SfxStateCache > > pCaches
std::size_t nCachedFunc1
std::size_t nCachedFunc2
std::size_t nMsgPos
bool bContextChanged
bool bMsgDirty
bool bAllMsgDirty
bool bAllDirty
bool bCtrlReleased
AutoTimer aAutoTimer { "sfx::SfxBindings aAutoTimer" }
bool bInUpdate
bool bInNextJob
bool bFirstRound
sal_uInt16 nOwnRegLevel
std::unordered_map< sal_uInt16, bool > m_aInvalidateSlots

Detailed Description

Definition at line 102 of file bindings.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ aAutoTimer

AutoTimer SfxBindings_Impl::aAutoTimer { "sfx::SfxBindings aAutoTimer" }

Definition at line 118 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ bAllDirty

bool SfxBindings_Impl::bAllDirty

Definition at line 116 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ bAllMsgDirty

bool SfxBindings_Impl::bAllMsgDirty

Definition at line 115 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ bContextChanged

bool SfxBindings_Impl::bContextChanged

Definition at line 113 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ bCtrlReleased

bool SfxBindings_Impl::bCtrlReleased

Definition at line 117 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ bFirstRound

bool SfxBindings_Impl::bFirstRound

Definition at line 121 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ bInNextJob

bool SfxBindings_Impl::bInNextJob

Definition at line 120 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ bInUpdate

bool SfxBindings_Impl::bInUpdate

Definition at line 119 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ bMsgDirty

bool SfxBindings_Impl::bMsgDirty

Definition at line 114 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ m_aInvalidateSlots

std::unordered_map< sal_uInt16, bool > SfxBindings_Impl::m_aInvalidateSlots

Definition at line 124 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ mxWorkWin

std::unique_ptr<SfxWorkWindow> SfxBindings_Impl::mxWorkWin

Definition at line 107 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ nCachedFunc1

std::size_t SfxBindings_Impl::nCachedFunc1

Definition at line 110 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ nCachedFunc2

std::size_t SfxBindings_Impl::nCachedFunc2

Definition at line 111 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ nMsgPos

std::size_t SfxBindings_Impl::nMsgPos

Definition at line 112 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ nOwnRegLevel

sal_uInt16 SfxBindings_Impl::nOwnRegLevel

Definition at line 122 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ pCaches

std::vector<std::unique_ptr<SfxStateCache> > SfxBindings_Impl::pCaches

Definition at line 109 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ pSubBindings

SfxBindings* SfxBindings_Impl::pSubBindings

Definition at line 108 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ xProv

css::uno::Reference< css::frame::XDispatchProvider > SfxBindings_Impl::xProv

Definition at line 106 of file bindings.cxx.

◆ xRecorder

css::uno::Reference< css::frame::XDispatchRecorder > SfxBindings_Impl::xRecorder

Definition at line 105 of file bindings.cxx.

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