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MultiClickRemoteBehavior Class Reference

A behavior that adds multiclick and hold events on top of a device. More...

#import <MultiClickRemoteBehavior.h>

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Instance Methods

(id) - init
(void- setDelegate:
(id) - delegate
(BOOL- simulateHoldEvent
(void- setSimulateHoldEvent:
(BOOL- clickCountingEnabled
(void- setClickCountingEnabled:
(unsigned int- clickCountEnabledButtons
(void- setClickCountEnabledButtons:
(NSTimeInterval) - maximumClickCountTimeDifference
(void- setMaximumClickCountTimeDifference:

Protected Attributes

id delegate
BOOL simulateHoldEvents
BOOL lastEventSimulatedHold
RemoteControlEventIdentifier lastHoldEvent
NSTimeInterval lastHoldEventTime
unsigned int clickCountEnabledButtons
NSTimeInterval maxClickTimeDifference
NSTimeInterval lastClickCountEventTime
RemoteControlEventIdentifier lastClickCountEvent
unsigned int eventClickCount

Detailed Description

A behavior that adds multiclick and hold events on top of a device.

Events are generated and send to a delegate

Definition at line 39 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.h.

Method Documentation

- (unsigned int) clickCountEnabledButtons

Definition at line 85 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.m.

Referenced by clickCountingEnabled, and setClickCountEnabledButtons:.

- (BOOL) clickCountingEnabled

Definition at line 74 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.m.

References clickCountEnabledButtons.

- (id) delegate

Definition at line 56 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.m.

Referenced by setDelegate:.

- (id) init
- (NSTimeInterval) maximumClickCountTimeDifference

Definition at line 92 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.m.

References maxClickTimeDifference.

- (void) setClickCountEnabledButtons: (unsigned int value

Definition at line 88 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.m.

References clickCountEnabledButtons, value, and void().

Referenced by setClickCountingEnabled:.

- (void) setClickCountingEnabled: (BOOL value

Definition at line 77 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.m.

References setClickCountEnabledButtons:, value, and void().

- (void) setDelegate: (id)  delegate

Definition at line 51 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.m.

References delegate, NO, and void().

- (void) setMaximumClickCountTimeDifference: (NSTimeInterval)  timeDiff

Definition at line 95 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.m.

References maxClickTimeDifference, and void().

- (void) setSimulateHoldEvent: (BOOL value

Definition at line 63 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.m.

References simulateHoldEvents, value, and void().

- (BOOL) simulateHoldEvent

Definition at line 60 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.m.

References simulateHoldEvents.

Member Data Documentation

- (unsigned int) clickCountEnabledButtons

Definition at line 49 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.h.

- (id) delegate

Definition at line 40 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.h.

- (unsigned int) eventClickCount

Definition at line 53 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.h.

- (RemoteControlEventIdentifier) lastClickCountEvent

Definition at line 52 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.h.

- (NSTimeInterval) lastClickCountEventTime

Definition at line 51 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.h.

- (BOOL) lastEventSimulatedHold

Definition at line 44 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.h.

- (RemoteControlEventIdentifier) lastHoldEvent

Definition at line 45 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.h.

- (NSTimeInterval) lastHoldEventTime

Definition at line 46 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.h.

- (NSTimeInterval) maxClickTimeDifference
- (BOOL) simulateHoldEvents

Definition at line 43 of file MultiClickRemoteBehavior.h.

Referenced by setSimulateHoldEvent:, and simulateHoldEvent.

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