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cairocanvas::CanvasBitmapSpriteSurface_Base Class Reference

#include <cairo_canvasbitmap.hxx>

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- Public Member Functions inherited from cairocanvas::SurfaceProvider
virtual ~SurfaceProvider ()
virtual ::cairo::SurfaceSharedPtr getSurface ()=0
 Query surface from this provider. More...
virtual ::cairo::SurfaceSharedPtr createSurface (const ::basegfx::B2ISize &rSize, int aContent)=0
 create new surface in given size More...
virtual ::cairo::SurfaceSharedPtr createSurface (::Bitmap &rBitmap)=0
 create new surface from given bitmap More...
virtual ::cairo::SurfaceSharedPtr changeSurface ()=0
 convert surface from alpha to non-alpha, does not copy content channel. More...
virtual OutputDevicegetOutputDevice ()=0
 Provides the underlying vcl outputdevice this surface renders on. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from canvas::BaseMutexHelper< CanvasBitmapBase_Base >
 BaseMutexHelper ()
 Construct BaseMutexHelper. More...
virtual void disposeThis ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from canvas::BaseMutexHelper< CanvasBitmapBase_Base >
osl::Mutex m_aMutex

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Definition at line 46 of file cairo_canvasbitmap.hxx.

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