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crashreport Namespace Reference


bool readConfig (const std::string &iniPath, std::string *response)
 Read+Send, Test and send info from the Dump.ini . More...

Function Documentation

CRASHREPORT_DLLPUBLIC bool crashreport::readConfig ( const std::string &  iniPath,
std::string *  response 

Read+Send, Test and send info from the Dump.ini .

[in]iniPathPath-file to the read/test ini-file (UTF-8 on Windows)
[in]response=nullptrin this case made the Test only
[in]response!=nullptrin this case made the Read+Send
Return values
trueRead+Send, Test was okay
falseRead+Send, Test is a error

Definition at line 198 of file minidump.cxx.

References readStrings(), and uploadContent().

Referenced by main().