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rptui::OFieldExpressionControl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 OFieldExpressionControl (OGroupsSortingDialog *pParentDialog, const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XWindow > &rParent)
virtual ~OFieldExpressionControl () override
virtual void dispose () override
void elementInserted (const css::container::ContainerEvent &rEvent)
void elementRemoved (const css::container::ContainerEvent &rEvent)
virtual Size GetOptimalSize () const override
void fillColumns (const uno::Reference< container::XNameAccess > &_xColumns)
void lateInit ()
bool IsDeleteAllowed () const
void DeleteRows ()
sal_Int32 getGroupPosition (sal_Int32 _nRow) const
uno::Sequence< uno::AnyfillSelectedGroups ()
 returns the sequence with the selected groups More...
void moveGroups (const uno::Sequence< uno::Any > &_aGroups, sal_Int32 _nRow, bool _bSelect=true)
 move groups given by _aGroups More...
virtual bool CursorMoving (sal_Int32 nNewRow, sal_uInt16 nNewCol) override
 DECL_LINK (DelayedDelete, void *, void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from svt::EditBrowseBox
 EditBrowseBox (vcl::Window *pParent, EditBrowseBoxFlags nBrowserFlags, WinBits nBits, BrowserMode nMode=BrowserMode::NONE)
virtual ~EditBrowseBox () override
bool IsEditing () const
void InvalidateStatusCell (sal_Int32 nRow)
void InvalidateHandleColumn ()
virtual void Init ()
virtual void RemoveRows ()
virtual void Dispatch (sal_uInt16 nId)
const CellControllerRefController () const
EditBrowseBoxFlags GetBrowserFlags () const
void SetBrowserFlags (EditBrowseBoxFlags nFlags)
virtual void ActivateCell (sal_Int32 nRow, sal_uInt16 nCol, bool bSetCellFocus=true)
virtual void DeactivateCell (bool bUpdate=true)
virtual sal_Int32 GetAccessibleControlCount () const override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > CreateAccessibleControl (sal_Int32 nIndex) override
virtual void GrabTableFocus () override
virtual tools::Rectangle GetFieldCharacterBounds (sal_Int32 _nRow, sal_Int32 _nColumnPos, sal_Int32 nIndex) override
virtual sal_Int32 GetFieldIndexAtPoint (sal_Int32 _nRow, sal_Int32 _nColumnPos, const Point &_rPoint) override
virtual bool ProcessKey (const KeyEvent &rEvt) override
virtual void ChildFocusIn () override
virtual void ChildFocusOut () override
css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > CreateAccessibleCheckBoxCell (sal_Int32 _nRow, sal_uInt16 _nColumnPos, const TriState &eState)
bool ControlHasFocus () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from BrowseBox
virtual sal_Int32 GetRowCount () const override
 BrowseBox (vcl::Window *pParent, WinBits nBits, BrowserMode nMode=BrowserMode::NONE)
virtual ~BrowseBox () override
virtual void MouseButtonDown (const MouseEvent &rEvt) override
virtual void MouseMove (const MouseEvent &rEvt) override
virtual void MouseButtonUp (const MouseEvent &rEvt) override
virtual void Paint (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const tools::Rectangle &rRect) override
virtual void Draw (OutputDevice *pDev, const Point &rPos, SystemTextColorFlags nFlags) override
virtual sal_Int8 AcceptDrop (const AcceptDropEvent &rEvt) override
virtual sal_Int8 ExecuteDrop (const ExecuteDropEvent &rEvt) override
void StartScroll ()
virtual void Select ()
virtual tools::Long QueryMinimumRowHeight ()
void SetUpdateMode (bool bUpdate)
bool GetUpdateMode () const
void SetFont (const vcl::Font &rNewFont)
const vcl::FontGetFont () const
void SetTitleFont (const vcl::Font &rNewFont)
void InsertHandleColumn (sal_uLong nWidth)
void InsertDataColumn (sal_uInt16 nItemId, const OUString &rText, tools::Long nSize, HeaderBarItemBits nBits=HeaderBarItemBits::STDSTYLE, sal_uInt16 nPos=HEADERBAR_APPEND)
void SetColumnTitle (sal_uInt16 nColumnId, const OUString &rTitle)
void SetColumnWidth (sal_uInt16 nColumnId, sal_uLong nWidth)
void SetColumnPos (sal_uInt16 nColumnId, sal_uInt16 nPos)
void FreezeColumn (sal_uInt16 nColumnId)
void RemoveColumn (sal_uInt16 nColumnId)
void RemoveColumns ()
void SetDataRowHeight (tools::Long nPixel)
tools::Long GetDataRowHeight () const
void SetTitleLines (sal_uInt16 nLines)
tools::Long GetTitleHeight () const
OUString GetColumnTitle (sal_uInt16 nColumnId) const
tools::Rectangle GetFieldRect (sal_uInt16 nColumnId) const
sal_uLong GetColumnWidth (sal_uInt16 nColumnId) const
sal_uInt16 GetColumnId (sal_uInt16 nPos) const
sal_uInt16 GetColumnPos (sal_uInt16 nColumnId) const
bool IsFrozen (sal_uInt16 nColumnId) const
sal_Int32 ScrollColumns (sal_Int32 nColumns)
sal_Int32 ScrollRows (sal_Int32 nRows)
void MakeFieldVisible (sal_Int32 nRow, sal_uInt16 nColId)
sal_Int32 GetCurRow () const
sal_uInt16 GetCurColumnId () const
bool GoToRow (sal_Int32 nRow)
bool GoToColumnId (sal_uInt16 nColId)
bool GoToRowColumnId (sal_Int32 nRow, sal_uInt16 nColId)
virtual void SetNoSelection () override
virtual void SelectAll () override
virtual void SelectRow (sal_Int32 nRow, bool _bSelect=true, bool bExpand=true) override
void SelectColumnPos (sal_uInt16 nCol, bool _bSelect=true)
void SelectColumnId (sal_uInt16 nColId)
sal_Int32 GetSelectRowCount () const
sal_uInt16 GetSelectColumnCount () const
virtual bool IsRowSelected (sal_Int32 nRow) const override
bool IsColumnSelected (sal_uInt16 nColumnId) const
sal_Int32 FirstSelectedRow ()
sal_Int32 LastSelectedRow ()
sal_Int32 NextSelectedRow ()
const MultiSelectionGetColumnSelection () const
const MultiSelectionGetSelection () const
sal_Int32 FirstSelectedColumn () const
bool IsResizing () const
BrowserDataWinGetDataWindow () const
tools::Rectangle GetRowRectPixel (sal_Int32 nRow) const
tools::Rectangle GetFieldRectPixel (sal_Int32 nRow, sal_uInt16 nColId, bool bRelToBrowser=true) const
bool IsFieldVisible (sal_Int32 nRow, sal_uInt16 nColId, bool bComplete=false) const
sal_Int32 GetRowAtYPosPixel (tools::Long nY, bool bRelToBrowser=true) const
sal_uInt16 GetColumnAtXPosPixel (tools::Long nX) const
void Clear ()
void RowRemoved (sal_Int32 nRow, sal_Int32 nNumRows=1, bool bDoPaint=true)
void RowModified (sal_Int32 nRow, sal_uInt16 nColId=BROWSER_INVALIDID)
void RowInserted (sal_Int32 nRow, sal_Int32 nNumRows=1, bool bDoPaint=true, bool bKeepSelection=false)
bool ReserveControlArea (sal_uInt16 nWidth=USHRT_MAX)
tools::Rectangle GetControlArea () const
void Dispatch (sal_uInt16 nId)
void SetMode (BrowserMode nMode)
BrowserMode GetMode () const
void SetCursorColor (const Color &_rCol)
void EnableInteractiveRowHeight ()
bool IsInteractiveRowHeightEnabled () const
void DoPaintField (OutputDevice &rDev, const tools::Rectangle &rRect, sal_uInt16 nColumnId, BrowserColumnAccess) const
sal_uLong GetDefaultColumnWidth (const OUString &_rText) const
sal_uInt16 GetColumnCount () const override
void commitBrowseBoxEvent (sal_Int16 nEventId, const css::uno::Any &rNewValue, const css::uno::Any &rOldValue)
void commitTableEvent (sal_Int16 nEventId, const css::uno::Any &rNewValue, const css::uno::Any &rOldValue)
void commitHeaderBarEvent (sal_Int16 nEventId, const css::uno::Any &rNewValue, const css::uno::Any &rOldValue, bool _bColumnHeaderBar)
virtual tools::Rectangle calcHeaderRect (bool _bIsColumnBar, bool _bOnScreen=true) override
virtual tools::Rectangle calcTableRect (bool _bOnScreen=true) override
virtual tools::Rectangle GetFieldRectPixelAbs (sal_Int32 _nRowId, sal_uInt16 _nColId, bool _bIsHeader, bool _bOnScreen=true) override
bool isAccessibleAlive () const
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > CreateAccessible () override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > CreateAccessibleCell (sal_Int32 nRow, sal_uInt16 nColumnPos) override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > CreateAccessibleRowHeader (sal_Int32 nRow) override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > CreateAccessibleColumnHeader (sal_uInt16 nColumnPos) override
virtual bool ConvertPointToCellAddress (sal_Int32 &rnRow, sal_uInt16 &rnColumnId, const Point &rPoint) override
virtual bool ConvertPointToRowHeader (sal_Int32 &rnRow, const Point &rPoint) override
virtual bool ConvertPointToColumnHeader (sal_uInt16 &rnColumnPos, const Point &rPoint) override
virtual bool ConvertPointToControlIndex (sal_Int32 &rnIndex, const Point &rPoint) override
virtual OUString GetAccessibleObjectName (AccessibleBrowseBoxObjType eObjType, sal_Int32 _nPosition=-1) const override
virtual OUString GetAccessibleObjectDescription (AccessibleBrowseBoxObjType eObjType, sal_Int32 _nPosition=-1) const override
virtual OUString GetRowDescription (sal_Int32 nRow) const override
virtual OUString GetColumnDescription (sal_uInt16 _nColumn) const override
virtual void FillAccessibleStateSet (::utl::AccessibleStateSetHelper &rStateSet, AccessibleBrowseBoxObjType eObjType) const override
virtual void FillAccessibleStateSetForCell (::utl::AccessibleStateSetHelper &_rStateSet, sal_Int32 _nRow, sal_uInt16 _nColumn) const override
virtual sal_Int32 GetCurrRow () const override
virtual sal_uInt16 GetCurrColumn () const override
virtual bool HasRowHeader () const override
virtual bool GoToCell (sal_Int32 _nRow, sal_uInt16 _nColumn) override
virtual void SelectColumn (sal_uInt16 _nColumn, bool _bSelect=true) override
virtual bool IsColumnSelected (sal_Int32 _nColumn) const override
virtual sal_Int32 GetSelectedRowCount () const override
virtual sal_Int32 GetSelectedColumnCount () const override
virtual void GetAllSelectedRows (css::uno::Sequence< sal_Int32 > &_rRows) const override
virtual void GetAllSelectedColumns (css::uno::Sequence< sal_Int32 > &_rColumns) const override
virtual bool IsCellVisible (sal_Int32 _nRow, sal_uInt16 _nColumn) const override
virtual OUString GetAccessibleCellText (sal_Int32 _nRow, sal_uInt16 _nColPos) const override
virtual bool GetGlyphBoundRects (const Point &rOrigin, const OUString &rStr, int nIndex, int nLen, std::vector< tools::Rectangle > &rVector) override
virtual tools::Rectangle GetWindowExtentsRelative (const vcl::Window *pRelativeWindow) const override
virtual void GrabFocus () override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > GetAccessible () override
virtual vcl::WindowGetAccessibleParentWindow () const override
virtual vcl::WindowGetWindowInstance () override

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool IsTabAllowed (bool bForward) const override
virtual void InitController (::svt::CellControllerRef &rController, sal_Int32 nRow, sal_uInt16 nCol) override
virtual ::svt::CellControllerGetController (sal_Int32 nRow, sal_uInt16 nCol) override
virtual void PaintCell (OutputDevice &rDev, const tools::Rectangle &rRect, sal_uInt16 nColId) const override
virtual bool SeekRow (sal_Int32 nRow) override
virtual bool SaveModified () override
virtual OUString GetCellText (sal_Int32 nRow, sal_uInt16 nColId) const override
virtual RowStatus GetRowStatus (sal_Int32 nRow) const override
virtual void KeyInput (const KeyEvent &rEvt) override
virtual void Command (const CommandEvent &rEvt) override
virtual void StartDrag (sal_Int8 nAction, const Point &rPosPixel) override
virtual sal_Int8 AcceptDrop (const BrowserAcceptDropEvent &rEvt) override
virtual sal_Int8 ExecuteDrop (const BrowserExecuteDropEvent &rEvt) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from svt::EditBrowseBox
BrowserMouseEventPtr & getMouseEvent ()
BrowserHeaderGetHeaderBar () const
virtual VclPtr< BrowserHeaderCreateHeaderBar (BrowseBox *pParent) override
virtual VclPtr< BrowserHeaderimp_CreateHeaderBar (BrowseBox *pParent)
virtual void ColumnMoved (sal_uInt16 nId) override
virtual void ColumnResized (sal_uInt16 nColId) override
virtual void Resize () override
virtual void ArrangeControls (sal_uInt16 &nX, sal_uInt16 nY)
virtual void GetFocus () override
virtual void LoseFocus () override
virtual void MouseButtonDown (const BrowserMouseEvent &rEvt) override
virtual void MouseButtonUp (const BrowserMouseEvent &rEvt) override
virtual void StateChanged (StateChangedType nType) override
virtual void DataChanged (const DataChangedEvent &rDCEvt) override
virtual bool PreNotify (NotifyEvent &rNEvt) override
virtual bool EventNotify (NotifyEvent &rNEvt) override
virtual void EndScroll () override
tools::Rectangle GetCellRect (sal_Int32 nRow, sal_uInt16 nColId, bool bRelToBrowser=true) const
virtual sal_uInt32 GetTotalCellWidth (sal_Int32 nRow, sal_uInt16 nColId)
sal_uInt32 GetAutoColumnWidth (sal_uInt16 nColId)
virtual void PaintStatusCell (OutputDevice &rDev, const tools::Rectangle &rRect) const
virtual void RowHeightChanged () override
virtual void ImplStartTracking () override
virtual void ImplEndTracking () override
virtual void CursorMoved () override
virtual void CellModified ()
virtual bool SaveRow ()
virtual bool IsModified () const
virtual void InitController (CellControllerRef &rController, sal_Int32 nRow, sal_uInt16 nCol)
virtual void DoubleClick (const BrowserMouseEvent &) override
void ActivateCell ()
Image GetImage (RowStatus) const
virtual sal_uInt16 AppendColumn (const OUString &rName, sal_uInt16 nWidth, sal_uInt16 nPos=HEADERBAR_APPEND, sal_uInt16 nId=sal_uInt16(-1))
virtual bool IsCursorMoveAllowed (sal_Int32 nNewRow, sal_uInt16 nNewColId) const override
void PaintTristate (const tools::Rectangle &rRect, const TriState &eState, bool _bEnabled=true) const
void AsynchGetFocus ()
void implCreateActiveAccessible ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BrowseBox
::vcl::IAccessibleFactorygetAccessibleFactory ()
sal_uInt16 ColCount () const
void SetRealRowCount (const OUString &rRealRowCount)
void DrawCursor ()
void PaintData (vcl::Window const &rWin, vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const tools::Rectangle &rRect)
virtual void VisibleRowsChanged (sal_Int32 nNewTopRow, sal_uInt16 nNumRows)
sal_uInt16 GetVisibleRows () const
sal_Int32 GetTopRow () const
sal_uInt16 GetFirstVisibleColNumber () const
void DoShowCursor ()
void DoHideCursor ()
short GetCursorHideCount () const
void SetHeaderBar (BrowserHeader *)
tools::Long CalcReverseZoom (tools::Long nVal) const
const DataFlavorExVectorGetDataFlavors () const
bool IsDropFormatSupported (SotClipboardFormatId nFormat) const
void DisposeAccessible ()

Private Member Functions

 DECL_LINK (CBChangeHdl, weld::ComboBox &, void)

Private Attributes

::osl::Mutex m_aMutex
::std::vector< sal_Int32 > m_aGroupPositions
::std::vector< ColumnInfom_aColumnInfo
VclPtr< ::svt::ComboBoxControlm_pComboCell
sal_Int32 m_nDataPos
sal_Int32 m_nCurrentPos
bool m_bIgnoreEvent
rtl::Reference< OFieldExpressionControlContainerListener > aContainerListener

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from svt::EditBrowseBox
enum  RowStatus
- Public Attributes inherited from svt::EditBrowseBox
- Public Attributes inherited from BrowseBox
sal_Int32 nSel
- Static Public Attributes inherited from BrowseBox
static const sal_uInt16 HandleColumnId
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from svt::EditBrowseBox
static void ResizeController (CellControllerRef const &rController, const tools::Rectangle &)
- Protected Attributes inherited from svt::EditBrowseBox
VclPtr< BrowserHeaderpHeader

Detailed Description

Definition at line 96 of file GroupsSorting.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::OFieldExpressionControl ( OGroupsSortingDialog pParentDialog,
const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XWindow > &  rParent 
rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::~OFieldExpressionControl ( )

Definition at line 199 of file GroupsSorting.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

sal_Int8 rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::AcceptDrop ( const BrowserAcceptDropEvent rEvt)
void rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::Command ( const CommandEvent rEvt)
bool rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::CursorMoving ( sal_Int32  nNewRow,
sal_uInt16  nNewCol 
rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::DECL_LINK ( CBChangeHdl  ,
weld::ComboBox ,
rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::DECL_LINK ( DelayedDelete  ,
void ,
void rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::DeleteRows ( )
void rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::dispose ( void  )
void rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::elementInserted ( const css::container::ContainerEvent &  rEvent)

Definition at line 585 of file GroupsSorting.cxx.

References BrowseBox::GetRowCount(), i, m_aGroupPositions, m_aMutex, m_bIgnoreEvent, NO_GROUP, and BrowseBox::RowInserted().

void rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::elementRemoved ( const css::container::ContainerEvent &  rEvent)

Definition at line 625 of file GroupsSorting.cxx.

References m_aGroupPositions, m_aMutex, m_bIgnoreEvent, and NO_GROUP.

sal_Int8 rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::ExecuteDrop ( const BrowserExecuteDropEvent rEvt)
void rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::fillColumns ( const uno::Reference< container::XNameAccess > &  _xColumns)
uno::Sequence< uno::Any > rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::fillSelectedGroups ( )
OUString rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::GetCellText ( sal_Int32  nRow,
sal_uInt16  nColId 
) const
CellController * rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::GetController ( sal_Int32  nRow,
sal_uInt16  nCol 
sal_Int32 rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::getGroupPosition ( sal_Int32  _nRow) const

Definition at line 127 of file GroupsSorting.cxx.


Size rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::GetOptimalSize ( ) const

Definition at line 781 of file GroupsSorting.cxx.

EditBrowseBox::RowStatus rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::GetRowStatus ( sal_Int32  nRow) const
void rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::InitController ( ::svt::CellControllerRef rController,
sal_Int32  nRow,
sal_uInt16  nCol 
bool rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::IsDeleteAllowed ( ) const
bool rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::IsTabAllowed ( bool  bForward) const

Reimplemented from svt::EditBrowseBox.

Definition at line 401 of file GroupsSorting.cxx.

void rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::KeyInput ( const KeyEvent rEvt)
void rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::lateInit ( )
void rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::moveGroups ( const uno::Sequence< uno::Any > &  _aGroups,
sal_Int32  _nRow,
bool  _bSelect = true 
void rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::PaintCell ( OutputDevice rDev,
const tools::Rectangle rRect,
sal_uInt16  nColId 
) const
bool rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::SaveModified ( )
bool rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::SeekRow ( sal_Int32  nRow)

Reimplemented from svt::EditBrowseBox.

Definition at line 539 of file GroupsSorting.cxx.

References m_nCurrentPos, and svt::EditBrowseBox::SeekRow().

void rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::StartDrag ( sal_Int8  nAction,
const Point &  rPosPixel 

Member Data Documentation

rtl::Reference<OFieldExpressionControlContainerListener> rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::aContainerListener

Definition at line 107 of file GroupsSorting.cxx.

Referenced by dispose(), and lateInit().

::std::vector<ColumnInfo> rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::m_aColumnInfo

Definition at line 100 of file GroupsSorting.cxx.

Referenced by fillColumns(), GetCellText(), and SaveModified().

::std::vector<sal_Int32> rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::m_aGroupPositions
::osl::Mutex rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::m_aMutex

Definition at line 98 of file GroupsSorting.cxx.

Referenced by elementInserted(), and elementRemoved().

bool rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::m_bIgnoreEvent
sal_Int32 rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::m_nCurrentPos

Definition at line 103 of file GroupsSorting.cxx.

Referenced by PaintCell(), and SeekRow().

sal_Int32 rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::m_nDataPos

Definition at line 102 of file GroupsSorting.cxx.

Referenced by CursorMoving(), DeleteRows(), and GetRowStatus().

ImplSVEvent* rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::m_nDeleteEvent

Definition at line 104 of file GroupsSorting.cxx.

Referenced by Command(), and dispose().

VclPtr< ::svt::ComboBoxControl> rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::m_pComboCell
OGroupsSortingDialog* rptui::OFieldExpressionControl::m_pParent

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