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bridges::cpp_uno::shared::VtableFactory::Slot Struct Reference

#include <share.hxx>

Public Attributes

void const * fn
sal_uInt64 code_address
sal_uInt64 gp_value
void * fn

Detailed Description

Definition at line 465 of file gcc3_ios/cpp2uno.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ code_address

sal_uInt64 bridges::cpp_uno::shared::VtableFactory::Slot::code_address

Definition at line 115 of file gcc3_linux_ia64/share.hxx.

◆ fn [1/2]

void * bridges::cpp_uno::shared::VtableFactory::Slot::fn

◆ fn [2/2]

void* bridges::cpp_uno::shared::VtableFactory::Slot::fn

Definition at line 117 of file msvc_win32_intel/cpp2uno.cxx.

◆ gp_value

sal_uInt64 bridges::cpp_uno::shared::VtableFactory::Slot::gp_value

Definition at line 116 of file gcc3_linux_ia64/share.hxx.

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