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AppleRemoteMainController Class Reference

#import <RemoteMainController.h>

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Instance Methods

(RemoteControl *) - remoteControl
(MultiClickRemoteBehavior *) - remoteBehavior

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 42 of file RemoteMainController.m.

Method Documentation

- (MultiClickRemoteBehavior *) remoteBehavior

Definition at line 171 of file RemoteMainController.m.

References remoteControlBehavior.

- (RemoteControl *) remoteControl

Definition at line 167 of file RemoteMainController.m.

Member Data Documentation

- (RemoteControl*) remoteControl

Definition at line 47 of file RemoteMainController.h.

- (MultiClickRemoteBehavior*) remoteControlBehavior

Definition at line 49 of file RemoteMainController.h.

Referenced by remoteBehavior.

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