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rptui::DlgEdFuncInsert Class Reference

#include <dlgedfunc.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 DlgEdFuncInsert (OReportSection *pParent)
virtual ~DlgEdFuncInsert () override
virtual bool MouseButtonDown (const MouseEvent &rMEvt) override
virtual bool MouseButtonUp (const MouseEvent &rMEvt) override
virtual bool MouseMove (const MouseEvent &rMEvt) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from rptui::DlgEdFunc
 DlgEdFunc (OReportSection *pParent)
virtual ~DlgEdFunc ()
virtual bool MouseButtonDown (const MouseEvent &rMEvt)
virtual bool MouseButtonUp (const MouseEvent &rMEvt)
virtual bool MouseMove (const MouseEvent &rMEvt)
bool handleKeyEvent (const KeyEvent &_rEvent)
 checks if the keycode is known by the child windows More...
bool isOverlapping (const MouseEvent &rMEvt)
 returns <TRUE> if the mouse event is over an existing object More...
void setOverlappedControlColor (Color _nColor)
void stopScrollTimer ()
void deactivateOle (bool _bSelect=false)
 deactivate all ole object More...
bool isUiActive () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from rptui::DlgEdFunc
 DECL_LINK (ScrollTimeout, Timer *, void)
void ForceScroll (const Point &rPos)
void checkMovementAllowed (const MouseEvent &rMEvt)
 checks that no other object is overlapped. More...
bool setMovementPointer (const MouseEvent &rMEvt)
 sets the correct mouse pointer when moving an object More...
bool isRectangleHit (const MouseEvent &rMEvt)
bool isOnlyCustomShapeMarked () const
 returns true, as long as only customshapes in the marked list, custom shapes can drop every where More...
void activateOle (SdrObject *_pObj)
 activate object if it is of type OBJ_OLE2 More...
void checkTwoClicks (const MouseEvent &rMEvt)
void colorizeOverlappedObject (SdrObject *_pOverlappedObj)
void unColorizeOverlappedObj ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from rptui::DlgEdFunc
VclPtr< OReportSectionm_pParent
Timer aScrollTimer
Point m_aMDPos
css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > m_xOverlappingObj
Color m_nOverlappedControlColor
Color m_nOldColor
bool m_bSelectionMode
bool m_bUiActive
bool m_bShowPropertyBrowser

Detailed Description

Definition at line 126 of file dlgedfunc.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DlgEdFuncInsert()

rptui::DlgEdFuncInsert::DlgEdFuncInsert ( OReportSection pParent)

Definition at line 639 of file dlgedfunc.cxx.

References rptui::DlgEdFunc::m_rView, and SdrCreateView::SetCreateMode().

◆ ~DlgEdFuncInsert()

rptui::DlgEdFuncInsert::~DlgEdFuncInsert ( )

Definition at line 646 of file dlgedfunc.cxx.

References rptui::DlgEdFunc::m_rView, and SdrCreateView::SetEditMode().

Member Function Documentation

◆ MouseButtonDown()

bool rptui::DlgEdFuncInsert::MouseButtonDown ( const MouseEvent rMEvt)

◆ MouseButtonUp()

bool rptui::DlgEdFuncInsert::MouseButtonUp ( const MouseEvent rMEvt)

◆ MouseMove()

bool rptui::DlgEdFuncInsert::MouseMove ( const MouseEvent rMEvt)

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