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o3tl::UnsafeRefCountingPolicy Struct Reference

Thread-unsafe refcounting. More...

#include <cow_wrapper.hxx>

Public Types

typedef std::size_t ref_count_t

Static Public Member Functions

static void incrementCount (ref_count_t &rCount)
static bool decrementCount (ref_count_t &rCount)

Detailed Description

Thread-unsafe refcounting.

This is the default locking policy for cow_wrapper. No locking/guarding against concurrent access is performed whatsoever.

Definition at line 37 of file cow_wrapper.hxx.

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Member Function Documentation

static bool o3tl::UnsafeRefCountingPolicy::decrementCount ( ref_count_t rCount)
static void o3tl::UnsafeRefCountingPolicy::incrementCount ( ref_count_t rCount)

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