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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CIsDerivedReference< css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > >
 CIsDerivedReference< css::uno::Reference< T > >
 CIsUnoSequenceType< cppu::UnoSequenceType< T > >
 COptional< bool >
 COptional< css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > >
 COptional< css::uno::Reference< T > >
 COptional< double >
 COptional< float >
 COptional< sal_Int16 >
 COptional< sal_Int32 >
 COptional< sal_Int64 >
 COptional< sal_Int8 >
 COptional< sal_uInt16 >
 COptional< sal_uInt32 >
 COptional< sal_uInt64 >
 COptional< void >
 Cimpl_tShared value object - gets cloned before cow_wrapper hands out a non-const reference to it
 Cdefault_deleteTo markup std::unique_ptr that coverity warns might throw exceptions which won't throw in practice, or where std::terminate is an acceptable response if they do
 CenumarrayThis is a container convenience class for arrays indexed by enum values
 CenumrangeThis is a container convenience class iterating over scoped enumerations
 Cfind_partialorder_ptrequalsElements are partially ordered by Compare, 2 elements are allowed if they are not the same element (pointer equal)
 Cfind_uniqueElements are totally ordered by Compare, for no 2 elements !Compare(a,b) && !Compare(b,a) is true
 Cis_typed_flagsMark a (scoped) enumeration as a set of bit flags, with accompanying operations
 Cless_ptr_toImplements an ordering function over a pointer, where the comparison uses the < operator on the pointed-to types
 Clru_mapLRU map
 Cselect1stSelect first value of a pair
 Cselect2ndSelect second value of a pair
 Csorted_vectorRepresents a sorted vector of values
 Csorted_vector< Value, Compare, Find, false >
 CspanA barebones approximation of C++20
 Cstrong_intWrap up an integer type so that we prevent accidental conversion to other integer types
 CThreadSafeRefCountingPolicyThread-safe refcounting
 CUnsafeRefCountingPolicyThread-unsafe refcounting